Super body reviewssuper ability is nonsense

By Sally Berry,2015-12-10 17:31
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Super body reviewssuper ability is nonsense

    Super body reviews:super ability is nonsense

     Film super body tell Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson) played Lucy has a powerful brain dysfunction, with super brain, she has the ability of telepathy and telepathy.Lucy was accidentally after anesthesia, the full potential of the brain is stimulated, she won the super power.

    This action thriller movie introduction, according to the French filmmaker Luc (Luc Besson) "especially determined to make films based on scientific basis, or at least part of the scientific basis".Film, however, the premise is based on a myth of unknown origin, namely using only the human brain capacity of 10%.

    Writer Wang Lanjing (Kate Wong) in Scientific American (Scientific American) wrote in a blog: "don't think there are a large number of human brain gray matter be used and idle, they wait for summon to serve us, this is very attractive, but it also lack of Scientific basis for support."

    She was quoted as saying by Johns Hopkins university School of Medicine in Baltimore (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) neural expert Barry Gordon (Barry Gordon) as saying: "in fact we use in all aspects of the brain, brain (most of) is active in almost all the time."

    "Put it this way: the brain accounts for 3% of body weight, but the use of the 20% of the energy body."

    If you really like the film shown, that each of us can like Lucy, use their brains to change the laws of physics, let time reversal, and control people's thought.

    Wang Lanjing, says Simon Fraser University in vancouver, Canada (Simon Fraser University) of the brain behavior laboratory Barry bayesian vines (Barry Beyerstein) wrote in scientific American, think evolution makes the brain is the size of the now, and there is a lot of brain volume underused, is clearly a station not claim.

    Barry bayesian vines also said that, because we all aspects of the brain, the brain seems to be no such areas, because of a stroke, brain damage or other damage, do not leave dysfunction.

    University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh) famous professor l. neurosurgery, Dade, Ruth ford (l. Dade Lunsford) haven't seen the super body Lucy, but, he says, is the precondition of the film has gone.

    "We only use 10% of the brain, the term has obvious hyperbole," l., dade, professor Ruth fuld said.In 1987, he had did the first gamma knife brain surgery in the north of Pittsburgh.At that time, this kind of surgery only five cases in the world.

    "This is not a scientific fact, but it is appear in the movie, so, what's the matter? For a long time, explore chaoneng phenomenon has become a movie mode".

    L., dade, professor Ruth fuld said the brain itself is a very special organs, even without Lucy superhuman feat;Science only know 10% of the brain works.

    He referred to, for example, we can "see" in his mind that we have ever had a personal image, even if encounter situation has in the past several years.

    "Somewhere in memory, there will be a full color image, it deeply impressed by our nervous system, in the right circumstances, we can awaken these memories," he said."I think, no one knows to form this kind of illusion need use billions of neurons.".

    , l. dade, professor Ruth ford said, although we can't get super power, but we can practice to train our brain, so as to improve brain function and memory ability, delaying the age of cognitive impairment, related practice include crossword puzzles, and upgrading of physical exercise may stimulate the neurons.

    But he also said that even if the movie's premise is, there is no reason for us so not to see the super body Lucy "this movie.

    "We can take the film as entertainment," l., dade, professor Ruth fuld said."Most of the content of the Hollywood movie has nothing to do with the reality, but that doesn't mean it's not fun."

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