NFC life quietly changed by them

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NFC life quietly changed by them

    NFC: life quietly changed by them

    Without WiFi, point a LED light can surf the Internet.Fudan university school of computer science and technology recently said in a news release, has developed a signal transmission network communication technology using visible light inside house LiFi (LightFidelity, visible light communication).Researchers will network signal into a 1 w LED lamp

    bead, light four computers can get to the Internet, the highest rate of 3.25 G, Internet rate reached an average of 150 m, is the world's fastest "lights" online.This month, 10 prototype will debut in 2013 Shanghai GongBoHui.

    LiFi when out of the lab into our daily life, the problem does not have the answer, but from the perspective of a LiFi available news cause attention, WiFi, LiFi, ensure that our hands intelligent terminals and network anytime and anywhere to keep connection of the short distance wireless communication technology, it has become as important and sunlight, air and water, and use the latest online jokes to express, that is "in the latest maslow's demand theory, the human WiFi has firmly occupy the bottom of the pyramid".

    Hundreds of miles of short distance wireless communication, referring to the small scope to provide wireless communication technologies, such as we are most familiar with WiFi, infrared, bluetooth, NFC, WiGig, ZigBee, etc are also included in this hot technology.In mobile cellular networks are from 3 g to 4 g today, short distance communication technology are also developing and evolution, including the evolution of communication protocols from 802.11 to 802.11 n ac, bluetooth 4.0 technology rapid popularization, to WiGig the large-scale promotion, as well as the NFC mature...In more and more interconnected,

    as it were, under the impetus of the application requirements, short distance wireless communication technology is, reveal a thriving, booming trend.

    Brush check-in mobile payment, mobile phones, laptops and television broadcast...These are the fashion life scenes of the Internet.Applied on the surface of these is due to the rapid development of intelligent terminal, and actually never leave behind the ubiquitous wireless network support, especially as indoor application scenarios and more terminals sharing demand increases, including WiFi, bluetooth, WiGig, ZigBee, NFC, short distance wireless communication technology is rapid development, provide strong support for a new generation of Internet life.

    WiFi and fastest WiGig not only faster

    Wi-fi technology is from the current, the world has been widely applied to gate into the gigabit rate of 802.11 802.11 n ac development.It is understood that the current mainstream chip manufacturers and terminal manufacturers have begun to 802.11 ac power, in 2014, equipped with 802.11 the terminal of ac technology and equipment will be put into market, large-scale became dominant.

    "What's your WiFi password?"This sentence in 2013 during the Spring Festival widely circulated on weibo, many regrets, this sentence has replaced the daily greetings, as relatives or friends home visit said after the first sentence.At the same time, we also found that the more family dinner, party, they often talk to each other is now looking down.As a result have a netizen, "the furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but I sat in front of you, you are looking at the phone."In fact, the actual situation is far more than that, "looking down" phenomenon, and because of this phenomenon caused numerous chord and regrets, reflecting the actual situation is, people are more and more habits and rely on mobile Internet, wish you anytime and anywhere by the emotion and demands of access networks has never been so strong.

    However, in daily life, although we have not WiFi, but few people can explain exactly what WiFi?

    WiFi is Wireless Fidelity, literal translation for "Wireless Fidelity", is used in offices and homes of short distance Wireless communication technology.The technology using near 2.4 GHz frequency for

    communication, the band is not currently licensed wireless spectrum.In other words: don't money, literally.

    As "veteran" in the short distance wireless communication

    technology, the WiFi has experienced four updates, the fifth generation

    of wi-fi standard is on the horizon."802.11 ac chipset will soon become the leading product", the technical director GregEnnis wi-fi alliance that starting this year, combined with the fourth generation of 802.11 n and fifth generation 802.11 ac double-frequency standard chipset will gradually dominated, WiGig technology in the future will also be added into 802.11 ac.As a new generation of wi-fi standard, 802.11 ac is step by step towards dominance.

    802.11 ac has been described as the fifth generation of WiFi, work in the 5 GHZ band, the theory of transmission speed is expected to reach to 1 GBPS, is 802.11 n300Mbps speeds of more than 3 times, therefore, it is also known as gigabit WiFi.Compared with the current widely used 802.11 n, 802.11 ac greatly increase in the rate, not just on the network capacity also increased, this means that can have more equipment can eliminate the "collision" and connect to the network.At the same time, since 802.11 with double-frequency compatibility, can make it in 802.11 n and 802.1 ac switching of the two standards.Professional agency predicted that by 2016 or 2017, with 802.11 n and 802.11 ac chipset will become mainstream.And under the support of chips, more and more terminals and equipment manufacturers to launch 802.11 ac products, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, routers, adapter, gateways and so on.At present, companies are introduced, including cisco and huawei, mature 802.11 ac enterprise application solutions.In the future, with the

    development of mobile Internet and cloud computing, 802.11 ac will achieve greater as in the enterprise market.

    If the WiFi technology as the absolute main force for short distance communication family so WiGig is undoubtedly represents the Wi technology of tomorrow.WiGig technology theory of 60 GHZ, running frequency peak can reach 7 GBPS, this means that it will be faster than the wi-fi technology currently widely used in more than ten times that in just a few seconds to large capacity video transmission between mobile intelligent terminal, is no longer a dream.

