Tomorrow's edge most like movies of the game

By Tracy Harper,2015-12-03 03:22
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Tomorrow's edge most like movies of the game

    "Tomorrow's edge" most like movies of the game

    Say first this title, is really is quite different from samsara to kill, "tomorrow the edge" film less intense the tangle of life and death not servant, but also did not reflect film actor again and again in the space and time cycle of recruit, so it make people puzzled.Film adaptation of the Japanese writer light novel cycle to kill, a Hollywood play through high-tech transfer film itself is full of charm.

    The film and the x-men: reverse the future through the way of some spirit likeness, the former is the road to the future is cyclic, purpose is to destroy the alien brain omega.While the latter is playing through back to the past, also in the past to rewrite history, avoid killing, rational for peace.The former is more like is the real version of the stage game, the

    writer is writing a game player, how to avoid the hero commander cage in dead crisis briefly power back to the reality.

    The narrative of the film is very novel, it in the wisdom of writers to force, of course, some pieces in the cage the countless times of rebirth constantly repeat, some are too repetitive and excess, of course, if not so, seem to be unable to link up and down, easy to relatively abrupt feeling to the audience.Film is actually cage in time and space of short circuit ability, through consciousness through, predict the future results.And opponents seem to be always in the dark peep stupid human, so as to disrupt their plans, in an attempt to quickly eliminate the human of opportunity.Has the ability and cage and rita, just rita didn't have the power of that vision, and the task entrusted to cage.

    Cage as a lieutenant colonel is no combat capability, the battle is hard bound to participate in the future, this in itself is enough, fortunately cage of foresee and modify my own shortcomings, and full of combat effectiveness, rewrite the fate of human beings.Nakedness film two clues, one is cage themselves in order to avoid being killed in war and rebirth resumption of fighting, the other is how to in the hyperspace sense the presence of the enemy first omega.So the actual situation, frame of film unique sight.

    About Tom cruise's performance, actually a soup has been very professional ethics, there are some landslide popularity in recent years,

    but no one decides to prevent it from becoming a good actor.In the soup is a low-key person, high-profile way, although the handsome face had been kill pig knife in the years trace, but there is no erase elan.It is easy to think of as handsome Andy lau as soup, they very love this movie, almost all have been working hard to shoot good word-of-mouth box office film.A soup with charismatic role change from the movie, did magic of lieutenant colonel, and fall, the failure sample for deserters was bombed in the battle was deeply, finally change into energetic salvation hero.There is no doubt that the move of the soup has let go of the past play handsome, fully integrated into the role of false and didn't let a person feel affectation, realized that he was in the heart of the character, regardless of the image, as a new branch of reshaping itself.Feel a soup in Hollywood, one-and two-family houses and old macho superheroes to the expendables bask in gay love, nor and Hugh jackman they go to the "x-men" big cool, certainly not and little Robert downey jr. Rob "iron man", actually a soup is looking for his own alternative breakthrough, it seems the edge tomorrow let him have the chance to turnaround.

    Mecha naturally want to dazzle the equipment, it seems to have become Hollywood display signs, from "the ring", "heaven" and "robocop", "iron man" and so on in the film we saw all kinds of high-tech crystallization, and the "edge of tomorrow" cage equipment is also no repeat, only the positive response to the future high-tech developed

    style, all intelligence, only just a finger press.Seemingly clumsy and not flexible, but still fully equipped, open fire, the superior function, is unambiguous when necessary.

    Fried movie alien omega's lair, although there is no more strength, but I still like the atomic bomb, power is dye-in-the-wood.Cage to return to reality, met a woman man rita, everything seems like nothing had happened, the only is still so tough guy is handsome man, woman or so a pistol.We seem to see the "x-men: reverse the future" of another version, so you are still there.

    The film is undoubtedly the most like the movie of the game, simply think is a recruit game, but it's not, full of science fiction film thick connotations.Can like inception burn the plot of the brain, and like a lot of science fiction to snoot explosion, all kinds of control, it seems the tomorrow's edge were meant to be trying to curry favor with the audience, charming quality both inside and outside.

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