Yearly salary 160000 in the United States was not enough to spend

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Yearly salary 160000 in the United States was not enough to spend

    Yearly salary 160000 in the United States was

    not enough to spend?

    (article | overseas Q From tianya gossip) in the United States is not enough to spend $160000?Yes, you heard me, is such a good salary can make a family of the middle class.However, when we sit down and really carefully computational overhead, found that only when money to spend when the party hate less...Even if such a large sum of wages still can't let the family live a rich life.So, what costs in the United States have how old?Take a look at the experience of predecessors.

    First American families what few gray income (without wage income is one percent, work on Wall Street and large companies in the top of head), salary is the only income of the vast majority of people (bonus? That is a distant memory), and all income taxes (? Want to tax evasion in the information age than ascend day also difficult, the United States is the global report for overseas assets).

    95% of people don't have pensions (that is 5% of government departments and a handful of companies, and dry 30 years, will get 50% of the pension is good).Ten years after the formal pension to take until 67 - year - old (if the us government then no bankruptcy), a public health insurance to the 65 - year - old is (if there is work before, or you first join

    army fifty million without any medical insurance up to 65 years old).No accumulation fund, to pay the mortgage to from both of their after-tax income (maybe domestic friends called me that buy a house, but the company will be able to part from accumulation fund, the real Chinese characteristics).Car is the necessary traffic tools in the United States, is not luxury.The last point about income refers to the pre-tax income in the United States.

    If you think I said I'm melodramatic notebook for eight years, the fact don't be surprised.To 15 years in the United States, I buy yourself or through clothes or shoes, only one/double more than $50, 2006 to buy a leather jacket (or a discount when buying, $100).The only suit was bought before going abroad, all the year round is the thin sweater shirts or lead, cold in winter when the fur as a coat (brought from home before down jacket).Wearing all the year round brought from domestic cloth shoes (department of military equipment a store to buy in my hometown, seven yuan a pair is the price of 2007, 2010 parents and brought a dozen pairs, forgot to ask the price, I don't know up no), worn out three or four double every year.There are two pairs of shoes and a boots, other occasion.

    Don't think I'm a masochist or a miser.Occasionally clothes or can afford buy a few hundred dollars, it is don't feel the need, the existing

    enough.Second, my wife will certainly nagging rectified, that I also may not go mad?I've bought the most expensive dress is bought a leather coat for his wife before going abroad (3000 yuan, at that time didn't feel what), if now I have to buy my wife a $200 or more clothes, she would be with me.

    Income ($165000), article

    In recent years, on average, see, I (a traditional media companies IT managers) and my wife (a nonprofit employees), 5 $160000 total, according to the latest statistics in the United States ranked a top 6.5% of household income (before 2006 was 5%, in recent years, the rich, the rich), only one per 15 families, revenues look a lot about IT.Median 2010 U.S. households pre-tax income of $9445 in 40000 (under the half of the households in 49445, and the other half in above), after stripping out inflation was down more than 7% compared to 2000 figures.This decade is lost decade in the United States, the poor, the poor and the rich, the rich.From the point of individual income, the national more than 25 years old have a full-time job of digits are 30000, 9336.A salary of more than 100000 people accounted for only 6%.

    From the perspective of the national income consumption ratio may not be appropriate, because of big city circle is than New York, Washington, Boston and Los Angeles but consumption is much higher

    than the national level.The Washington metropolitan area has a population of 5.58 million, employment population 2.3 million, the median income is 40000, 6960.All kinds of management personnel, 170000, 2070, the median income is 110000 6440.IT industry, population 170000, 2700 (not including management personnel), 90000, 0090, the median income.IT management, 10000, 3410, the median income is 130000 130000.In general we relatively serious market salary level is low, mainly in the traditional media (three years have been bad, not a wage increase, 09 all employees had a two weeks' still unpaid, want to leave in 2010, the boss is good but no money for me) and non-profit institutions (a national medical association nature).Big the paradise of the Washington metropolitan area has been made in America, the top 20 rich cities and counties in the United States (calculate by median household income) in half, the first American public high school is here, I live in the top two hundred counties most high schools in the United States.

    Other income negligible, I don't have some people drive, so some people can be a billionaire, but I'm just a migrant workers.I want to kick point (no money), and would like to open a shop (no energy and business vision), also want to put a booth in weekend (without license, not letter to see you in Washington tourist hotspots put a stall without a

    license and within 15 minutes you didn't catch the police station you have seed.

    Tax papers ($40673, accounting for 24%)

    Taxes are mainly of three parts: the federal income tax, the state income tax and social insurance/medical taxes, in some places in New York City and New York City tax.Property tax and auto holding tax is also a big head, but there is no in it (the property tax is in housing costs, auto holding tax calculate in travel/transport).Pay a total of 40000 40000, accounts for 24% of total revenue, the biggest part of it.

    The federal income tax is complex, not introduce one.The tax rate in 2011 is for husband and wife family tax (for example) : 10000 6700 is below 10%, from 6700 to 10000, 60000, 7900 is 15%, from 7900 to 60000, 130000, 7050 is 25%, from 7050 to 130000, 200000, 8850 is 28%, the highest is 35%.

