Norwegian wood images only beautiful, but now the original essence

By Doris Gomez,2015-12-11 10:49
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Norwegian wood images only beautiful, but now the original essence

    "Norwegian wood" : images only beautiful,

    but now the original essence

     In this"Norwegian wood"Before, haruki murakami's work also has repeatedly been on the big screen, but few successes.From 1981 large, a tree "and hear the wind sing", in 2007, Robert Logevall of god's children are dancing, almost every work of fate is a subject of criticism.Investigate its reason, an important aspect in fact lies in haruki murakami works with strong western colour lightness and gloomy and combining the

    characteristics of the Oriental style tends to make readers immersed difficult to extricate themselves, to perfect on it is very difficult to image rendering.This"Norwegian woodWidely recognised as his representative works, but since its birth in 1987 has not been anyone dare to try on the big screen.The directed by tran to this book, is said to be got haruki murakami's promise and fully in personThe letterRen.The because of the taste of green papaya films such as the Vietnamese director of renowned international movies in the film "with rain line" try after the failure of business transformation, to regain the piece of line and will be such a "small endowment the bible" on the big screen, do not underestimate power nature.

    It should be said that if purely from the point of the image style of the film, can be called to be a great beautiful work.

    When run in the hallways watanabe obsolete, blurred the yellow light as the fluttering curtains overflow flowing, the picture is almost became a picture, beautiful suffocating.Tran has always been to colorific fascination and attach importance to get fully embodies in the film, one of themlargeThe use of green patch highlights his consistent since the taste of green papaya image characteristics, is also the director style itself good continuation.In many scenes in a forest and the desert has extremely strong aesthetic feeling, some even can be used directly as the desktop.Such as in the film and naoko watanabe in a nursing home near

    decumbent lens jing can be said in the field.Plus tran itself almost demanding shooting for his work, the film is set in the ambience and space of the era is outstanding, on a good set of the original characteristics of the era of the late 60 s.This is the style of whole delicate features, and guide the audience deeply nostalgic important farmar.

Unfortunately, however, may be the different cultural differences and

understanding work, film eventually failed to the original essence of the

true and visually expressed.Haruki murakami's original in watanabe, the

emotional entanglement between green and straight is three as the main

line, revealed in a sentimental story confused is a young and

helpless.Film although faithfully carried out in accordance with the

original narrative way, at the beginning of part is more outstanding, but

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