Eight kinds of the most easily get in postpartum depression pregnant mothers

By Frances Brooks,2015-12-02 08:48
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Eight kinds of the most easily get in postpartum depression pregnant mothers

    Eight kinds of the most easily get in postpartum depression

    pregnant mothers

    About "postpartum depression", is generally understand it: of postpartum depression primarily brief emotional disorder, characterized by from short low mood to accompanied by severe depression, anxiety and fear for the baby and her husband's indifference and hostility, and sleep disorders.Although it is just what's happening in postpartum, but lurking the inducing factors of postpartum depression during pregnancy.Now, mom and dad are together to get to know.

    TOP1. Not ready "motherhood"psychologicalTo prepare the

    There are a lot of such a situation, the couple did not originally intend to children, but inadvertentlypregnancy.Moreover, due to various reasons not him.Although in this case, the child is decided to, but he come all of a sudden, to let people unprepared, especially the child's mother.At this time of the pregnant mother during pregnancy well if can do, accept motherhood soon this emergency, so still in time.

    But some do not decide to expectant mothers, the entire pregnancy period to hesitate whether to don't leave the child, the late pregnancy to worry, 'do this without premise of eugenic and superior nurture kids' will have defects.So, don't give yourself a little room to allow yourself to digest the fact that 'going to be a mother.So after the child is born, rattled by novice mother, in the face of children crying, in the face of have children after all the trivial, suffer from 'postpartum depression was not a bit strange!

    Ranked by. The mind is not mature

    Although for a married, but his mind is not mature, also need someone to take care of the woman, might risk of postpartum depression will far more than a mature woman.Why is that?

    A himself like a child, how can accept sudden role reversal, appropriately to immediately become a dab hand ing mother?No matter because can't accept such a role reversal, or worry you can do a good mother, these can be to the advantage of postpartum depression.

    TOP3. Love lost his temper, sulking

    Some women would love to sulk, love small temper, when he can't think calmly, but blindly to drill into the deep end.If such women in confined to meet what unhappy things, in the environment of the oppressed, it is easy to postpartum depression.

    At the end of the day, or has to do with character.So sometimes need a man to understand a little bit about the the condition also, if I have such a character's wife in the home, don't stimulate her after the wife pregnant, as far as possible to follow her, personality to change is not an easy thing, but if got postnatal depression in postpartum confined this critical moment, it's a little bit trouble.

    TOP4. Relationship is not very good

    Some couples love originally is not very good, but for some reason have to live together, then don't listen to anyone else or the experiences of elders, with the children to break the impasse between husband and wife.

    At this time, should think of some way to improve the relationship, thickening of the affection between husband and wife, then consider having children, otherwise, backfire, for adults and children, is a kind of damage.Have such a husband and wife, one thousand pin their hopes on their children, have children, couple relationship and without any help, but lead to the relationship continued to deteriorate because of the children.Due to the hope that the greater the disappointment, the greater the really will be very depressed, not to mention just a test, the woman gave birth to a child, in such a mood extremely bad situation, it is very easy to suffer from postpartum depression.

    TOP5. The old woman daughter-in-law relationship

    Old woman daughter-in-law relation, every family to face the problem, just have light weight.Lili, women's physical and mental is very fragile, by this time some small common small dispute, can let her feel unbearable.In old woman daughter-in-law relation was not well, you can also go to analyze who to who wrong, but in a very period, right and wrong, seems to have is not very important.Not equal to put down everything is a feud, through this period of very to say again first!There are, of course, not to say that the female life child is very great, everything to her first, no matter right or wrong to her.This is just to matter theory of matter.

    TOP6. For children with gender discrimination

    Hard gestation, and gave birth to him (her), who know heel oneself hoped too different, mood suddenly fell to the bottom, worry, uneasy, depressed, upset, and so on a lot of emotion in their heart, postpartum depression is slowly close.

    TOP7. Worry about transient everydayness

    Now rising prices, everything is expensive, the child was born, because of concerns about children milk powder, diapers, nutritional support and mom suffer from postpartum depression are abundant.Combined with the reliability of all kinds of food is too low now, one not careful this nutrition milk powder that can be a problem, reasoned, anniversary, worry about this, worried that people become agitated, irritable.This is the basic symptoms of postpartum depression.

    TOP8. Don't sleep well

    Many mammy, day or night bring your own children, prone to injustice, be agitated, irritable mood, even in a busy and lonely night early in the morning, produce hatred and innocent baby to her husband.

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