A century ago Einstein's visit was head of state level treated

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A century ago Einstein's visit was head of state level treated

    A century ago Einstein's visit was head of state level treated

     Japan as the power of science and technology is a modern, cultivate love science, is an important experience of their success. In the early years of the nineteenth century Einstein's visit to Japan, Japanese people's passion for science and the incomprehensible, let the great scientist was shocked.

     A, Japan's education system has been able to independently develop cutting-edge scientists

     In history, Japan's science and technology behind China in the long run. According to the American people Kendall hai wen's "100 the greatest invention in the history of", China's "four great inventions" in papermaking and the compass was selected, the Japanese are made white. And mathematical thought in ancient China has affected the world, and in today's international famous university class is often cited was important academic conference, Japan is unremarkable.

     But now that Japan has got a qualitative leap in science and technology, and then take the highest award for science and technology, international local produce the Japanese scholars have already 20 people get the physical, chemical and biological Nobel Prize. Among them, at the start of this century the short more than ten years, the Japanese have

    nine scientific Nobel Prize. And the Japanese in the history of mathematics is very outstanding, the fields medal is for the international top prize, the Japanese have already 3 people, fifth place in the countries all over the world.

     Japanese was even able to output to the most advanced science and technology of American Nobel Prize winner, Nobel laureate in the United States, there are two is to accept the graduate education in Japan and make awards, after poached by American colleges and universities and research institutions. The Nobel Prize for physics in 2014 by three Japanese scientists do, became naturalized nakamura take two of them, though, he won the Nobel's achievement is, however, made in Japan.

     In winning the Nobel Prize of the Japanese people, there are 19 is acceptable undergraduate education in Japan, there are 17 people received a doctor's degree in their home country. This shows that Japan's education system has been independently develop cutting-edge scientists. And an important symbol of technological and cultural power is to be able to independently develop great thinkers and scientists with world influence. Then, Japan's achievement is how to get?

     Second, the emperor queen in the palace grand meeting Einstein

    To become a country of science and technology power, is an

    extremely important factors: people with love science and promoting science became the core values of the society as a whole. The secret of

    Japan as the power of science and technology is one of the mass line, first of all to cultivate the public's passion for science. Let us from a century ago Einstein's visit to Japan.

     Japan is the only Asian countries invited Einstein to give lectures. Einstein at the beginning of last century puts forward a new perspective, on a completely different from the traditional understanding of space and time, his theory stir the whole of the European and American science. However, as Einstein proposed the theory of relativity is too abstract, don't speak for the common people, is the time of the many great scientists thought can also be difficult to understand the relativity. In Einstein's words, only less than ten scientists around the world can really enough to understand his theory.

     Although Einstein's theory is influential, but because can't be confirmed through the experiment, the Nobel committee has not awarded him the on behalf of the scientific community of the highest honor award. Later, a number of world famous scientists put forward to the Nobel committee, if you don't grant Einstein Nobel Prize, the credibility of the award will be discounted in the world, even would be a shame of the scientific community. Is under the pressure, the Nobel committee decided to put the physics prize awarded to Einstein in 1921. But Einstein won over, because at that time, a famous German physicist and firmly opposed to racial discrimination, the Nobel committee gave

    Einstein was the winning statement down not released, had been dragged announced until the following year.

     Although Einstein famous in Europe and the us because the communication is not developed, however, with traditional Asian countries lack of modern science and technology, so the children of the east who do not know much about Einstein is also mostly, more do not know the significance of his theory of relativity. Yet distant Japanese everything duck prophet, first learn the value of Einstein's. In the last century in the early 20 s, they will send senior officials seeking to Germany, Einstein to Japan to give lectures, please. This is Einstein's life only one visit to Asia, he passed through several Asian countries, stayed in Palestine, Singapore, Shanghai and other places.

     Japan is the country's head of state level etiquette to reception of Einstein, the emperor and empress was met with Einstein in the palace. Einstein also have one more other foreign heads of state also enjoy less than treatment, was when he came to the palace, there has been gathered tens of thousands of spontaneous coming popular masses, cheering for him. Is the jews who lived in Germany, Einstein, when Germany's rejection of the jews the atmosphere was very strong, so, Einstein in the honour of Japan was flattered to himself, but also by the Japanese people make track for a star crazy laugh. He told Mrs Coming together: "no man alive in the world deserve such treatment. I'm afraid

    we is cheater, will end up in jail." As you can see from the Albert Einstein's words, the Japanese Einstein is regarded as is higher than the heads of state status.

     Three, Japanese for science "weird fever" startled Einstein

     Einstein and his lecture success in Japan, also obtained the considerable economic returns. He in Tokyo

     First lecture, nearly 2500 people to buy tickets to attend, then in several cities held seminars, almost all the roof. Japan, in accordance with the ticket to Einstein's commission income, finally gave him a total of 2000 pounds paying gigs. This number is large sum at the time. According to the exchange rate, more than 1 pounds 2 dollars. At that time, the Nobel Prize in physics one for one year, Einstein received more than $30000 in bonuses, now the Nobel Prize in physics is more than 100 dollars a year. That is to say, Einstein to give lectures in Japan for five weeks, earn about $5000, about one 6 of the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in physics today, in full, is about more than $20.

