Inception the vagus dreams lost the real

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Inception the vagus dreams lost the real

Inception: the vagus dreams, lost the real

Inception, "word of mouth and box office lineup is expected, because the

movie finally presented to all the thrilling and extremely innovative story

    to the cinema a lot of audience amaze, while indulging in the film structure and details the feasibility of various reasoning judgment in the infinite aftertaste.Seeing is believing, ears to listen to, inception on the interpretation of dreams depth is still need to fine products, this article is just the film can be evaluated from the perspective of the film, no anything to reveal the plot.

    The structure of master director theory

    Director Christopher Nolan has been hailed as a Hollywood structure and narrative of the devil, who before the movie learn architecture, like to do some articles in terms of structure."Memory fragments" from the story of the dual narration constructs the two conflict of space and time, to "the prestige", a simple revenge story upset and then reassembled, Nolan's films with the story of narrative structure and develop strong personal imprint, finally, "the dark knight" box office and word of mouth peaks confirms this magical director of talent.Due to the film in the dream shuttling back and forth on the basis of different space, the structure of the seemingly chaotic has been tipped to become more easy to understand, under Nolan film several main staggered parallel in the different world, seemingly chaotic, but under the director adept skills, many sections of the story into image of camera language show to everyone.Advance all the main level, slowly, and then cross each other, each other, and finally at the end of a few main line together, the perfect

    combination.If the fragments of memory is a before and after the intersection of narrative won everybody eyeball, if "the prestige" and form a neat and orderly network let the audience suddenly enlighted, then inception is a pyramid of floor type construction pattern.Nolan doesn't flaunt narration in the film, but in terms of narrative structure, take pen and ink, if described the movie plot twists and turns with the word "interlocking", so the film structure from the story or plot setting the "interlocking", is the real do a ring set of a ring, the National People's Congress is synonym.

    Nolan's film is a whole story big frame is not very complex, to be fair, "the cornerstone" the story of the main body is not so new.A simple crime story, like most of the audience will think that will be used a commercial crime story took only 148 minutes to finish STH over and over again is going round in circles.Here to say is that film is really going round in circles, and the audience is in the nose, the difference is the passive mood of past viewers here became active, 30 minutes before the film for the interpretation of the dream and a few people can post their appetizing everybody appetite, make the audience couldn't help with the development of the story into the film, so not so much by the nose, followed as a movie, is willing, this is the movie about the story of a reasonable use of beat around the bush.

    Someone said that the film to some extent, like the matrix and minority report, but completely different things.The film in addition to the reality of the world outside of the architecture, the abstraction of space and time a lot of dreams to give the film is different from the other science fiction unique qualities."Occurred in the film is seen as a consciousness within the structure of contemporary science fiction", actually saying is consciousness was used as a platform, and image, is a full of powerful and unconstrained style of human dreams imagination of image interpretation.People can't touch the dreams could be reality images, or broken, or trading.Inception of the idea is to set up in the human dream, on the basis of this kind of uncertainty and loss of true, that everything will be a dream of space and time into a highly personal and bold attempt.Will be embodied in different space consciousness and sub-consciousness, the actualization, there is no doubt that in an age of science fiction movies nowadays has become a visual tool, the appearance of the film for their lack of imagination of the science fiction film has opened up a new field, is also injected a shot in the arm into the science fiction film market.

    Dreams and reality

    The human brain can accommodate all real scene, there was no scientific research in the field of a hit to the limit of the brain thought."As you walk on a beach, either looked around, and you can grab a handful of sand in

    the sand," said the director.This film from a brand-new Angle, attempts to manipulate 'lucid dreams' to verify the questions about the line of thinking.Thinking of unlimited for the film script and framework provides a bold imagination, to seek in the boundless ocean of thinking that a can based on the island.Film a banal crime story grafted into a brand new story frame, make the film no matter from the conception or process appears so lead.Technology is making people can invade other people's brain, and films could do is to let the audience with the characters at the same time at different sites share the same dream.

