Paris, Texas reviews

By Ramon Gordon,2015-11-26 21:10
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Paris, Texas reviews

    "Paris, Texas" reviews

    Philosophy begins with looking up at the sky.Waiting for it that culminate in remote places, it is not far-fetched, also not touching.In last year's a night I saw the "wings of desire", wenders with angel wings relieved the pain of the earth, philosophical speculative abruptly into stands on the generality of the magic of wonderful and magical, a pair of body seems faded acidity and decay.Later I saw "Paris, Texas" (Paris, Texas), began to rebound, this feeling in my heart with the sensitive and fragile, lack of human nature to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss in life followed, were so persistent.

    The poetic absurdity

    Some people think that "Paris,

    Texas" seems ridiculous, it seems

    beyond the basis of the rational world

    exists, there is a more spiritual kernel

    expedites the rebel, reflux and

    defiant.Santa and the summary in the

    "aesthetic" ridiculous, "they rebelled

    against the possibility of natural,

    rather than betray the possibility of

    inner", and the poetic wenders films

    have a perverse abstract flavor, fragmented, tend to end life in life show the meaning of life, away from the absurdity of reality in the recovery of love and life power, try reading in this nearly opposite way home the scenery of life.

    Film from the point of emotional catharsis and theme Settings, wenders, use the technique of playing hard to get the film from the awakening of the inner world to

    characters, sink again, in the heart of the world through his brother of love, relationship and the three levels of husband and wife of love would it seamlessly bridging up, finally in grief depression and introspective atmosphere highlight a worldly helpless, unreasonable loneliness in life and interpersonal insurmountable GeMoGan are it is hard to escape the real world.In such a world, alienation, fled, wandering and drifting became the human eternal theme, regardless of the process, as if in a cycle and the cycle of rebirth in the human world, it is the starting point of the stray end point is also a stray.

    Looking for and stray

    The first level of the film is with the brotherhood wake character's inner emotional world.At the beginning of film, in the vast gobi desert in the western United States, remains of vultures rancid, the hero, Ralph, narrow and small figure almost consumed by the desolate, his eyes thoughtfully and messy hair, the clothes make the man become the character inner world desolate and nothingness.Trafford was here looking for a place may exist or not exist - Paris, Texas, it's the only evidence of the is an old photo of his hands, it is said that this is the place where parents have sex for the first time.In Texas desert wandering homeless for a long time after, however, trafford heart has been closed for a long time, he refused to communicate with the outside world, only silence in the inner world of self, has begun to aim at first came here, seems to be the only constant in addition to the homeless or stray.

    In the first level, this has never appeared in the film, the Paris Texas where is actually a metaphor of reality, it gave birth to the love of parents also symbolizes the hero the origin of life.In the beautiful yearning for love and for life in the process of exploring character seems to be involved in the swirl of "kind", finally wake up, Ralph, a hint of human perception is his brother walter.Walter never tired of guide and influence finally awakened Ralph, silent thoughts and memories.It also declared the hero and the wanders off at the end of a period of no.

    Warmth and recovery

    Film of the second level from Ralph, and his son again began to hunt, it through between two people from the mutually exclusive to accept each other, the process of using human language to a man with a child's feelings.First, the relationship between son and father hunter has a great deal of conflict, whether from the emotional to accept or emotional catharsis, son of the suddenly came out of his father with fear and rejection.The most obvious is two people to the understanding of the life experience significantly differed, father want to accompany son came home from school on foot, and the son is confused and dissatisfaction.But the clouds of all this in the following two people gone after reviewing a DV, it also declared in emotional back to father and son of relying on the together.

    The second part is a transitional stage in the film, it is in no hurry to make quickly dissolve the gap two father and son, don't rush to the theme of the exposed too early grey, but full of humanistic care, will be feeling a little together, let the family the trafford on the edge of the state of life into the right track, let humanity slowly seeps into little warmth., of course, we can't take this part of the simple understanding for the third part of the bedding, because part of the feelings of people lack what brothers, lover does not bring, the tolerance and contained relationship heart is an important symbol of awakening, musharraf's heart.

    Relief and drift

    The third level of the film is about a father and son two people looking for lost mother events for the center for many years, it will love referred to a very high position to contact the relationship of the people.In the process of father and son two people hard to pursue, they formed the tacit understanding of each other also let tired of Ralph's mind to get some relief, the liberation made him choose continue to drift the seeds at the end.If the second level in Ralph's relationship with the hunter implies the travers won his own life, so this level is obviously to lose true love tragedy, so

    about love beautiful longings into deformity of love, no residue, dies of domestic violence and hue to buy from life, and so on, the symbol of the good love here completely "Paris" symbol in the harsh reality of Texas desert.

    Under the film ends with the dim lights, Travis accustomed to the drift, the not resting searching and erratic.The road ahead for he is still a unable to crack the mystery of the palace.It circuitous reciprocating, I do not know to where, every corner, every export to an unknown metaphor.Map is too abstract, can not explain them, and only in the sight of desolation and silence just like sonata calling him.Road to the deep, like god, unseen.

    Walk on the highway of eternity

    Some critics will Travis persistence in the desolate Texas desert looking for a place called Paris, mapping for wenders attempts to american-style liberal attitude combined with rational attitude in Europe.And des self experience and practice, of course, some contact, but if the dwell on this Angle, taste it is losing the film's warmth and charm.Actually, the highway is the main image, the film of the ceaseless, endless, became a reflection of individual life, the pain which is unable to speak, eternal walk on the road, all these form a corresponding, formed the modern people's emotional float world draw directly.And those with wenders personal state of mind is interlinked, and culture and the relationship between cultural communion this side is like the other shore.

    "Paris, Texas" from the narrative style, it inherits the wenders in "king of the road, in the quiet and almost lyrical prose, we can see the film language of ozu yasujiro by wenders relaxation powerful use, slow, inside collect and almost put an end to the use of montage editing become a distinctive mark of wenders road movie.Modern travel and migration under the lens of wenders, presents a desolate cold state, vehicle and road both cold "machine" has been isolation between people the feelings of an insulator, migration, hum trek and travel, and this is wenders's label.

    Cruising on the highway with wenders, another image of the master AnZheLuo fund, he has a piece of epic meaningful, if AnZheLuo fund road images are used to continue since Homer's history, with the soul in the film to release the deposit on the marble, so wenders's draw the outline of a road image uninhabited desert world, with a camera to spy on earth between loneliness and alienation.

    ......Highway under the deadwood seemed to comb a outstanding travel, it curled up tired neck cranial, ready for the journey the next stop.

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