Anne hathaway beauty also efforts is your fault

By Calvin Wagner,2015-12-02 02:17
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Anne hathaway beauty also efforts is your fault

    Anne hathaway: beauty also efforts is your


    Remember the "XXX microblog hot at that time the get out of the entertainment circle"?Receive this treatment have Yang mi, shanshan, li-ying zhao yuan.In the United States, there are also a receiving such treatment actress, she held a small plum don't get ugly for Oscar, being black is "Yang mi, USA", she is Anne hathaway.

    It is hard to imagine why someone hates Anne hathaway.

    Middle-class family background, education, acting recognized at the time since childhood.Sweet, but prefer to challenge myself good actor...It looks perfect lady to bother with specially wrote an article to discuss the New York times "do we really hate to Anne hathaway?"

    About her all the way very well, every play like straight chuo audience g-spot, so even if americans are discussing whether everybody hate her at the same time, we still buy tickets to watch the film starring her.

    The princess diaries when, how many girls had an ugly duckling become a swan's dream

    Beautiful Anne hathaway also quickly,

    At that time, a lot of people are talking about, she and Audrey Hepburn, somewhat similar

    Curly hair and glasses does not detract from her beauty But change the old terrier still can try

    But obviously she didn't care for a successful film created for her almost like business card image

    She made a failed in cinemas "through the woman", The play the role of the foul-mouthed, rebellion

    "Brokeback mountain" in her as the main cannon fodder wife man,

    Partner jake gyllenhaal, large-scale performances for the first time

    But the film is the most memorable in this shape...

    The blond hair modelling commentary ruchao evil, I'm afraid that later in les miserables,

    Anne hathaway three weeks can lose weight 16 jins, play the part of the old dress up as ugly,

    But absolutely not blonde, so was demanding us netizens black a wave

On "the queen" was Anne hathaway fashion shows

    Don't understand why the director to let her play that kind of not fashionable, but being abandon the ugly duckling

    In her no matter what to wear fabulous, it really makes sense?

    But it's really very suitable for women, not only can see dazzling beauty brand clothing,

    Also can let a person want to have a good job...

    "Becoming Jane Austen" when she intentionally imitate the British accent

    These efforts, however, a lot of people think too deliberate

    So she was black

    And jake gyllenhaal second cooperation of "love and other drugs", it was, it was a wonderful!

    At the appearance level can lu ten thousand times

    I know the plot is very tired,

    Sick woman and flower heart man from one night to true love story of China's big jinjiang tortuous bizarre than this

    But the men and women is to let people stop

    Anne hathaway in large-scale performances, but the film did not bring any praise for her.She is still in Oscar talk-show self-mockery: somebody else took off, off so many times I have nothing.

     Les miserables earned her an Oscar

    But the American people abandon her singing is not good

    In her talk show explosive Revelations, dirty words and gestures fly together

    The people of the United States said, don't pretend you are the man

    Why is black?She is not good enough, not enough effort,

    appropriately enough, not perfect?Wrong wrong wrong, precisely because she is decent, thoughtful, anywhere even accept thanks also to thank the crew a leakproof, people just can't accept it.People feel perfect people don't real...And out of the little princess Anne hathaway look really too not true.

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