    Most of the movie scene in the hero cobain dreams into the disorder of time and space in the world.When reflect effect of surreal dream, did not like some other popular movie fantasy ethereal way is used to a virtual world, instead of starting from the reality through the subconscious visualization and artificial bold design made a dream, but contrary to the reality of dreams and waking world.Famous movie this set some similar action game "devil city" and "silent hill" in the "table", "" in the world, but also has the difference.In the real world of objective things are calm, but in the real world of tiny fluctuations caused by design scene in the dream become inconceivable.Inverted space layout, strange structure, folding the skyscrapers, and the weightlessness of line dolls as the stillness of the body and so on, appear mechanical feels dye-in-the-wood.Two world influence each other, each other, the

    characters in the disorder of time and space environment is connected to prevail, when considering the influence of the environment at the same time to take into account the influence of the real world of dreams, a bit not careful will lead to list the chaos of the world, the plot of the close call set a tension and contributed to the film rhythm, its itself to ride in the same action movies.The audience does not surprised that this potential and impossible, but to calm down and consider the following scenario can make you more surprise.

    Actually like this one and the same person in two kinds of different style inside the world of movie is not alone, including the "silent hill", "the matrix" and so on are all adopted the expression.But the foundation of the alternative is that map the human awareness of the real world, to dream, and try to visualize, to produce a building on the basis of reality, but we are familiar with the concept of time and space from the usual view.Film firmly grasp the real point linking to the dreams of switch, so as to reflect the uncertainty of a kind of logic, almost let the audience questioned the authenticity of the world around you.

    Action and emotion

    Nolan for action thriller movie balance is quite unique, both the intense action scenes in the movie, also has a fascinating plot, to mention throughout the emotional characterization.As an action movie, the

    magnitude of the action scenes in the movie lead eyeballs, and compared with the current easily computer stunt flying visual film, the film is almost without using any computer special effects, but to create amazing visual effects.Director used old film technique, through the photography and editing, combine part movie plot and action.Whether the snow chasing in the open, in the dream of weightlessness melee, or in a gun battle in the streets, in the handling of the action scenes clean, and do not break the atmosphere.The plot of the film advance way of relaxation, and the overall track of gradual development, which is full of the size of the guild wars paragraph is the climax of a stressful suffocation.Give a person a kind of cold feeling, through both the setting of suspense and tension of fighting, let the audience's heart always hanging in the air.And the characters of the same set is commendable, it is a team of collective, similar to the "heaven" and "professional team, a protagonist and supporting several different functions interact with each other, in a dream world, people are walking on the blade, a slight error will lead to one false move may lose the game.So the audience watching the protagonist's action rather than emotional route, at the same time, to a few other impressive, different character story structure, the interlocking between the characters is also associated with each other, so based on the strain of story, also makes the three-dimensional

    characters, do film overall flesh firmness, is a science fiction version of the "rebel company".

    The protagonist leonardo dicaprio plays the role of some similar to the "cat and mouse game" of the professional cheats.Both have in common is that talent is extremely high, but good at heretical sect, pressure and the emotion is hard to give up.So in the win by action film, part of the depicting the emotion also occupy a certain

    proportion.Because the film mainly describes about dreams and memories, then suffered by the characters of the emotional ups and downs will surely reflected in his subconscious mind, film in the narrative and action is dominant at the same time, through the emotional reflection of reality in the dream, make it not become abstract science and educational film and dry action, action and emotion describe complement each other, and figure more full.


    Inception is undoubtedly the best movie of the year, not only novel and unique, complicated structure, and there is no lack of entertaining, opinions and about the structure of the film and the lively scene at the end of the film become the ornament is a beautiful scene of the film.More interesting is in the process of movie theaters almost full of static, no laugh, no whisper, seems everyone fully into the intricacies of

    the world in the movie (with or without a look not to understand that I am not to fall asleep).This is a film both entertaining and very brain cells, and about the film at the end of the thesis, director gave us a joke, actually anyone guess.

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