The interstellar through reviews

By Nicholas Stephens,2015-12-05 05:15
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The interstellar through reviews

    The interstellar through reviews - very hard science

    fiction masterpiece!

     Recently went to a science fiction book, called "star through".This is a very hard science fiction, after you have read mixed feelings, for I this ordinary fan of science fiction, is thrilled.Below simple to share with you my some ideas for the film.

     About the type of the film first.Belong to this movie really hard science fiction, the so-called hard science, my understanding is the technology content is higher, involving a variety of physics, astronomy, biology and other scientific concept, needs certain science scientific theoretical basis to facilitate understanding.In short is -- the brain.Star through was surely fall into this category.Compared to the type of hard and "2001: a space Odyssey", not only playing theory, and stream of consciousness style, in "the blue Danube" was used as impressive episode;"Gravity", "Prometheus" is this kind of still hard science, involves the theoretical basis of simpler, plot, setting and architecture more easily acceptable."Transformers" series, compound contact list, "resident evil" series, the terminator series, and so on, these films at a large, theoretical foundation is simple, easy to understand.Is superhuman, aliens, robots, the role of genetic virus crisis

    and so on the integration of these elements, with stories, pictures, scenes and actor effect arresting people eyeball, this kind of movie I think belong to soft science fiction.Such a contrast, the interstellar, roaming the film is really hard.The star plot is easy to understand, roaming the film really a bit stream of consciousness to the last.