    A federal income tax income not all income, but the so-called for income.First step minus now don't pay, to pay federal taxes in the future, the main is 401 k plan (supplementary pension).Step 2 minus the man's head, each family member 3700, a family of three I take ten thousand.The third step is credit, there are two optional, it is a standard deduction (two-thirds of people choose this), they are family, 10000,

    1600, the second choice is a number of relief, interest on the loan, donation, state and local taxes (like the property tax, etc.), etc. Can be combined.Both can only choose one.Because now loan interest rate is extremely low and short-term loans, loan interest is not much, choose 20000 less than a second, but still could save more.For low and middle income people and some drawback, like college tuition, children head tax refund, etc., because our income beyond this range, drawback is zero.Finally our federal income tax equivalent to about 12% of the total (10000 10000).

    State basic is similar to a federal tax, income tax will not repeat, about 5% of our state income tax (8000 250)

    / medical social insurance tax, with the domestic endowment insurance and medical insurance is one thing, is home to the United States to learn completely, but the company pay and individual as much, and the part domestic companies to pay a bit far too high, endowment insurance is 20%, health insurance is 10%, the burden too heavy).All salary deductions (social insurance has a limit but 95% of the people to reach), the tax rate is 7.65%, a total of 10000 10000.People don't need to pay unemployment insurance, housing accumulation fund.

    Overall, although there are many loopholes, many high income earners tax avoidance through various means, but America's personal income tax system is advanced.

    Each person's income situation in the United States in the tax department is available, is the sun.Tax evasion is a politician's issues, every year there will be someone own backyard, watching their jokes is the fun of ordinary americans at one's leisure.Someone at home can't know all the income, in the establishment, a tiny part of the income is in tax, real working-class poor income should be taxed, this in itself is not fair and reasonable.

    Supplementary pension article ($33000, accounting for 20%)

    Said before retirement had been almost extinct, add, have a pension, generally without a universal pension, the United States also have a double track.Far more than pensions due to retirement, the government pension has been criticized for elephant.Universal pensions to the 67 - year - old is (62 - year - old also can start, but only 70%, 70% is not just a 62 - year - old to 62 years old, are all of the time, first brought is not cost-effective, unless there is no other way), endowment many gold, compare the average, one one thousand to 2056 (horizontal) now, also can maintain a basic life.Pension funds in the United States have started to make ends meet, also don't know how many in the future, so the

    government encourage people to save the pension (different companies have different plan, can to the fund or Treasury bonds, etc.).As encouragement, the government now no pension deductions, such as take out again when tax (due to less income as they age, the corresponding rate is low, or a profitable).

    Another reason, spit bitterness, capitalism society is very cruel, no iron rice bowl, more than 50, the mind is not flexible, director-general, slow, get more money, you may also be considered to flaunt one's old age, and old company if not good, the first fifty years of operation.After age 50 if be cut, it is a miserable thing.I recently for a year or two, say less also looked at thousands of resumes and interview at least hundreds of people, looking for a job person the most nothing more than two kinds: not the United States as to the identity of the foreigners and americans over age 50.More than 50 years of age, children may still at college, may mortgage didn't pay, no job, no health insurance, think about dying.What busy before paying the mortgage and other, there is no deposit 401 k.Rich of time or to save more, 30000 3 is most couples can save (can begin to take out after 59.5 years, before in special circumstances can also).

    Housing article ($38500, 23%)

    Housing is one of the largest expenses, ordinary working-class mainly mortgage, property tax and home maintenance, general utility fee is among them.

    Mortgage is the big head, declining mortgage rates in recent years, I have to loan for four times (essentially once a year), 15 years is the present interest rate fixed by 3.375%, total 350000, the mortgage is about 30000 a year.Domestic friends must scream so low interest rates and 15 years.Criticize the hegemony in the United States, the United States global waving a big stick, pay federal taxes are used in military, it use the dollar to a note-issuing unceasingly, lower interest rates, inflation to emerging economies and the global output.So don't blame the Chinese government and domestic Banks, to support the carrier and J - 20, the Chinese in the future at least can resist western developed countries imported inflation, enjoy a low interest rate.

    Property tax is about 1% of the real estate valuation, now 5000, 500 a year.Speaking of the property tax, no real estate tax (big) left China, I'm afraid.I'm in favor of the property tax, it is mainly used in the daily expenditure of local government, more than half of middle and primary schools[microblogging]Education.Domestic situation is very complicated, but have multiple housing is rich and vested interests, they are the most against the real estate tax.Property tax increase costs, forcing more

    housing people spit it out.History shows that there are real estate tax is to curb soaring house prices, the market participants (the poor) at the beginning of may also buy a house.Additional property tax can support low-rent housing and affordable housing construction.Have friends don't want to scold me, you may not be cheated.

    Housing maintenance I counted 600, utility fee I calculate $2400 a year, is actually very province (my parents may not see it that way, they are in their hometown no heating and air conditioning).Front lawn and yard I personally hand, a fertilizer each year, summer is the hottest two months only watered once three days.Home three ceiling fan, a fan, air conditioning is short.Winter heating is 68 f (20 degrees Celsius), when someone goes to bed at night and no person is 62 f (16.5 degrees Celsius, no one does not open when the heat will frost crack pipes).Update what interior decoration, furniture, household appliances maintenance, replacement, etc. When I have money again.

    Medical/insurance article ($7500, accounting for 4%)

    The United States is the only without universal health insurance in developed countries, the high cost of health care, a small surgery (like cut the appendix, the domestic several hundred RMB) for at least a few thousand dollars.Health insurance fees for the middle class pace is "rocket velocity", and the actual income has decreased by 7% in the past

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