Hayao miyazaki we lost and innocence

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Hayao miyazaki we lost and innocence

    Hayao miyazaki: we lost and innocence

    On July 20, 2013, hayao miyazaki separate 5 years later with a new "wind up", is still "flight, anti-war, environmental protection, women" four themes.About movies, he say: "I never provide unnecessary explanation, if you need these, then you won't like my movies."On September 6, hayao miyazaki formally announced his retirement.This is called "the animation industry akira kurosawa" created by the master of the dozens of classic works, there is always a dream and warmth, peace and hope.

    Town factory's grandfather

    Hayao miyazaki, a 72 - year - old announced his retirement in the day said: "I don't want to be a bit of intellectuals, the creation of time did not

    take to represent Japan's intention to show something to the world, I'm just a small town factory grandpa."

    Hayao miyazaki has four proposed retirement, the earliest can be traced back to 1986.That year the sky city, box office is not ideal, in an interview with the media suggested that hayao miyazaki will retreat.In 1992, 1997 and 1992, hayao miyazaki, respectively, in the "red pig", "princess mononoke" and "howl's moving castle", after an impressive hinted that "retired".Reason: he wanted to do done, lost the enthusiasm of the animation.

    "Princess mononoke" screens after 1997, announced the abandoned his "Japanese animation, perish", but soon he took up the brush again, insist on a a hand-drawn.

    As is known to all, hayao miyazaki's work does not play, this film looks dangerous, but the way he like this can let the work become so special.Follow the painting, also will follow your heart.

    Japan's animation industry led the world in technology have been, even so, only a cliff goldfish princess, he and his aides are drawn 170000 pure hand-painted picture, 80% of the picture drawn by his hand."Computer technology make you free, but it's easy to make innovative production line type of production".

    The 66 - year - old miyazaki not hand grip, use pencil also from H B for more soft 5 B, he said: "has been to the limit, every day feel fast."But after the old man from the "goldfish princess", and adhere to the five years, until the wind up.

"Sky city" stills

    Negotiations, "he said to me is not working, painting is the work on the table."In C G animation occupy global digital era, hayao miyazaki has been devoted to hand-painted, insist on your animation, film and television language form.Whenever people think of hayao miyazaki's animation, the brain will flash across the blue sky white clouds like cotton candy, endless green grass, and those who are pure, beautiful and strong little girl.

    He was like a manual craftsmen, more than once expressed enjoy small, not be aware of, any form of fine detail."Such as when a person is in the running, let he stopped just for an instant, feet off the ground maybe only a few centimeters. But no one has ever so painted."

    Hayao miyazaki has a lot of, of course, such as the team: studio ghibli propagandist of toshio suzuki, creation and management ability also conspicuous isao takahata;And a longtime its film music producer of long stone let...But have to admit, he never give up his idea.After he announced his retirement, think it is likely to mean that Japan's animation industry, 2 d traditional hand-drawn animation curtain call of The Times.

    The edge of hayao miyazaki

    A lot of people think, hayao miyazaki's story is all distant and unreal world, but many of the elements is from his own people and things around."On the cliff goldfish princess", for example, is full of Japanese people familiar with the sea and the sea of life;And "my neighbor totoro" because mother suffering from tuberculosis continuously move two sisters, but also from the memory of childhood hayao miyazaki.

    Miyazaki's home isTokyo

    A stable family, family separated during the war, the uncle of the family to run after the plane factory.A factory supervisor's father did not have much energy to take care of the home, mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis, neurological, has spread to the spinal cord.

    Years later, has been praised as a master of animation hayao miyazaki memory always have so a clear picture: been bullied him home crying for his mother a hug, have been turned down.At the time, his mother can't roll over, how can hold got his son?Since there is no in pettish to his mother, hayao miyazaki is inferior depressive time worried mother away from themselves, in the heart of anger is more and more strongly: "why do you want to me!"As he later admitted, the surface of a strong and brave hero, heart is lonely and helpless, but character has their own childhood projection.

    His brother miyazaki new memories after so many years, three younger brother is the most let a person worry about hayao miyazaki."He will only reading drawing, how based on the society?"But, if there are no comic, who will comfort the helpless young?He found himself in the world of cartoon's first love - the first full-length colour film, "the white snake" in the white niang son.