    In 2013, made the WiGig specification WiGig alliance with wi-fi alliance announced a merger."The wi-fi alliance and combining the professional knowledge of the WiGig alliance will provide a good user experience, and help ensure as soon as possible a comprehensive interoperability WiGig solutions to the market."Wi-fi alliance, CEO and President of Edgar figueroa for merger of the two explains is presented.As a matter of fact, relying on the wi-fi alliance in the global widespread influence and strong technical strength, the merger will undoubtedly have a huge role to the development of WiGig.

    "WiGig certification product will be launched in 2014, held recently in Beijing the 14th conference wireless technology and application in China, the wi-fi alliance technical director GregEnnis passed this information.He

    revealed that the wi-fi alliance and merger WiGig alliance has been completed, the first interoperability certification program will be launched in 2014, after the certification of product will be able to realize and WiFi WiGig automatic switching."WiGigCERTIFIED" will be the future through the product certification certification program brand, at the same time, the certification logo design have also been completed.

    Technology experts point out that, compared with WiFi, WiGig technology will have wide prospect of market.Broad popularization and use of digital multimedia content, to promote the industry to continuous innovation of wireless connection, the market for high speed, high capacity and low delay transmission needs, promote the can be added with traditional wi-fi WiGig technology development.According to relevant statistics show that by 2017, combined with 802.11 n, 802.11 ac and WiGig three frequency chipset will become mainstream.

    Predictably, 2014 shall be open WiGig times a year.And with the high speed transmission, and with the WiFi, bluetooth and other technical characteristics of the automatic switching, under the push of the wi-fi alliance, WiGig application could usher in a vigorous development.

    RFID and NFC mobile payment from exchange of intelligence

    Because the NFC has natural security, NFC chips in addition to the mutual communication and computing function, can also introduce the function of encryption.Therefore, NFC technology in mobile payment soon find their application scenarios, mobile payment to make it shine, at the same time, the technology is to permeate broader areas.

    A mention NFC (near field communication), many people's first reaction is "mobile payment".

    Indeed, after the NFC is combined with mobile phones, can be used as a non-contact smart card, smart card read and write device terminal and M2M data transmission link.In this way, the mobile phone has the function of payment, the most simple example is to brush mobile phone on the subway, which have been in Shanghai for many years of history.According to the survey, the global mobile payment transaction scale forecast by $2012 in 171.5 billion, growth in 2016 to $617 billion.Behind them, the NFC technology.

    Speaking of NFC, had to mention it "relatives" RFID (RadioFrequency Identification, RFID).Accurately, NFC is developed on the basis of RFID, NFC and RFID is not too big difference from the essence, are based on the geographical position close signal transmission between two objects.The subtle difference is that NFC technology increase the point to point communication function, namely the NFC device can find each

    other and to establish communication links, and people on both sides of the RFID communication equipment is a master-slave relationship.

    In the eyes of technical experts, compared with RFID technology, NFC have closer, the advantages of high bandwidth, low energy consumption.First of all, NFC is only limited to 13.56 MHz band, and has low frequency, high frequency and uhf RFID frequency multiple frequency bands.Second, NFC working range is less than 10 cm, has the very high security - you brush in mobile money, always want a side of no other device can receive relevant accounting information.Again, NFC compatible with existing contactless smart card technology, so a lot of manufacturers and related groups support NFC, and RFID standards, unity is more complicated.Finally, RFID more be applied on the production, logistics, tracking, asset management, while NFC in areas such as access control, bus, mobile payment plays a huge role.More importantly, NFC can realize mutual authentication and dynamic encryption function, make sure the safety of users.

    Although mobile payment has given rise to NFC, look to the future, the former is only one of its application.Due to have privacy and two-way transmission at the same time, the industry is to apply NFC space expanding.For example, when the NFC mobile phone is very close, documents and other content can pass between the mobile phone.This

    feature is useful for sites requires collaboration, but sometimes it can also act as the role of the people do not want to be found, in June 2010 Russian espionage case was reported in the United States, at that time a total of 10 russians was arrested by the United States, is charged with illegal to steal information.According to reveal details of the media, in the delivery of information, the Russian spy is usually will each phone stalks - you probably have guessed, yes, they use, is the mobile phones have NFC function.

    Transfer information, of course, only a "non-mainstream" NFC mobile phones function, with diversified NFC application, NFC appeared in more and more consumer electronics products, including television, remote controls, game consoles, etc.All sorts of NFC technology application products also appeared, such as SONY has launched a have NFC function of waterproof watch wisdom.Chip maker broadcom optimistically predict that in the next five years, support NFC device will break through 3.5 billion.Maybe in the near future, we can use at home to support NFC smart phones and smart TV for each other, will be shown on cell phone video transmission to the TV screen.

    In the technology improved at the same time, our market can grow?In the practical application of NFC, markets seem to have a lot of way to go.Here we paid in China mobile NFC mobile phones, for example,

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