You must be fine

By Yvonne Brown,2015-12-10 08:15
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You must be fine

    You must be fine

    A woman, must be fine! No one has the obligation must be through even you don't think about the slovenly appearance to find your inner, with delicate outer, of course, also need to have a powerful inner support, this woman is really good!

    You must be fine

    The winter of 95, if I can't find a job again, despondently returned almost as the only option.

    But I was turned down again.Think of the interviewer's expression, I very want to mad.She said my image and my resume is not consistent and refused to continue to ask me.I looked down at his dress, obviously, because wear problem, I despised by her.I swear I can use my ability to let her take back her contempt for me.But I didn't get the chance to show my ability.

    My landlord Mrs Sally lina is a very demanding of middle-aged women.She regulations I have to go to bed before twelve o 'clock lights out, I must be out of the bathroom in ten minutes, I if not dressed is not allowed to enter her sitting room, not I do Chinese food with her beautiful kitchen, she even rules when I was in her guests visiting must lipstick!

    I hate Sally lina this so-called British women's dignity.But everyone said that lina is one of the best boarding the landlord.

    I don't see where her thanks.Like, when I failed many times interview after come back, there will be a little to eat in the kitchen.And if I go upstairs, she would stand at the door of the bedroom is very loudly blamed me.

    I had just finished washing hair, sitting on the bed while reading newspaper recruitment information I brought back bread roll.This is

    violating the principle of Sally lina.She rushed forward, snatched my bread and a newspaper, in English roar loud: you have no quality of the Chinese girls!You get out of my home!

    I then curled hair, wrapped in coats out of the door outside the pajamas.

    Twenty-five years, I with very beautiful and ability invincible all the way.No one has ever said I don't have the quality.

    Our family is not poor, but my mother always told me that in 25 years, ability is the most important thing.I can't understand how judge a book by its cover here become a righteous word.It is an affront to my 25 years of the outlook on life!

    I angrily rushed into a cafe.The weather is too cold.I'm very hungry.

    The people in the cafe a lot.The waiter led me with a strange look to a empty seat edge.

    That is the only open cafe.I am on the opposite side of a British lady.She looks more exquisite than Sally lina, like queen Elizabeth noble and delicate.I subconsciously put his shoes under the loose pajama pants.Then I saw her skirt under the silk stockings and high heels with leg, in her age, still wear the shoes is very charming.

    In Europe a lot of restaurants, scruffy was refused to enter.The reason why I think I can come in because I wore a value not share the coat.I couldn't help temporarily put their anger, say: give me a cup of hot coffee.thank you

    After the waiter, the other side of the old lady doesn't see me.But from the side took a memo written a line to me.Handwritten in English: the bathroom is very beautiful in your left rear corner.I look up at her, she is in a very elegant posture coffee, not to see me half an eye.It is difficult to say my embarrassment.For the first time, don't feel is should be respected.

    The wind for that my hair is very messy, I even touched by the side of the nose a little bread crumbs!Although my coat texture is very good, but my pyjamas lining by it was very old.I'm a little look down on yourself for the first time.This dress, how much I don't respect yourself, to make others feel I don't respect them.I remember the afternoon when it comes to interviewing, their daily casual, it is disrespect for a senior manager position?

    When I return to seat to the old lady had left.It on the table of the paved the softly grid more notes another beautiful handwriting English: as a woman, you must be fine.This is the dignity of women.

    I escaped out of the cafe.Sally she sit in the living room, waiting for me, a see me said to me I won't be back until ten minutes more than twelve o 'clock, so tomorrow must go to help her clean the lawn.I promised her.And apologize to her.

    I found her she taught me many useful things, too: go to bed before twelve o 'clock can let me on the second day spirit is enough, can make a first respect I wear neat and beautiful, wear high-heeled shoes and use lipstick that I get the more the help of a gentleman, I began to feel confident very plentiful and confident, I don't want others to see my resume to determine if I have the ability.

    The last time I interview, it is a large cosmetics company's marketing.Appropriate dress up for my performance I add the points.The delicate capable of female boss said to me: you are very good.Welcome you to join.

    I didn't think, my boss is unexpectedly the British woman I met in the cafe.She is very famous!Is the makeup brand sales queen!

    I said to her, thank you very much.

    Is I'm really very grateful to her.Thank you very much for her sentence: as a woman, you must be fine.Although she didn't recognize me.

B: yes.No one has the obligation must be through even you are not

care yourself to find your good internal slovenly appearance.You must

be fine.This is the dignity of women.I always remember in later and later.

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