    , 22, 1963 - year - old miyazaki enter toei animation company, with a very low income, put forward the proposal and often were rejected.The experience of watching hayao miyazaki is like watching a motivational novel, he from an unknown painter grow up to be a remarkable animation director.

"My neighbor totoro" stills

    More than ten representative works, hayao miyazaki is almost every film or don't have my mother, or doesn't have a mother.In 2008, hayao miyazaki in filming on the cliff goldfish princess filmed a documentary synchronously, hayao miyazaki anecdotes.This is hayao miyazaki publicly for the first time the growth of their memories."On the cliff goldfish princess" inside the vitriolic old woman namely by mother for prototype creation, to release the pain of childhood memories.

    Sent the cooperation longer years of stone on the cliff of the goldfish princess soundtrack, hayao miyazaki has heard over and over again, remembered his mother secretly to tears.His mother let paralyzed in bed for 9 years in the cliff goldfish princess, because of worry about son miraculously to stand up, the movie, the old lady left the wheelchair, stumbled to his own son, sosuke, sosuke, etc to her mother's embrace, and not hayao miyazaki.

    "The valley of the wind" series of the second year, namely 1983, hayao miyazaki surrounded by success to hear of the death of his mother, not in front of the bed.Never seen tears colleagues, for the first time see hayao miyazaki trembled.

    Strict father

    In 2011, the eldest son goro miyazaki hayao miyazaki director of hill of corn poppy bloom released on the eve of the father's sentence "this is your second work, if still not much improvement, simply quit directing" drew public opinion onlookers.Later, the sneak peek to the characters of an action detail processing is not satisfactory in hayao miyazaki cow son: "the person in charge of animation check do bad, it is also the responsibility of the director? Animation level therefore reduce a lot!"Has 45, goro miyazaki is in a mess: "this is all my fault... if there is a chance, hope can continue to when the director..."

    It is not hype, hayao miyazaki's have already in the name of a stern father.Although once drawn animation amuse son, is the power of the director hayao miyazaki to prevent this road is son."Like father like son" not founded in miyazaki's house.Son in high school, said the dream, in the animation industry's mother to his father's advice: "this is a request to the cruelty of the world."

    Goro miyazaki impotent not, he have been painting with the father, after a minor celebrity in the design community, also help father ghibli museum is designed.It was also his design expertise make toshio suzuki to commend him to do a director.

    Early with the first work of goro miyazaki director's planning meeting, in naval warfare, resigned because of the original director, producer,

    recommend goro miyazaki, strong opposition from hayao miyazaki, he even claims, resolute don't intervene in the production of the film.In fact, he encouraged his son's private workers went on strike, father and son did not speak for two years.

    's opening in naval warfare, find the hero when Germany arren, prince of Allah to assassinate the king and to plunder their swords cruel scene, is considered to be projected miyazaki father-son

    relationship.And goro miyazaki has also said he in public "don't lack anything, lack of father love"."Dad at work like a demon, he in order to busy work often not at home, let my mother mother harder than normal, is a zero father; but his achievements in animation is too great, is a director."

    Hayao miyazaki to suzuki said: "I do die it doesn't matter, but don't let my son as a director. Because as long as a day when the director, regardless of your work is success or failure, life will follow you."Suzuki did explanation: "hayao miyazaki is afraid son took to the road, too hard. He once said, when the director, is an artist, must be in the face of harsh result, was attacked by others, this is not a stable, suitable for people to do work."

    Disney is lying to the children

    "Thank you to accompany us grow up" hayao miyazaki - on the day of the news media in retirement hayao miyazaki is produced such a title.Behind a few words are a group of memories and feelings.

    In Japan, often with a last-borns hayao miyazaki's animation movies, or collect a whole set of hayao miyazaki's D V D together watching at home, or to buy the role of hayao miyazaki animation toys.From generation to generation so immersed in it, accept the hayao miyazaki to beautiful, natural, pure, peace.

    In 2009, a group of Chinese media reporters with reverence the name of the hayao miyazaki, encounter cold water on the master."The age of the Internet, one-off consumption makes creative assembly line, so now I

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