If one day you become memories

By Derek Shaw,2015-12-09 21:33
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If one day you become memories

    If one day you become memories

    Pixar animation studios is a very famous animation company in the

    United States, he is to be able to and Disney animation production level andHayao miyazakiComparable."Toy story》、《Monster university",

    "finding nemo" and so on outstanding animated film from pixar, and that a "up" is my favorite pixar animation movie film, and it is also a pixar animation studios first 3 d movie.The film's director Peter doug, is also a famous animation film, the director of monsters, inc. ", he had six times the nominationOscar, and with the "up" won the Oscar for best animated feature film of the year award, has won the title, has more skilled in making the film.

     Pixar animated film and a huge advantage is consistent with the audiences of all ages, interesting plot and the connotation of the story itself has great appeal to the audience, there is no vulgar and bland and plot, the film to consider the market, considering the audience's psychological demand, can let a person willing to spend time going to the cinema to watch, but this movie really do these, most classic animated film can achieve such a state.

     Film has a good beginning is half the battle, and the beginning of the "up" thoroughly crush our inner space in a few minutes, the sensation is natural, is inornate, do not need to be more vigorous plot, only two

    people in the pictures are more than enough to keep us together.Carl and Ellie explored this two have the same dream child, yearning for the fairyland falls in South America, from early love each other to get married until you grow old together, but life in various sudden accident to save money for the expedition finished, however, his wife had let them can accompany each other, but it didn't affect their lives, they stay together, the best love is here.Time changed everything, and two people from the black hair become white hair, adventure dream did not change, but the wife unexpectedly to him, they didn't have a chance to together to realize this dream anymore.Film, although only in a few short minutes to tell the two people together for a lifetime, no flowery language and dialogue, silent screen, is real life scenes, so love each other that we see the world the most warm and sincere feelings.

     Wife Ellie's death blow to Carl is considerable, he became lonely and helpless, around their houses to be demolished, after he became the best nail house here, he doesn't want to leave here, because of the little house has his and Ellie all of the memories, how willing to leave, he even to protect himself and his wife together manufacturing mailbox is played to the personnel of demolition, shows his love to his wife.

    In order to protect their own house in order to complete his wife also had dreams, he tied the house full of balloons ready to fly to fairyland falls to explore, and visitor of the expedition was a young boy, ronaldinho and Carl ronaldinho and grandpa began a wonderful

    adventures, they in the jungles of South America has met a big red bird Kevin and a little funny will say only one word a dog, and to his surprise, truly met him and his wife to the idols of the explorer symonds, and we played in the film is a villain, in order to get the big bird Kevin by hook or by crook, and even to burn Carl's house.

     Have to say that the animation film is pixar's sincerity, each picture is so beautiful, especially the house along with the colorful balloon took off, the picture is very beautiful, the film's 3 d effect is laudable, exploration process is also very good, the fat boy is really cute, ronaldinho also brings a lot of funny for the film, one expedition unavoidably lonely, two people together, let the story vivid, immediately when symonds finally put the big bird Kevin grabbed, and Carl ronaldinho and desperate to

    save Kevin has the story to the climax of development.Finally they beat symonds, but house also flew away, the end of the story is very warm, to see the house without landing beside the waterfall wonderland, Alice wish is true, the film in detail processing is very good, details decide success or failure.

    "Up" combine love and dream, although you're not here with me, even though the dribs and drabs in the past can only become memories forever heart, but no that my love for you never change, you can't go with me to adventure, even if only I a person, however, I still want to try my best to finish our dream.Watching the film, let us have a deeper understanding for love, when I saw the movie Carl turned Alice adventure diary, see the blank parts are labeled the group photo they two people in your life, those the joy of the past and scenes in his mind, the original in Ellie heart the most beautiful and good thing is not to take risks, but in those days, and he regarded his seeing here, tears streaming down her face, life as long as there is love the most ordinary a bit beside share together, that is happiness.

    If one day you become memories, I'll put you treasure in the bottom of my heart deeply.

    If one day you become memories, I will guard our initial agreement.

    If one day you become memories, I'm happy for you through the rest of the life.

    I know that even if you can only become the memories, you will live forever in my heart, in my life, you never leave!

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