What is el nino

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What is el nino

    What is el nino

    What is el nino

    It is said that this year there will be a el nino phenomenon, but you know what is el nino?Let's together to meet the el nino phenomenon.

    El nino is Spanish transliteration, original intention is "child prodigy" or "son of the undeterred.According to legend, long long ago, living off the coast of the ancient indians in Peru and Ecuador, pay great attention to the ocean's relationship with the weather.They found that if around Christmas, near the sea than usual exceptionally warm, soon after, will heaven rain, accompanied by seabirds in such strange phenomenon.The ancient indians out of superstition, says the anomalous warm trend as the "child prodigy" trend, namely the "el nino" trend. El nino refers to a wide range of the eastern equatorial Pacific sea temperature, for a long time, the different fault phenomena of abnormal warming.The etymology from Spain, "el nino" meaning "el nino".El nino phenomenon often occurred in the eastern equatorial Pacific.Peruvian fishermen are the first to notice due to the changes of water temperature affected the normal fishing season, according to the feature of this kind of phenomenon often happens around Christmas, referred to as "el nino", meaning "el nino, the situation changed.In fact the occurrence of el nino time can be in any month of the year.It is generally believed that the waters of the water temperature more than 0.5 ? higher than the normal temperature can determine the el nino phenomenon.A large area of water temperature increased, the increasing amount of water vapor over the eastern Pacific, west to the trade wind is abate, changed the normality of atmospheric circulation, causing global climate anomalies.El nino is 14 times in 1997, it began in March, the prominent characteristic is ferocious, is developing rapidly.In the middle of November, 1997, the Japan meteorological agency el nino monitoring and forecast (cserf), announced that the color of the Pacific Ocean near the equator seawater temperature vertical profile is more and more red, the area is becoming more and more big, the water temperature is rising.November ocean average temperature is 3.3 ?

    higher than usual, is the highest record of this decade.The center that have taken place in the Pacific Ocean near the equator in the eastern region of the century, one of the most serious since the el nino phenomenon.

What is el nino

    In a normal year, southeast trade flourished in the region.Equatorial surface wind stress the warm surface water to the western Pacific, in the western Pacific accumulation, so that the rise in sea level, water temperature rise.And the eastern Pacific in offshore wind, under the action of surface waters offshore floating, continuous water quality divergence caused here, the sea level is reduced, the lower the cold sea water upwelling, resulting in a loss of sea surface temperature here.Upwelling of cold seawater nutrient rich, makes the plankton blooms and provide plenty of bait fish.The prosperity of fish and birds that feed on fish provide an abundance of food, so many birds here.Due to low water temperature, water temperature is lower than the temperature, stable air layer, the convection is unfavorable and development, less rainfall over the eastern equatorial Pacific region, partial dry climate;And the equatorial western Pacific region due to high water temperature, air layer and is not stable, strong convection, precipitation is more, the weather is wet.

    El nino warm Pacific a abnormal natural phenomena, on the west coast of South America, south Pacific east, moving from south to north, a famous Peru.The November to next march every year it is summer in the southern hemisphere, water temperature rise generally, in the southern hemisphere waters flowing east equatorial drift was strengthened.Just meet, the world of air pressure and wind belt move southward, the northeast trade wind over the equatorial since the coriolis force is the southern hemisphere (also known as rotation coriolis force), deflection to the left into the northwest monsoons.Northwest monsoon not only weaken the offshore wind on the

    west coast of Peru - southeast trade, leaving the cold cold water on it weakened and even disappeared, and blowing the warmer waters warm south of the equator, the abnormal temperature rise of Peru.The quietly but go to, not fixed currents is known as the "el nino warm". The cause of the formation of el nino phenomenon:

    For the cause of el nino phenomenon in the world has not been determined.At present the scientific community to roughly three views: first think el nino is composed of periodic change the atmosphere or ocean;A second thought, el nino phenomenon and the change of the earth's rotation speed has a certain corresponding relationship;Third is to say, the el nino phenomenon and the Pacific Ocean crust related activities such as volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.In addition, also some people pointed out that the el nino phenomenon produced in the greenhouse effect has a certain relationship.The el nino phenomenon and current international meteorological field triggered by climate change patterns of a comprehensive understanding and research, reduce the el nino phenomenon caused by the huge losses is entirely possible.

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