How do you like our smart phones next year 3d touch technology or standard

By Virginia Ramos,2015-12-08 11:47
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How do you like our smart phones next year 3d touch technology or standard

    How do you like our smart phones next year?3d

    touch technology or standard

    What will be launched next year smartphone?They will use what new design and technology?Watching the year nearly, 2016 is coming, everybody also is full of curiosity for next year's handheld devices.

    If the current market trend without a sharp turn, so the one-piece design will become the mainstream of aluminum alloy, the plastic shell material of the products will be less and less.In addition, the main button on the fingerprint recognition technology will be widely used, even in some low-end smartphone product will also be using fingerprint identification technology.Also, pressure sensing screen will blossom everywhere in 2016, and predicted, about a quarter of next year's smartphone will choose 3 d touch screen.

    In addition to already know the samsung Galaxy S7, apple iPhone 7 and huawei flagship Mate S, ihs forecast in the next 12 months, there will be a quarter shipment choose 3 d touch screen smart phone products, about 25% of shipments.

    Of course, considering the cost problem, the application of 3 d Touch screen is mostly in the high-end and midrange smartphones, low-end smartphone will not choose 3 d Touch, Force Touch, 3 d Force, the Clear Force technology.

    In terms of an emerging technology, a quarter of the shipment is the sense that gives a person is very large.But Apple Apple Watch chose accelerometer touch screen, the iPhone 6 s product line for 3 d touch technology, both products after launch, good market reaction to make people have confidence in this technique, actively promote the accelerometer touch screen and 3 d touch technology in the application of mobile devices.Other brands and IC manufacturers have also launched carrying such technology products and solutions, applications Yu Zhongduan and high-end smartphone products, strive to place in the fierce market competition.Predicted in 2016, smartphone shipments will grow 317% to 461 million units, and there will be a quarter of the mobile phone to choose the technology.

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