     The Japanese people's passion for science is unique, can say to the extent of the incomprehensible. Einstein in German speaking, and then translated into Japanese, in Tokyo

     The first game of the speech, a total lasted four hours. Einstein felt feel sorry, he thought that his theory is abstract, and language communication barriers, it is in the torture the audience. So he decided

    to compress the following the content of the speech, as a result, the second shortened to three hours. After his speech, however, Einstein was aware of Japanese host face is wrong, I get to know that the second lecture organising people being scolded, the audience complained why time to shorten the speech. Einstein was an Epiphany, the Japanese original such alternative! So he in order to satisfy the audience, in a speech later try to drag time too long. The Japanese audience didn't understand and he didn't care, only their own money to buy tickets, think the more appreciate the charm of science master soon more


     Japanese Einstein infatuated, some of their strange behavior also let the einsteins startled. Einstein came to Tokyo

     The next day, early in the morning he and his wife love she opened the door of the balcony a balcony, downstairs blocks sounded the cheers of the crowd, this surprise him, standing on the street outside the original hotel more than one thousand people, they've been there for the night, hope to be able to see the appearance of the scientific star. In more than one hundred years ago in Japan, science has so to sink in, and it is not hard to understand Japan today's scientific and technological achievements.

     The trip to Japan to Einstein left a deep and good impression, warm and modest, he felt that the Japanese are able to understand the beauty and thought.

     In Einstein's visit to Japan is less than 30 years, Japan has zero breakthrough. In 1949, Kyoto

     At the university of yukawa won the Nobel Prize in physics. This shows a truth, have love science mass base, who won the Nobel Prize may be accidental, but are necessarily producing world-class scientists.

     Four, Einstein by China

     In China, the May 4th movement shouted out the slogan of "science and saving the nation", the Chinese people also realized the importance of science to nation's future. Beijing university President CAI yuanpei's then prior to learn of Einstein's visit to Japan by the Chinese embassy in Germany to Einstein's formal invitation, hope he can drop by to give lectures at Peking University. In late June 1922, CAI yuanpei received from Chinese embassy in Germany to Einstein's letter, the letter after Einstein readily agreed to visit Japan, to do two weeks to visit Peking University, and puts forward the high fee required.

     CAI yuanpei finally through a variety of efforts to raise enough money, he eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Einstein, and north side and do a lot of propaganda work. But by New Year's day 1923, CAI yuanpei received Einstein on December 22, letter from Japan, told time

    he plans to visit China in Japan to give lectures, because here also visit to Spain, to cancel the trip to Peking University. CAI yuanpei and pku disappointment.

     As a result, Einstein and China. He is on the way from Japan, two times after Shanghai, but two added up to no more than three days. Later, CAI yuanpei also personally invited to Europe Einstein, he is not sincerity moved by Einstein, invite the scientific star lecture will never come true. Einstein didn't come to China to give lectures, I believe, the real reason, I'm afraid he pass by Shanghai for the first time the look and feel of the, think at that time, China's mass base is still interested in science. Einstein in his travel diary, there is a similar expression.

     In Einstein's eyes, at that time the Chinese people do not yet have science consciousness, not interested in his theory. If Einstein before going to Japan without Shanghai, did not feel the real social status in China, he may be under the kind invitation of CAI yuanpei came to China. But then again, if you don't have a love of science of mass base, only the national elite such as CAI yuanpei, even Einstein spoke to Peking University to learn, will work again?

     Five, the sense of crisis is the Japanese fanatical catalyst in science

     Make the Japanese craze for scientific reason is various, one of them is Japanese strong sense of crisis, I have a feeling about this.

     On January 15, 2015, I a person in the office writing, suddenly heard someone knocking at the door, "MAO MAO" outside as my "come in" voices came in for a Japanese couple, behind also follow a Chinese girl. Entered the two Japanese bow apology "excuse me, excuse me". They see my door with a "why doesn't China out of jobs" after the cover of the book, is very interested in this issue, said the Japanese is also should think about this question, so want to see the author.

     They stay time is very short, give me a picture taken, leave a name card, I hope I have the chance to go to Japan. Man is a professor at the university of Japan's international upbringing, graduated from the university of California, Berkeley, name is marina ichiro.

     To my surprise not met the two Japanese intruders, but Chinese (including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, China Taiwan, mainland China) and the comparison of the Japanese. I have posted the book the cover of the photo on the outside of the office four or five months, how many teachers and students to see, but no one said they were interested in, more no one come into my office and I talk about this topic. The Japanese science and technology, the world's leading than other Asian countries, however, their citizens have maintained such reflection spirit and self awareness, really is gorgeous!

     In fact, in the entrepreneurial process of jobs, apple's several core technological inventions are Japanese. IPod, for example, the chip is

    Toshiba's invention, bought for $10 million jobs the patent, the product has saved the fate of the company, for the last decade in his life laid the foundation.

     Technological gap is visible, the gap on the consciousness is hard to detect. If you don't close the gap between consciousness, however, not only to reduce the technological gap, even to expand.

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