Lost in translation comment those are hard to avoid loneliness

By Samuel Ortiz,2015-12-06 11:23
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Lost in translation comment those are hard to avoid loneliness

    "Lost in translation" comment: those are hard to

    avoid loneliness


    from this period

    of time has been

    busy, rarely have

    time to do your

    own thing,

    because it is being

    forced a bit out of breath, then squeeze some time to find some literature and art films, to ease the mood.A few days ago is finally determined to look for a long time will not look at planning has been "lost in translation", found that it was a good movie, it is no wonder that are said to be the classic romantic movies fans can't replace.

    Many say "lost in translation" is to see the film alone, because the theme of the film through from beginning to end is "lonely", look after I also agree with this point of view, there are a lot of feelings, even the bottom of my heart has a sense of empathy.Male leading role is a middle-aged frustrated gas actor in failure, the heroine is lost in marriage can not see the future of the young woman, two people meet in the city - Tokyo noise, and lonely, they eat and drink together and have fun together, soon became a comfort anyone to talk to each other.No sexual relations, between two people is more of a vague and pure emotion, like friendship and the friendship, in the large reinforced concrete forest deduce they joy seemed destined sad short story.Movie without too much ups and downs of the plot, more gentle and the simple narrative is also has a lot of funny scene easily, but always haunt the hint of sadness, they are happy, but not visceral.Looked at the men and women protagonist through the streets in the city, just as he saw himself, the same confusion and loss of deja vu.

    I never admit that he was a lonely man, because side around a lot of people, not when it is empty.But if the calm ponder, in fact, most of the time, he was lonely.The lonely is not because there is no partner, is not because of lack of care, more is not without life goals, but occasionally loss and helplessness of life.

    The people in the modern society, increasingly rich material life, colourful fresh things around with, however, because of this, people's spiritual world is becoming increasingly poor, the hand vested simple happiness is now run out of money cannot obtain, sometimes just want to do a bit of their favorite things are difficult.Most people would question at this moment, what is going on?Is changed by yourself?Or the society changed yourself?

    When you're standing in a crowded street, looking at all sorts of people come from your side, with different expressions, different emotions.Some people in the laugh, some people are thinking, some people in the busy, looking at them, you will feel very interesting, will unconsciously to observe them, like them, even with a high above the attitude to look at them, but then you didn't because this noisy images feel full, but more lonely, the more noise, the more lonely.This kind of lonely, come from our heart, we can't communicate with others in real, can't open your heart to others, afraid to once do oneself will be hurt, once hurt, it would be difficult to heal the wound.So we habitually chose to escape, escape from others' eyes, avoid real facts, unable to locate for oneself, also not in a position to others.

    When you and your family have dinner together, when you and your friends together chat say ground, when you and your lover intimate embrace, you will feel happy, happy, but you didn't notice, your heart pain also develop.Because a man came to the world, are doomed to a person leave this world, are you a person all the time.I remember once saw a sentence: "man in the universe itself is an independent individual, so no matter how much in the future, have a strong live."Was small, don't understand the meaning, looking back now, think there is some truth, perhaps the idea of some of

    the negative, but it is a fact.The truth is ugly and callous, but just because of this, just call it a fact.

    Modern people, especially young people, lonely character has become increasingly obvious.Unlike previous generations of people, they are emotional restraint and depressed, we of this generation is choosing to release and showing, we feel more profound, more sensitive to the outside world things so we are unable to adapt to a rapidly changing world.We will face work, in the face of academic, in the face of marriage, facing the future, in the face of all sorts of we don't want to face but must face up to things.People around will continue to give you all kinds of ideas, tell you what to do, but the truth even if you do so, the result is not like what they say.We will be anxious, uncomfortable, will doubt the society even doubt yourself, finally found that none of this is about people, only about themselves, no matter what other people to help and guide you, finally or oneself a person walk the road, so in the past, and so in the future.Even if there will be a wonderful encounter on the way, but in the end will be gone, like the stars in the movie, although loathe to give up each other, each other can not leave when I leave the other person's contact information, no try to keep each other, because they know that it is only in vain, may retain the memory more profound than the seas run dry and the rocks crumble the lingering, like marriage, a long time will eventually going to watching it wither away than to stay in the most beautiful moment, in the lonely lonely time can also take out memories.

    Loneliness is born, will follow your growth enlarged or reduced, but no matter how, it is there, is unable to avoid.But happiness does not that lonely people don't, there is no future.Loneliness can let you become strong, also can let you become weak and can make a person, also can destroy a person, it depends on a person's attitude towards it.Don't go to laugh at those who often sun basked in lonely sad, I believe they are the sort of feeling you must have experienced, is just a moving surface, one kind is hidden deep inside, and in front of this kind of lonely and lonely, we are the same.

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