Anna karenina emotional life, rational to save the world

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Anna karenina emotional life, rational to save the world

    "Anna karenina" : emotional life, rational to

    save the world

     Haven't seen the original, but want to textbook annotations of the book is supposed to be charged the evil old society and decaying aristocracy is causedAnna kareninaThe main reason for the tragedy.Film adaptation, as reflected in this respect.So here is only for evaluation of movie plot.

    Anna's infidelity is understandable, she kept a job only know work, lifeless officials husband, want to come is also arranged marriage, is not

    a free love.By then the concept of limit, the marriage is god's arrangement, Anna also can only be appointed.But the emergence of warren, broke the quiet life.A handsome young man in the pursuit of her crazy, the husband a few streets blasting no appeal, completely satisfied for AnnaloveThe fantasy.She struggled for a few times, then fall.She is more likely fall in warren, crazy pursuit, as she fell on their desire for the imagination in love.When two people dance, the time is still around, then, the whole dance hall was empty, that is the fire of love.Affection to the strong, the world is only you and me two people.As for behind sex sex, it is just like follow the general nature.Based on hormones attract young love, it is only natural that the love to be so emotional, so that the.Hate can't always be bored with together, what ethical and moral integrity, the aroma.

    Besides, said warren, a come up, others to warren of evaluation is "a handsome cavalry officer, keen on withThe beautiful womenBed ", one of them play has taken the prick silk, a goddess of love came. Playboy like this have a criminal record, and would be happy to fall in love with Anna, the charm of Anna. But Anna is the first love, he is not. A veteran in love, just found a enough to cause hormonal prey. Say warren, fully playing with Anna, that is not true. Warren, is also a sensibility, romantic person. At the railway station for the accidental death of railway workers' families, (though there may be factors to please Anna in), for him, love is all, or,

    hormone is all. In order to Anna he also pay a lot of, but his pay, was more in order to meet their own hormones. Like all the small three would do, warren, try very hard to convince Anna divorce. In those days, on behalf of the meaning of divorce more heavy than now. As the guilty party will not be blessed to remarry, not protected by law. That is to say, warren, just a bit cost, will sacrifice almost everything for him. Anna to behind, when two people the feelings of fire cooled down, or, Anna hasn't cooling, warren, cool down first. Begin to think about their own future, obey the arrangement of the mother. In the end, this imbalance led to Anna, and even life to the love disappointed.

    Say two greasy together this period of very beautiful.The film"Anna karenina"In the stage of the same form,musicAlso very good to listen.Anna and warren, together of the time was very beautiful.Indeed, in this period of time, Anna's life is indeed be ignited.Suddenly filled with youthful air, or hormones.

    However, not only love can life.

    Karenin if inference from the textbook evaluation, should be that kind of corrupt, selfish, greedy, old man destroyed Anna's life decayed aristocracy.But judging from the performance of the film, karenin behave more 7).Even in order to maintain their reputation and career, is quite reasonable.Including horse that, warren falls down, Anna started to yell

    alexei, the whole looked at her.A land of beulah was so concerned about other men, really rude.And saw his wife care about other men, this is his heart or explode, at this time, Lenin was walking to his wife behind him, gently say, "I'm in."Perfect rounders!If Anna smart enough, by her husband's this steps can easily resolve this reputation crisis.It's a pity that she had been blinded by love, full of warren, only.Openly ruined his reputation.Outbreak because Anna karenina openly called lover after their work to home to date.This kind of behavior is exorbitant.He growled at Anna a meal and then ran off to get Anna's sister there to terminate the relationship.Result back at Anna is going to be ill again softhearted, also comfort the crying into a crybaby fragile warren, a B.Here I really admire the man heart, strong to unparalleled.And he himself, can only be pinched the knuckles, and then to sit alone.The bible.Knead knuckles is karenin suppress their emotionsaction, Anna think warren, leaving behind, desperately want to see, pinch his knuckles are caused Anna karenina outbreak.At the end of the day, Anna is dead.Karenin raising alone took, and warren and originally the daughter.Two children playing happily there, karenin sat quietly, turning the bible - as always rational.Perceptual, is absolutely can't accept the wife of the "bastards" born with others.Even if did not to death, also will be sent to an orphanage to something.Results karenin prop himself

    down.He at last in this moment for Anna's deep feelings.Also at the end of the film, the light.

    As the adaptation of the masterpiece,"Anna kareninaNo doubt the lame, the most black card Lenin became saint instead of man.But don't talk about it, try very hard to keep rational like karenin, maintain the general situation of man eventually survived, had had a son and a daughter.His rational saved him.May he live a dull and some timid, but has the last warm picture, value.Anna and warren, a very vigorous love, their love is fervent, love money.Ignore the secular logos, ignore the opinions of others.Yes, when they are detached from the earthly, that is heaven.There is no love can be detached from the reality, however, when they finally go back to reality, only to find that with the world.Warren to change, want to go back to fulfill, and Anna can only rely on drugs, emotion, paranoid, no doubt this is a huge sense of imbalance of consequences.Ultimately fragile Anna could not bear it all, chose death.Anna's tragedy is doomed.She is not willing to insipid marriage and look forward to a perfect love.To make matters worse, her marriage was arranged marriage.If she talked to karenin have be in love, things will not become like this.She is so emotional, impulsive.

    Because of love and light of life, really wonderful, also need a reason to save the world, save the love.

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