Prometheus pursuing immortality of interstellar travel

By Janice Young,2015-12-05 15:16
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Prometheus pursuing immortality of interstellar travel

    "Prometheus" : pursuing immortality of interstellar travel

    As a loyal fans, "alien" series"Prometheus"There is no doubt that is the most looking forward to this yearScience fiction, not to mention this is for more than a month after the ownership "story" of.Science fictionterroristI was all genreA favoriteRead, to be

    honest,"Prometheus"There areA littleLost, so the end of the play...Alas!It is a pity!It's a waste of a good story, a sequel to shoot it is best to Cameron.

    Fan: the definition of a somebody else say "alien war iron warrior is taken to curry favor with the fans and movies, I like this kind of movies, purely in order to see the two bunkers monster showdown showdown and see.

    Tell me something about the interesting:

    A, space jockey according to their own image to create the human, this is clearly in the bible god created man according to his image of the metaphor.Space jockey create alien to human destruction, because human DNA and space jockey, so alien naturally become the bane of space jockey.So alien to build up before shipped to the earth, the space jockey was deformed ones.This is typical of frankenstein.

Second, the pursuit of human origin, it is only the surface looks great

    grand ultimate explore "where we came from, actually see also very boring, as for the movie.Create human space jockey, are not necessarily have any special purpose and meaning.For the civilization with the ability to create life, create life itself, is not life remarkable achievement or creator is how profound meaning.This may just like humans create David or other robots, female pigs are really think too much.So in the face of the creator, the excited chatter asked.Ask all the shitty wen-ching shitty thinking everyday problems.Human is Darwin's theory that evolved from earth single-celled sui generis or aliens.Don't have too much sense.Because if they are alien to create, and how did the aliens come?On the back to the ultimate, is one hundred billion years the vast xinghai the arteries and veins of one.Anyway, after all, before the big bang is no life.

    Third, according to the laws of the entropy of the irreversible, big to stars and galaxies and quasars, we still have a birth, growth, mature, decline - death.Inorganic and irreversible decay, and organic matter?How much more carbon creatures?But since the qin shi huang attempted to seek immortality, thousands of years.Looking for the creator to get forever, even if can not meet the target, can also be relative, close to oneA little.If you have any good architect to be the creator.PrometheusBehind the contributive boss obviously is a tragedy, space jockey see these are creators, is about as impatient as we humans see ants.The creator is not good-natured to answer wen-ching hundred thousand whys, but beat up suddenly and violently dozen shitty wen-ching.Saying, if it weren't for wen-ching bored female pigs are continually ask somebody else.Space jockey would not necessarily decided on horn spacecraft to bomb the earth.

    Four, the 3 d laser mapping infrared instrument: this is very interesting thing, multi-touch stereographic projection of

    human-computer interaction technology is the science fiction standard at the moment.From the three-dimensional map of space jockey manipulation of the horn craft in the scene, star navigation is really need this bunker human-machine interaction.Voice control type language interaction technology and stereo projection is not a contradiction, completely can run on a platform to support each other.Small flyball

    laser profiler to me such an engineer's perspective.Over the next 20 years is probably implement it, hung up the technology of flight, aircraft can do four axis, the infrared laser mapping terrain, this now in the market to sell copy machine (3 d scanner) effects were the same.The only problem is, put the two together, giving its powerful graphics chip processor (speed directly decided to ball screw can be on the premise of effective surveying and mapping data enough fly forward how fast).Also need the high-speed wireless data transmission speed, 1 g per second jump (such surveying and mapping results, is a large amount of data).According to the volume of a ball, also need to wireless transmission technology of energy.

    Too new films, the only is not good.Just don't know to have a sequel, don't know a sequel to wait many years.Still, good, old movies ones, special-shaped series four sets can look down on, don't have to wait for.Words, I'd like to know the female pig and David open horn spacecraft flew to where, what happened, if there is a sequel to the best, if not a sequel, I buy the kagyu!I hate open end!

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