The seven deadly SINS

By Evelyn Ramirez,2015-12-10 22:01
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The seven deadly SINS

    The seven deadly SINS

    The world is very beautiful, is worth us fighting for.David fincher Morgan freeman told the audience, he only believe after half sentence.

    I've been infatuated with tower khodorkovsky film, poets generally narrative, but then I gradually indifferent to his enthusiasm.I gradually formed a kind of prejudice, and that is the theme of the film only has a profound and can be referred to as the outstanding film.There are a lot of movies, with superb skills, perfect plot, but because the theme profound enough, can only be called a good movie.Such as "Titanic", such as "Star Wars", even including the godfather trilogy, "schindler's list".

    I now very antipathy to godard, master the characters of the ranks of the absurdity of parlance, godard's flow is just some movie artisans, they know how to put the camera shake more postmodernism, but doesn't understand

    postmodernism.Real movie master, first of all, is a man with a rich cultural atmosphere, his works must show concern for human, and is either in the form of individual or a whole.Chiellini rove, the two less focus on the people in this world of individual fate (lonely, not lonely?)Inspired, as the film from existentialism.David fincher this film "the seven deadly SINS" attention is the entire humanity, focused on whether humans have been weaving the future - god could not be get rid of the "seven deadly SINS" to sacrifice by evil.It makes us once again asked the existence of god and ask his it is not a world of good or evil, to ask yourself in this world will be better and better as Nietzsche said, because the person's strong will to control the trajectory of the universe and human, of course, hope that the world is getting better and better) or as small as Schopenhauer thought humans could stop the world towards the fate of destruction.

    Each time watching this movie, I strongly feel that in the car at the end of movie dialogue (Kevin spencer and brad Pitt) has profound religious meaning.Kevin spencer played at this time it was god, omnipotence, quiet, gentle, brad Pitt plays is human beings - ignorance, irritable, or sad.Brad Pitt for "by his arrest criminals," constantly with sarcasm, but were Kevin spencer brilliant and rich in moral discourse of response was speechless and increasingly excited:

    Kevin: this is no different from ordinary people, however, I have done is very special.My work.

    Brad: how is your work?John (name) to Kevin as criminals.

    Kevin: yes.

    Brad: but I don't think what's so special about it.

    Kevin: you are wrong.

    Brad: I'm right.Funny is that...After two months, no one CARES about your work.No one remember you.

    Kevin: you haven't seen it.When I finished, when it is done, it will be...People will find it hard to understand, but can't deny.

    Brad: this abnormal monster talks over my head.

    Kevin: as long as it is a great plan, I can't wait for you to see.It's really unusual, I will stand by your side.

    Brad: when it happens, be sure to tell me, I don't want to miss.

    Kevin: you can rest assured that you won't miss it.Nothing missing.


    Kevin: I have no choice, I was selected.


    Brad: I think you are just innocent.

    Kevin: innocent?Are you kidding?A fat, fat to stand up, if you see in the street, with friends laughed at him, if you are to have a meal, he will make you unable to swallow.You should thank me pick the lawyer, he in the rest of my life with no conscience money, and had a mouthful of lies in...For rape and the killer on the loose.

    Brad: murderers?The beauty...The murderer?Like you?

    Kevin: that beauty...Her heart is too ugly.She doesn't afraid of outer beauty can't live.A drug dealer to sodomy, don't forget take a disease of prostitutes.Only in this fallen world, can clear conscience to say they are innocent.This is my belief.


    Kevin: don't ask me to those poor people, I don't mourn them, don't mourn sodom the evil city.

    Brad: are you saying that you do is god good?

    Kevin: god is mystery.

    When people comment on "seven", the center of gravity are ingenious loopback, before and after the echo structure and perfect, meaningful endings, and ignoring the final good before end of the conversation.In my opinion, this dialogue is the essence - bearing the movie in the movie the most profound theme.

