The interstellar through reviews

By Nicholas Stephens,2015-12-05 05:15
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The interstellar through reviews

    The interstellar through reviews - very hard science

    fiction masterpiece!

     Recently went to a science fiction book, called "star through".This is a very hard science fiction, after you have read mixed feelings, for I this ordinary fan of science fiction, is thrilled.Below simple to share with you my some ideas for the film.

     About the type of the film first.Belong to this movie really hard science fiction, the so-called hard science, my understanding is the technology content is higher, involving a variety of physics, astronomy, biology and other scientific concept, needs certain science scientific theoretical basis to facilitate understanding.In short is -- the brain.Star through was surely fall into this category.Compared to the type of hard and "2001: a space Odyssey", not only playing theory, and stream of consciousness style, in "the blue Danube" was used as impressive episode;"Gravity", "Prometheus" is this kind of still hard science, involves the theoretical basis of simpler, plot, setting and architecture more easily acceptable."Transformers" series, compound contact list, "resident evil" series, the terminator series, and so on, these films at a large, theoretical foundation is simple, easy to understand.Is superhuman, aliens, robots, the role of genetic virus crisis

    and so on the integration of these elements, with stories, pictures, scenes and actor effect arresting people eyeball, this kind of movie I think belong to soft science fiction.Such a contrast, the interstellar, roaming the film is really hard.The star plot is easy to understand, roaming the film really a bit stream of consciousness to the last.

     On the theoretical basis of this film.Data shows, from a physicist kip thorne, "worm hole"."Worm hole" is popular to speak of time travel inward and outward, mainly used for interstellar travel distance of hard to imagine.Hypothesis from us that the earth to the other is a habitable planets from billions of light-years away, even need for decades, the speed of light in human for the foreseeable future the development of science and technology level, in order to achieve this journey is also a great hope, "wormhole" perfectly solved this problem, make interstellar travel become commonplace.It can be thought of as the theoretical basis of the space-time distortion, change the dimension.There's a metaphor of image, two points on a piece of paper by some distance, the paper can be folded in half and two overlap together.We use 3 d means the two-dimensional plane (paper) simplifies the problem of the world, that also can

    imagine, also can have a higher dimensional world method to simplify the problem of our three dimensional world, namely curve spacetime, let the distance of two vast overlap.Very wonderful!

     About gravity and time.Film, they landed the first planet is the earth's gravity point several times, they stayed in the planet's surface for a few hours, returned to the eternal, that elder brothers already old 23 years old.Cooper and then fell into a black hole, to return to the earth, his daughter, murphy are more than one hundred years old, he still so

    young.The theoretical basis from high quality objects distort the spacetime surrounding, let time slow down.For example, in the space and how quickly the time of the earth's surface is different, the astronauts inside the spacecraft in orbit, old more slowly than people of the earth's surface, the difference is negligible, of course, the extent of the slow every day is probably millisecond.Like, neutron stars, black holes, white dwarfs, these objects, the quality is very high, it is the gravitational force is huge, the spacetime surrounding distorted, close to these objects, older than the humans on earth can make you more slowly, ha ha.

     About human nature.So hard science fiction, in which there are fragments reflect human nature.When they log in the second alternative planet cooper, suffered a scam.Dormancy of the elder brothers there lied to all people, said the planet habitable,

    actually otherwise.He woke up just to make dead cooper, oneself sit shuttle back to earth.This is the nature of humanity, but in a hellish place for so long, not stupid also crazy...In fact, among so many characters, most of them are very selfish, facing life and death moment, always wanted to be discarded.In addition to professor cooper and brand, they also is quite the tail from wagging the dog, in the interests of all mankind.Cooper last separation craft, black holes, the fall is also in order to let Amy can successfully from a black hole edge, to a third planet, looking for the chance of survival.And professor brand plan A fool all the people, is to let the heroes have to plan B, in search of habitable planets outside.Environment on the whole, these are understandable, 3 d higher animals in the entire universe, human is too small, the

    human nature is both a scientific and reasonable side, to some extent, is also restricting the development of the human side.

     About the cooper inside a black hole with murphy by Morse code to communicate, the scene is really difficult to understand.No point physics basis, but also a scratching his head.First of all, I want to say is, can enter into the black hole itself is very magical, of course this is to plot development needs, reach of the science involved, is so little.Who also haven't been to have never seen, inside black holes may really describe such as film, there is another high dimensional world.Because in accordance with the present theory, any object near the black hole edge (eventhorizon), if there is no escape, and finally is then drawn into the hole, and the process, the black hole's powerful gravitational will tear any object into particles, and cooper's spacecraft vanishes, he wore a suit is very healthy and happily, and went in.Can only say that this is a story set, may be more high-dimensional biological do him a favor, inside a black hole by high and low dimensional some swaps way makes an exchange.Of course, can also be the future of human, they have mastered it.

     Finally, use "murphy's law" to summarize.If things change bad, no matter how small the possibility, it will happen.That sounds good sad.Human beings in the universe really even not a MAO, the human is great, it is with its own history, human is also very small, it is in the entire universe to witness.Recommend a nice film, everyone to look at, especially like the science fiction, do not miss!

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