Japanese women how to use etiquette let oneself more beautiful

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Japanese women how to use etiquette let oneself more beautiful

    Japanese women how to use etiquette let oneself more beautiful

    Whether to Japan's work, study or travel, you'll find that almost every clerk for guests smile is beautiful, be nice, beautiful, thoughtful. Even try out a garment from out of the fitting room, waiting outside the clerk arteries "hard". Whether you buy or not buy things, the clerk will say "thank you" to the last. Buy the clothes, the shop assistant must send you to store to get the paper bags of clothes hands pass to the guest's hand, send you a sweet smile, say "thank you", and then deeply bowed a bow; Supermarket clerk to enter the shop assistant for entry will be turned to the store before a bow, bow backwards in; Give the car a finished oil, gas station clerk lead you to the road safety, bowed deeply on a bow farewell, didn't get up until the car was out of sight. So more than services, companies, schools meet people will say "hello", "thank you" "sorry" and "hard" is the most commonly in three sentences; Even don't know the

    people in the community must be point size, ask a sound good. The Japanese etiquette, be praised all over the world, especially the Japanese women's etiquette culture etc of the highest praise. Etiquette in Japan, as one important part of the outer and inner cultivation, good manners, the people to the people around you brownie points is high, easy to success, more harmonious interpersonal relationship, the higher the happiness; And the employees of an enterprise (especially in the case of etiquette quality services) represents the overall image of the enterprise, directly affect the interests of the enterprise and even survival. So new people into the club to accept the etiquette training, conducted by predecessors or professional etiquette training teacher strict training. After ten years in Japanese society, and many years of experience working in the public high school, will I know part of the Japanese women's basic etiquette from the aspects of greetings, language, words and actions to share with you. Wish every friend can become more elegant, more harmonious interpersonal relationship, to enjoy a better life.

    Good manners from the heart of respect, but exist only in the heart don't show it cannot convey in place, a good way to convey there are three main points: language, expression and action. Proper etiquette to both the inner and outer beauty.

    Language article

    "Good morning!" "Good evening!" Greetings such as necessary, but

    before other people say it to yourself. Need to add a sentence or two, to say the season, traffic, news, travel and the weather and other topics. Not only can talk about at the moment, also can make as yesterday or tomorrow, let in just a few words have time on the vertical and horizontal.

    Some people no matter how you smile to greet, he may not treat you the same. That also don't lose heart, greeting without beg, but their munificence, when greeting with one or two of the above topics, treat each other with a smile and eye contact. Remember that seemingly lost of talents is the real winners. Perhaps one day will be your influence each other. It doesn't matter you don't succeed, the goodness of their heart doctrine can not be changed because the individuals.

    Prepared a gift to others or share, don't let others feel is specially prepared, to the other party and fruitful psychological feeling. Its own kind of vegetables to someone else, for example, can be in the form of the request: "pumpkin harvest this year much more special, we can eat, can you help me?" Intends to give the children's old clothes to friends child, rinse the clothes are folded, so to discuss with her: "to get rid of it's too bad. Can you can't wear small bright?" Through the way of the request to reduce each other's psychological burden.

    Before when I answer the phone is at your own first name, is now in the purpose of self-reported name in gradually reduce, but suddenly the

    telephone said "hello" is very disrespectful, so now a lot of Japanese women to answer the phone after the first said "according to, let you waiting so long." This is a relatively safe and concise and courteous, let the other side speech, don't waste time on both sides.

    To have dinner with her husband's colleagues or boss, Japanese women will smile to listen, saying from time to time, and not to talk or to express themselves. Has nothing to do with the ability, like this woman behave more low-key gives the impression of more good, smart women know how to do it.

    Writing articles

    May everyone has his own sent gift to each other, as if did not appreciate the experience of the mind. This time you should learn from the practice of Japanese women, gift regardless of weight, on the gift with a small card or SMS, thank you will daily mood and thinking, when choose the gift can communicate to each other in the heart more easily. Mother's day gifts to her mother-in-law, deserve to go up a card, write an intention to find her good small details and heart to you that a grateful, even very small believe picky mother-in-law will at least at that moment was attracted to you.

    Children often go to someone's home to play, the Japanese mother not only let the children to bring some snacks to share with other children in order to thank, also attached a small card to bring snacks,

    write "sorry to trouble you" thanks or text. Because the phone could account for the other side of the precious time, Japan's mother don't tend to make a phone call instead.

    Feel like gifts on economic burden heavier, you can choose to suit oneself about the state of the gifts, to express his intention. Such as the child's photo

    Calendar as a birthday gift for grandma and grandpa, his kind of dried lavender, deserve to go up the right ribbon, packaged with hand draw CARDS to friends and so on.

    Has been invited to participate in some activities, want to euphemism refused. With no one to take care of the child, the child also little messed up, her husband on a business trip and so on reasons to euphemism refused, but don't use the body uncomfortable, have to go to the funeral of a loved one and other reasons, the former has, in turn, let the other party to worry about your possible, which could lead to unpleasant feelings for each other.

    Action report

    The Japanese daily bow, and every day there are three kinds of commonly used way of bow: will release, between the ritual and the salute. Will release to meet acquaintances in the outside, in a short period of time say "hello". Little hands crossed, the rhythm of the heart counted "one, two" gently bent down to about 15 degrees up again.

    Ceremony in the center to say thank you and apology, ring finger crossed, hands and bent down to about 30 degrees. The salute in the most solemn occasions, such as children's admission ceremony, graduation ceremony, and visit the shrine. Hands index finger together reaches to the knee and bent down to about 90 degrees once again stood up slowly, breathing after such posture beautiful.

    Both the technique of reverse

    Finally a woman easily improve their goddaughter compatriots charm tips. Pour tea one hand steady while the saucer and another hand on the edge of the saucer, gently to make tea, the saucer in your left hand, right hand gently attach, while the left handed tea ahead instead. Action about why, women will stagger, such as the indication on the right side of the chest with his left hand, right hand carding left ear hair, not so hasty directly, and will be a very beautiful impression. Similarly, when turning to the right first step left foot, and so on. Beginning from today will have a try, make your accomplishment and impression for it at once.

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