    We carefully to taste Kevin spoke in a calm expression, elegant appearance, quiet peristalsis lips slightly, in contrast, brad soft appearance, wantonly exaggerated expression, it is difficult to the audience of "justice" brad give praise, Kevin be rebuked for "evil".Kevin's performance to make the audience feel is not as brad in the trial of the police identity Kevin, but as Kevin at the trial of the criminal identity brad.Kevin was handcuffed on the surface, are barred, isolated from the front, by Morgan and brad sent to the destination, but only he didn't know where the destination is, actually know why want to go there, so the real passage is Kevin, Morgan and brad are sent, like god ferry man went to the other side of the atonement.Kevin sent with brad, to a destination to complete the final two of the seven deadly SINS -- jealousy and anger.Kevin like Jesus martyrdom, buried and brad.Right, the last brad not dead, he shot Kevin, but his heart is dead, because he is Kevin thoroughly before arrogance of defeat, he used his action to prove the validity of the Kevin belief.The so-called more pathetic for a dead heart, and people die also take second place.

    Again carefully appreciate what Kevin said "it would be... people will find it hard to understand, but can't deny events" this sentence, can more deeply understand the manic brad in shoot the haggard expression - Kevin after that is shaped like a binocular micro hole, mouth going ahead in somewhere.The performance of the instantaneous drop greatly impressed the audience's heart, on the one hand is brad superb performance, on the other hand is actually everybody will have similar spiritual experience, just at that time, not everyone can

    understand.You pursuit of faith was crushed by their own actions at the same time shows that you have been conflicting beliefs, meaning of life is lost in the moment.This is called the "can't understand" and "can't deny the meaning of" place.So the seven people on trial, because of the seven deadly SINS, the worst is actually alive, brad.

    Kevin also said in the movie: want anyone to hear you speak, patted him on the shoulder is not enough, must let his shock, so that people will listen to you.Kevin's purpose is to thoroughly reached, he not only shocked the each attendee in the movie, more shocked every living outside the film.

    With the demise of the scholastic philosophy and the rise of science and technology, religion has increasingly dispensable, like the works of Dante's the divine comedy is referred to as Catholic classics study before, but now is just a beautiful language of literary works.Including the mention of the seven deadly SINS -- gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy and anger, also more and more ignored by the people.But, the film tells us, though there are some things we can't see it still exists, unable to understand, seven deadly SINS always haunt the hearts of men, to guide people's cross to hell, and destruction.Brad shot Kevin the looks of helplessness, despair, it is the best interpretation of the seven deadly SINS, because even if told by Morgan Kevin's purpose is to serve as great works with his shot, brad is still unable to control themselves.And people like brad couldn't get rid of the "angry" unable to get rid of the seven deadly SINS.

    Such a world is undoubtedly a pessimistic world.Our free will become a joke, our hearts are limited within the scope of the "free" to dance, we can decide what is only way to destruction, and can't change the fate of destruction.The development of science and technology used to make blind optimism is each person's heart, as if the power of the human to its own make sunflower bloom in the winter, that the sheep head length on the horse's torso, human is the master of the universe, human is a god, and decide how to run the all things.But man didn't see a thing, that is the power of the human can change is just a worldly things, for itself, the human will never be able to understand thoroughly.Perhaps, god is not to control everything to control humans, but by controlling the hearts of men.The stronger the control of the world, god greater control of the world, the power of god appeared more in the world.

    It is worth mentioning that I am here is not to promote the traditional concept of god, and I believe that "seven" is not a film to promote traditional scholasticism, Thomas Aquinas is just outdated philosopher.Kerr kierkegaard to modern westerners provides a non-traditional significance of god.Aquinas god is a rational god, the god of the Kerr kierkegaard is irrational.Kerr kierkegaard thought that god is a personal consciousness, emphasizes the subjective role of personal beliefs, depends on the truth of god we seek his enthusiasm and specificity.In the past, we need religion to close to god, and now, we don't need religion as an intermediary, as long as we face myself honestly, can feel

    the heart of god.Kevin spencer is such a modern sense of the Catholic.

    Hemingway's wrong for the future of this world, David fincher still with an optimistic attitude to face this fucking world.And god said, "only in this fallen world, can clear conscience to say they are innocent."If every one of us but is destroyed in the process of the universe that another small step and step, the meaning of life is lost in an instant?No, god to give our ability to self-deception, is to be happy we live happily.

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