Humans can hear the sound in space

By Victor Ford,2015-12-06 04:45
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Humans can hear the sound in space

    Humans can hear the sound in space?

    Imagine you sitting in the cinema, watch the latest science fiction movie, unfolding a large screen tension of space war.The cinema echoed with noises in outer space, like a ship engine roars and whine.Laser energy, also you will feel like driving in the seat rumbling noises spacecraft gallop.The movie through continued to hit our visual and auditory, however, if can have the honor to witness a space war, we can really hear what sound?

    If you want to look for the answer from the science fiction film, then the result display is completely conflict.The movie Alien (Alien) inside the most fashionable word is "the outer space, no one can hear you scream".A "short-lived" TV series "the fireflies" in outer space shooting performance when there is no use of sound.However, many other movies such as Star Wars (Star Wars) "and" Star Trek (Star Trek), etc., in a lot of space in the scene are joined the special sound effects.We should believe what kind of?If the spacecraft passed around you in a hurry when can hear the sound?You believe the death star is in the silent completely destroyed?

    We were ready to make an intern to orbit, field observation on voice can spread in space.Unfortunately, however, later found out that the cost is too high, and also does not have the appropriate optional insurance, at the same time, we the interns have the habit of motion sickness seasick, therefore can only look for the answer from the existing scientific observations.

    In order to thoroughly solve the problem, we first have to clarify the two important factors: how sound waves travel and what is there in the universe.Once we have these information, then it should be able to infer what space can hear the sound.

    So, how sound waves travel?Please read on to find the answer.

    How sound propagation

    Sound travels through the mechanical wave.Mechanical wave is a kind of interference, it can be through the medium of transfer energy from one place to another place.In the process of sound propagation, interference generated by the vibrating object, media can be any mutual connection, interaction of particles.This means that the sound can be spread by gas, liquid and solid.

    Let's look at an example.Imagine the church bells, when the bell rang the clock in vibration, that is to say the clock itself quickly to shake outside introversion.When the clock moves outward, it promoted the particles in the air, and then these particles to promote their adjacent particles, and so on.When the clock swung inward, it will first pull the neighboring particles in the air, the corresponding these to pull their ambient air particles.This is sound in the form of push and pull.Vibration of the clock is original, the air is the medium particles.

    Sound is not confined to spread in the air.Please try to stick ears firmly on the table and so on the surface of the solid, and close your eyes and let the other people at the other end of the table and gently tap.Tapping is the initial interference sources, finger each tap, of particles in the table would clash with each other and eventually become a sound transmission medium.Table itself particle collision your eardrum and

    table direct air particles as the sound waves from a medium to another is known as the transmission medium.

    Air particles hit your eardrum (also called the eardrum), through the structure of the ear and the brain will these identification for voice, the whole process is very complex.

    The human ear

    Therefore, sound transmission need to physical media.However in space have enough physical material role as acoustic medium?The next section, we will be for you.

    Space in the media

    Before we talk about space, first let's define the concept of it.In this topic, we put the universe outside space is defined as the earth's atmosphere.

    You may have heard of space is a vacuum.A complete vacuum environment represents a completely without any material in it.But how could space is a vacuum?Including the planet in the universe, satellites, asteroids, and comets moon, cosmos has so much.Isn't that have a lot of

    material in it?So how space contains objects that are so much could be a vacuum?

    This is because the space is very large.In between these large objects are countless kilometers of vast space.The open space, is sometimes referred to as interstellar space no matter, so this is actually a vacuum environment.

    Sound waves can only spread through the medium.Because there is almost no matter in interstellar space, so the sound can't spread among them.The distance between the particles is too big, so that they will never collided with each other.Even if the death star exploded near it, you can't hear any sound.

    In theory, there are a number of way can make people to hear the sound from outer space.Let's look at some scenarios:

     radio waves can travel in space.So, if you wear the suit of the radio, at this time your partner as you sent a radio message says the space station have pizza to eat inside, so can be heard.But this is because the radio waves is not a mechanical wave, electromagnetic

    wave.Electromagnetic wave can be passed in vacuum environment, once you receive the signal of the radio, it could signal back into sound, through the air in the easy to suit your ears.

     suppose you wearing a suit is floating in Space, the helmet carelessly bumped into the Hubble Space Telescope (the Hubble Space Telescope).This time even in space can hear the sound.This is because the sonic physical media is required to pass, and the physical media is your helmet and suit in the air.At the same time you also surrounded by vacuum, so the other partner will not be able to hear any movement, no matter how much you head on the satellites.

    , imagine you are a currently executing space mission crew, decision into space but forget to wear a suit.Do you use face hit the shuttle, but then there is no air in the ear, so we can not hear the sound of the crash.However, perhaps you can grab before death in dangerous universe hear bone transfer to some of the sound.Bones from the sound sounds like the sound waves through the lower jaw and skull, eventually achieve the inner ear and bypass the tympanic membrane.This process does not need air, so can be heard within 15 seconds comrades in the party in the space shuttle.After 15 seconds, you just might have been in a coma and suffocate soon.

    Therefore, in addition to these clever Hollywood filmmakers, impossible people can hear the sound in space.The next time we suggest that the science fiction movies, no matter what is happening in the vacuum of space, fort her ears.This film can be more close to reality, and the end of the film can also be your very good conversation with friends.

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