Eliminate pigmentation, what should you do

By Scott Johnson,2015-12-03 09:04
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Eliminate pigmentation, what should you do

    Eliminate pigmentation, what should you do?

    Eliminate pigmentation, what should you do?

    Cause color heavy exogenous factors include:

    1, the environment, such as air pollution led to the ozone hole to produce large amounts of ultraviolet radiation our skin directly, and the human body in order to avoid the skin cells from oxidation, produce melanin, which leads to the formation of a sink color shading.

    2, food, our skin nutrition mainly comes from the blood, and blood nutrient is appropriate for cell survival is dependent on the quality of the physical, alkaline substances can neutralize acid meat, grains, and alkaline environment can accelerate the metabolism.Alkaline food: fresh fruits and vegetables, raw garlic, milk, tea, soy products, pig blood, black fungus, kelp, etc.

    Level 3, cosmetic skin cleanness, because the cosmetics contains chemicals and heavy metals such as lead, if improper cleaning the pigmentation.

    4, special physical and emotional, and women during menstruation, pregnancy hormone stimulation of progesterone secretion in the human body will be increased, therefore, will cause discoloration or splash.

    5, mosquito bites, or trauma healing after leaving black markings.

    6, after laser treatment of improper care (moisturizing sunscreen is not timely), laser treatment of convalescence after excessive friction of inflammatory color heavy.

    More than 2 for color heavy specific treatment measures as follows:

    1, select the appropriate quality assured French PG cream for processing

    2, can joint control melanin formation, and can accelerate the metabolism of cells.

    3, treatment, pay attention to isolate stimuli.

    4, drug iontophoresis.

    3 pigmentation prevention measures:

    1, the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, E, for example, lichee, watermelon, cucumber, spinach,Carrots, rapeseed oil, chicken liver, etc

    2, light food and drugs should choose to eat in the evening. 3, "insulation shade" as far as possible in the life. 4, moisturizing sunscreen, avoid products containing ingredients. 5, and plenty of sleep.

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