Look from the world conference on Internet technology from the era of change in the next five years

By Sharon Patterson,2015-12-10 20:09
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Look from the world conference on Internet technology from the era of change in the next five years

    Look from the world conference on Internet technology from the era of change in the next five


    In 2002, director Steven spielberg in his science-fiction film minority report, it creatively depicts the many items unheard of at the time of high and new technology: the body feeling gloves, multi-touch interface, the retina scanner, electronic newspapers, crime prediction software...Unfortunately, the technology has entered the real scene, bring convenience and wonderful experience for us.

    On December 18, 2015 world conference on Internet in wuzhen, unmanned, cloud services, balance, your third eye chakra system such as the Internet technology has appeared, and the Internet media technology boom.From the national strategy of big data, "Internet +" plan of action, to focus on the products, technology end BAT giants, Internet technology is a profound change in this era, it is not just people, more people and things, and the relationship between the reconstruction.Let a person have to go to, the next 3 to 5 years of intelligent life style as if within reach.

    Artificial intelligence to open new interactive scenario

    Unmanned, virtual reality camera and laser projector and other high-tech technology, product has become the focus of the conference, represented by artificial intelligence technology will change people's way of life, the conference site, there are media people sigh: "appears in the science fiction film scene, never so close from reality".

    Imagine, artificial intelligence technology to the following life scenes will gradually become a reality: when driving, you say location, autopilot system to bring you to the destination;Trailer robot from the United States you see in the hospital, medical apparatus and instruments in the delivery, the "white" robot from Japan in taking care of the patients;Home after work, press the "mode", pushed open the door you find, the curtain is pulled, the temperature is appropriate, downy lamplight, hot water burn well;You can also use Mr Wang with a model of unmanned aerial vehicles, carrying a diamond ring, to your beloved her to marry him.

    In the future of the development of mobile Internet, Internet of things, will become one of the core technology, artificial intelligence and even set up enterprises and consumers a new way of connection, create imagine marketing scenarios, and Internet companies such as baidu have artificial intelligence, will pass the application scenarios, move more triggering new way of interaction.

    "From 0 to 1" big data how to change his life?

    President xi jinping in the Internet conference opening speech stressed that China will vigorously implement the strategy of national big data.In fact, people are already living in an age of "data", and from all walks of life have been produced huge amounts of new data, but it seems to baidu CEO robin li, a lot of them are not value of data, data is not what we really want.To identify, collect valuable data, help you solve the problem.

    Big data is closely related to daily life, and feedback to the enterprise production and marketing.Hedge fund company Tashtego, Boston, USA, the UK hedge fund Derwent Capital Markets through analyze the twitter data information to predict the performance of stock market, even the federal reserve has started using Facebook or twitter unemployment statistics information conditions;In China, baidu launched spring migration, comprehensive, detailed introduction to the Spring Festival the people across the country and live line of information in many respects, service affairs of the people's livelihood.

    According to Peter teal in "from 0 to 1: open the secrets of business and future expressed in the point of view, the traditional competition from 1 to N, spelling a channel, the resources to fight, spell advertisement;The competition of the Internet to learn from 0 to 1, and going to the user, spelling a quilting, innovative products, to explore a new path.From Volkswagen skoda new sharp crystal with large data front approach to brand positioning, promotion, billionaire to faw Volkswagen through

    baidu search and social big data analysis, use big data change a car seat design, big data the gold mine, the promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise is multi-dimensional.

    From 1 to N is a quantitative change, from 0 to 1 is a qualitative change, and the most typical is the research and development, the application of intelligent hardware.Internet big data and the docking is not a simple addition of the enterprise, the ultimate goal is still using the Internet to promote the development and progress of the society, intelligent hardware, even implanting intelligent hardware, will deeply affect people's way of life in the future.

    VR, AR technology, or will replace smart phones?

    Recently, the news that the United States department of defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA) plans to use AR (augmented reality) system to support the army infantry, change the way of fighting;In 2016 to become the brand of VR (virtual reality) of the year, many technology giants will enter the arena, samsung, SONY has introduced VR headsets, Facebook will launch 2016 VR products in Rift, HTCVive and SONY PlayStationVR will also be listed.Even with agency predicted, until 2020, AR and VR market scale will reach $150 billion, or will have the opportunity to replace smartphone AR technology.

    Announced on November 5, the New York times to enter the field of virtual reality, virtual reality APP to launch its first: through the product, the audience to the Angle of 360 degrees to news of the scene.Virtual reality technology provides a new experience and content itself well, explore the new pattern of a kind of news and ads.As China's leading brand in the yili dairy also on baidu's technology innovation.When users scan yili milk box will appear by the present floating earth AR technology, users can choose to visit and yili yili ranch in all over the world factory.The application of innovative technology provides consumers with more delicate and interesting interactive experience.

    Big data, artificial intelligence, VR, AR the wave of the Internet technology will which influence on people's life in the future, work?2015 world conference on the Internet, is just the tip of the iceberg for first opened a new world.

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