Weibo to pay treasure WeChat resistance

By Mark Young,2015-12-06 12:51
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Weibo to pay treasure WeChat resistance

    Weibo to pay treasure WeChat resistance

    After ali last may in sina weibo, and weibo through August and taobao account system, after yesterday, microblogging and alipay announced sweeping through weibo and alipay account system and launch weibo, create weibo "browse - interest - order - payment - sharing" social marketing closed loop.Some analysts said the "fit", in addition to the own development, also to sniper WeChat pay.

    Weibo binding alipay account

    Yesterday, download the latest version of the sina weibo, in the column of "I", "payment" and "my qr code", "payment" binding pay

    treasure account, pay treasure to the existing pay bank card can be directly used for weibo, after completion of payment, the user can choose whether to pay attention to merchants, according to the requirements of their own or share goods to weibo, recommend to friends.

    "There are 400000 stores opened sina weibo microblog, many businesses in stores have weibo qr code."Sina weibo, says one person with alipay, you merely need to scan the qr code can make purchases, if attention merchants weibo account, after the future businesses have a discount or promotional activities, can be sent to the user a key.Early, weibo will support industry, focusing on the food gradually open to more business.

    Sina payment has not been taken

    The question of "fit" trigger sina weibo whether to give up in July last year to the third party payment licences sina to pay?

    Sina weibo division general manager gao-fei wang said, "pay treasure more merchants and users, and now the key is to improve the competitiveness of the weibo. From experience and pay scene, pay treasure is the best choice."

    In the future, the direction of sina pay financial will be more inclined to the Internet.Previously, sina pays the credit products "credit" is closed, is expected to debut soon;At the same time also is working with many financial institutions, making personal finance products.After pay sina's weibo purse, was the millet mobile phone, Letv box on weibo try important closed-loop social marketing.

    Figures show that about 48% of the active weibo users has already realized and its taobao account, about half of the twitter accounts have a paypal account.

    Pay treasure and twitter

    Yesterday, Mr Ali said small domestic division chief FanZhiMing, mobile payment market in 2014 will become very interesting, sina weibo has so much offline businesses, pay treasure to purse will fully support.This claim is for WeChat payments.

    The country's largest networking vending machine brand friends treasure, sina weibo is moving forward with its cooperation.After friends WeChat pays treasure and WeChat model is one of the model.According to people who have sina weibo and WeChat public comment on

    cooperation, etc., will soon pick up detail Po payment.

    Analysts say WeChat pay advantage on users, twitter and pay treasure to the advantage of merchants, pay treasure and get what weibo cooperation, pay treasure to uphold the social attribute of microblogging, microblogging, sniffing alipay merchants resources and transaction attribute, two league against WeChat, the odds are even more.

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