Super body the goddess of women man silly points not clear

By Alma Dunn,2015-12-02 19:20
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Super body the goddess of women man silly points not clear

"Super body" : the goddess of women man

silly points not clear

    The super bodyEnglish name is "LUCY", starring with scarlett

    johansson, as its name, very sexy.In fact, the biggest selling point is also a beauty to become "super girls", although this is not herFor the first time,Change the "superman", but this time she will definitely face plus 3 surround the advantage of girder of the film, a hard become seconds kill all comic book hero sexy woman man ", so the film's beautiful.See the steel strapping fellow muscle, who don't want to look sexy stunner fight alone split leg hip?

     split leg hip does have a plot in the film and performance is very direct, scarlett seduce watch a play is very attractive, not to mention the goddess when running the quivered almost garment of the sweater.We usually see in films of scarlett is almost always a vase too sexy, and this time she has a big change is the role of, from the beginning of jing younger sister to a brain can recognize their potential variants of the goddess, the director has designed for her the call should not every day to the grievances of the ineffective, small revenge leng yan play the outbreak of the universe, just cool fight scene, through the ancient and modern knowledge explore the scene, is to let her in the film is a search, but also let the audience the audience eye addiction.

    But the film is not just a virtuoso performance of the goddess, said the only director in telling the story at the same time meet the needs of some of the visual animals, the director has a higher pursuit.The film tells

    a deep like the universe, like all things complicated story, so some are meet the visual demand of the audience to get a deeper spiritual pursuit back or should baidu imagine.Because in addition to do the film the film, did discover what to do, it contains a lot about space science, biology, philosophy, so I suggest a digest so muchThe letterAmount of interest, can go to see it again, be prepared and see there will be a different feeling.Here, suddenly understand film in North America of word of mouth is very general, but the box office is 126 million, and it is big nowScience fictionPieces are fraught with the present moment, presumablyThe United StatesThe audience also have a lot of to brush twice.Film in domestic theaters this month 24, do not want to brush twice can imagine in advance.

    The super body"Rhythm is very fast, because want to in the 90 minutes, so many high-tech way, also can't ignore the main form of the film language, it's comprehension and control of director has a high requirement.Luc bessonIsn't a love to play with advanced director, his works seem even some prick silk, but he is very understand packaging.With its violence is, if the circumstances are also consistent black humor.He rooted cuiIs ecru, very little dialogue, entirely on symbolic acting characterizes a gang leader, his play more give prize, in the piece has reached into the station height is covered in play.Morgan freemanIs the role of the window, he played the old scientist feeling

    letting a person, no matter what kind words from his mouth so credible are so reasonable, this is both a character and nature blend flawless.Relatively speaking, in the second half of the film appeared relatively weak for police, although it is only a more positive and integrity of the characters, really is a soy sauce, the man and didn't, no meat, their gunsactionCan not a pistol, luc besson let his appearance just want to caution to the audience in the end, you look so comfortable, don't forget it is madeinFrench and goddess in the film only a kiss to him...Ok, you go to the flexible wall!

    Director luc besson is a shrewd, is always to make money to do great things, small investment, quick results with popular words is described, filming the highest ratio of who?Luc besson's chicken thieves."The super body"A $40 million investment, cost has been back to North America, also a small surplus, this issue is basically no this business overseas.So the question comes, from North America so long to hit, will be in the audience to see it through other channels, affect the box office?How to say, after the introduction for the box office is not good news, but let's assume that it is good at home, after all, we can see in theaters a year have certain level of Hollywood movies so much, so the domestic friends still and watch and cherish!

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