A cup of coffee business

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A cup of coffee business

    A cup of coffee business

    If you like starbucks cappuccino, it should point eight ounces of small cup, but now the price of the store in the list you have to see "a little cup" spec.Now sell starbucks cappuccino coffee is divided into three kinds of specifications: medium capacity (12 ounces), with big cup (16 oz.) and a venti (20 ounces).It is said that while "a little cup" alone is no longer listed in the menu, but the customer need, also can point.

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    In the rules of the world barista championship, define traditional cappuccino for "Five to six ounces of drinks (Five - to - six - ounce beverage)".Eight ounces of a cup of cappuccino, in fact, starbucks is basically the same with 12 ounces a dose of coffee (Espresso) made, which means "a little cup of coffee taste more pure and better also.If you buy size large cappuccino, so pay RMB, buy is a lot of milk, rather than coffee.

    If you like starbucks cappuccino, it should point eight ounces of small cup, rather than a 12 oz mug, or 16 oz venti.Why is that?Because large (31 yuan) and a large (28 yuan) cappuccino is poor 3 yuan, and small cup just as long as 25 yuan.Here, I'd like to share a little about starbucks's little secret.

    Starbucks eight ounces of a cup of cappuccino, and 12 ounces a cup of coffee (Espresso) is to put the same dose make, this means that the flavor of the coffee is more pure, is also better.In the rules of the world barista championship, define traditional cappuccino for "Five to six ounces of drinks (Five - to - six - ouncebeverage)".If you buy a large 16 oz cup of cappuccino, so many paid 6 yuan, buy a lot of milk, instead of coffee, taste, of course, is not so real.

    If you ask why starbucks?From a technical level, no matter how skilled barista, it's hard to make good quality, and a large cappuccino milk foam (jargon "Microfoam", micro bubble).As to why this price?Economists and the answer is: this is starbucks faced dilemma of painful choices, the price is too low, profits disappear;The price is too high, customer churn.But if your product is too cheap, so may can't make money, a large number of guests can afford it never willing to careers, and step into the dime store.So companies usually do not push down prices of products, the purpose is to prevent the loss of high-end customers, like starbucks can make cheap goods invisible.

    Brands like starbucks, however, has a net you become their "die-hard" customers, one of its net buying new customers for all, is in your birthday is approaching, send you a cup of coffee for free coupons. Saying there is a computer engineer, Logan one day starbucks to send birthday gift certificates - a free cup of coffee.Happened to birthday he

    work overtime, can't go home to attend a birthday party, the in the mind is very uncomfortable, so I want to make happy happy little trick, flashes, he thought of the coffee gift certificates.

    He had to go to the starbucks and ordered a frappuccino (Java ChipFrappuccino), requires 16 dose of coffee (16 shots of espresso), at the end of the back also took a long list of jam and condiments, including soy milk, caramel, banana sauce, strawberry, vanilla bean, maccha powder, protein powder and mocha caramel, total $23.60 (including tax).It is time to pay, he reveals that a free coupon, baristas, staring eyes to jue down, according to the starbucks on the list price, the most expensive coffee at $5.25, the next.The Logan is to achieve this effect, he smile be elated.He was told, this is the most expensive ever cup of starbucks coffee.

    In fact, Logan this coffee is the most expensive still far from it! International coffee fair in Poland, has provided the world's most expensive coffee every Friday, a cup of up to $80, a pound of coffee beans can sell for 700 dollars.This is Kopi Coffee (Kopi Luwak), or the masked Civet Coffee (Civet Coffee), is by masked Civet's digestive tract. However, this is not the most expensive coffee!

    A Weasel Vietnam Coffee (Vietnamese) Weasel Coffee, the Coffee making process like Kopi Coffee, civets is eaten fresh Coffee berries, and then through the large intestine, forming feces excretion, thoroughly

    clean, selected by the spin off again by the sun to dry beans, after baking and brewing gently, the fragrance and bitter taste rarely and low caffeine beans in order to be produced, production is extremely limited, expensive bizarre, as much as $3000 a pound of Coffee, most customers in Asia, is "don't ask, don't the best, only to buy the most expensive" Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, rich people's favorite.

    Actually this kind of way of doing business has existed for hundreds of years.French economist du clap (Emile Dupuit) in the railway was opened to traffic, he wrote: why third-class carriage does not cover the roof, although the construction of the roof was cheap, but the company has done so, its purpose is to prevent has the ability to pay for a second-class passengers, to travel to purchase third-class ticket; this blow to the poor, but not want to hurt them, but scare rich ".

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