Little shoes

By Nicole Edwards,2015-12-02 10:48
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Little shoes

    Little shoes

    I often have a feeling, there is a film I think I am understand, I think I see have feeling very much, but then to thumb through "deep" reading of some scholars, critics, at some point, I feel like I was a pig.In order to make himself not a pig, I have been don't dare to look at our scholar's articles, so I have been think, better understanding of the movie shallow.Because some scholars and researchers in cannot clarify a question for you, they often choose to make you confused.

    As a result, I have been thinking about it I can't, don't like them in the comments - especially when they are in the film a movie, a lot of piled up those affected, like the text is not garbage as metaphysics as the movie says (for example, they often use "Freud's" self ", "I" "superego" interpretation of the law, make me mad), can I use that a few simple words to express my feeling after watching the film.

    The feeling of watching the film, must be is a little sweet, purification, and obtained some hope to confront the difficulties, I think this is a good movie can give a person warmth and care.

    Have to mention, this is a lot of people have seen the first produced in Iran, may also be a lot of people have seen only a film made in Iran.I believe that after watching the film, the audience will get a kind of purification, and, more importantly, the film to purify and sweet feeling, is no traces.

    Simple and naive, plot shu ping are calm, I believe that this style of the film is not a few, but in the Iranian film, no traces, the naive so touching.Have no gorgeous, but less impressive unforgettable.

    Think about the child's and children's films I have ever seen is one of the many, France's "les choristes", the "Yangtze river seven" of Hong Kong, Japan's "howl's moving castle" my neighbor totoro, "Hollywood" charlotte's web "the sound of music" Charlie and the chocolate factory ", "harry potter" series, "home alone", "August rush", "toy story" series, "the monsters, inc.", etc., if need to mention my unhappy childhood, "batman Zhang Ga" or something that has the Chinese characteristic extremely the child's are included, I can be sure, in all of Iran's "little shoes" gave me the most sweet feeling and hope.I believe it is also a kind of can't have been able to trace continuously give a person warmth, the excellent films continue to purify the heart.

    Back to the film itself, of course, "little shoes", of course, first of all is a movie about children's world, but to me the adult, it reflected as if in another world contains more and more significance.

    First, the story of the environment I personally feel mysterious but very strange islamic living environment, I see is the simplicity and kindness with hope.They believe Allah bless them all in all, they will be giving to people, to help people.They love life, love life, even though in our opinion they live in poverty.Actually, we are always very

    easy with the feeling a kind of feelings of compassion to family poverty, that's the pot calls the kettle black ignorant and self-righteousness, is what big joke.

    To say the topic, we in addition to some money (rest assured, must be a penny), a good-looking GDP, what have we?We have a wealth?We still have

    happiness?Beautiful but distant have a egg in GDP, we already broke.There is no doubt.So, in such circumstances, in his own country has the world's fastest GDP and the richest of the government, but we feel a little bit of happiness under this situation, we look at the film's feelings could be more warm and purification, because we have long lost the warmth of humanity.

    So, I believe that the people around me say, this movie changed or determine the position of a nation in his heart.I also am impressed, before watching "3 idiots", I also think a movie can be a country the best promotion.Is not that gorgeous or not.The glory of the human nature, is better than all the gorgeous decoration.

    So in a world full of love, full of the warmth of human nature, the story of ali and Sarah found discarded shoes, when they want to claim back only to find that the child's father was blind.Although they have only a pair of shoes, but they think the little girl is more need this pair of shoes, they can only looked at the girl happy pure smiling face silently walk home.Until the little girl to buy a new pair of shoes, Sarah didn't tell her shoes.Although the shoes have been mom as poor lost little girl.The child's heart is so pure love.

    Of course, the film seems to reflect the adult world is also so.Think of ali's father, think about the kids live in villa and his grandpa, well for Sarah out of the shoe store owner...And Sarah in elder brother's shoes to go to school on the first day, she is shy at first, she wore a pair of old shoes don't fit me, she put her feet deep hiding in the back of the students.(and that day may be a coincidence, you can understand as a coincidence, but anyway, everything is so good) the teacher praised her, perhaps the shoe sports

    lesson is should be.Sara immediately blossom a smile on her face.Although the children dashed, but after all is just a child.Pure and simple.

    Another thing I feel very have feelings, although the film contrast the difference between rich and poor, you can say "little shoes" is the story of the poor, but it is not a poor show.It is clean and pure as the wisdom of the people, hope, positive.Facing the predicament, the children never upset, frustrated, they have their own through the smart way, and in this process, so warm reflects the humanity.

    Also may be religious, reflected in the movie a serene happiness of a good faith.To the life of the world is full of confidence and optimism, ali's father is always looking for better tomorrow, so he for his hope to work on.Finally he earned money for wife and children to buy the things they want.Ali has always wanted to give his sister a pair of new shoes, his every opportunity to fight for life.So he won for long distance race, and in winning a championship.And Sarah?She lost her only a pair of shoes, but is full of confidence, think brother will give her new shoes.

    Finally, on the day of the game ali dad finally earned money for two children have bought a new shoes.To this, I can be sure, this is a quiet hope and warmth to the person the confidence of the film.

    The film seems to tell us that the world is like that, they was always supposed to be like that.

    Today, standing in the crowd, in the materialism as the values of today's China, the better shoes, we will again some think that once the innocence of childhood?

    The English name of the film is children of heaven, I think, in a simple and sincere love of children, children with hope to life, if a child lives with plain of humanity, is the paradise of children.

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