Akira kurosawa mess success or failure is turned empty

By Ronnie Reyes,2015-11-26 14:44
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Akira kurosawa mess success or failure is turned empty

    Akira kurosawa "mess" : success or

    failure is turned empty

    Blackpool like adaptation of Shakespeare's plays, and his film, the main character of the majority is not much, the fierce conflict, simple fixed scene, in line with the structure of the three, itself has a characteristic of the play.

    In this movie, the figure is still simple, show the tiger and three sons, show Iliad job Yu Changzi, the third is away, his home country after LiLuan, oneself also drift from place to place, aso kojiro, cannibalism, saburo to meet his father, and show the tiger understand wrongly saburo, unfortunately three card shark ambush, show the tiger was dead, too.

    But this simple story, akira kurosawa has had ups and downs, breathless.This is also consistent characteristics of his movies, often the plot is not complicated, but the director can let a person heart clench lung, curious about how to progress, perhaps, it has a distinct personality characters

    and inseparable, is people are very give prize, so, at this time the relegated to a secondary plot, director of atmosphere build, as well as the characters in the mark for the CLS performance, more attractive to the audience.

    Akira kurosawa, says is heaven overlooking the living attitude of the film, so for this close-up almost no, close shot also very few.

    The lead in this film, is undoubtedly the tiger, the secondary generation of vector to deduce the lifelike, he is a domineering generals, is also a loving father, from autocratic to come down in the helpless, during which the personality changes is very convincing, crazy, with white hair, bulging eyes and QiWang eyes, there are strong winds blowing skirt from time to time, showing his thigh to flee for life too late to wear pants, is feeling sad - the world of impermanence, from top to bottom on, disillusionment mean all exhibit no doubt.

    The two women here also very dramatic, both lady is home town be broken by show tiger, fathers lost, however, chose a different path.Aso, lady of the maple, a retaliation, persuaded aso to seduce, after the last brother kill each other, she also end up killed, but its death without regret, would rather city destroyed, she refuse and vicious are frightening.In akira kurosawa's "the throne of blood", also have such a lady, longitudinal crafty or pointy-haired, finally put her husband on slippery slope, it is also a terminating, kill people without even blinking an eye Mrs Vicious.The madam to maple much resemblance, when the

    director and the characters of mean failure blamed on a woman's short-sighted and lust, but by maple here, or a more reasonable explanation is given, which is not a woman nature cover-up, but for a reason, understandably, maple, shape into the role of Nemesis.

    While another lady at the end of a heart to the Buddha, to show the tiger was the massacre, the cause and effect in knot, also show the tiger is very helpless, said, you are to me I bad mood will be better, but the lady don't dispute with him at the end of every day recite Buddha, on the run way still does not forget to carry the Buddha portrait.When the revenge.At the end of the lady to escape and forgive, is given in the face of hate another solution.

    End in the end, show a tiger family, only at the end of the lady's brother crane pellets, the blind man was still alive, in his old home town, on the ruins of the road, with a rod of blind nearly fall abyss, at this point, the sister of Buddha casual fall, perhaps this is a kind of metaphor, sentient beings is like a blind man, however, could not see the road ahead, if lost to the Buddha, the heart of compassion, the front is the abyss.

    Perhaps only to heaven overlooks a lifelong mood, to conclude that the tragedy.Otherwise, how endure Yu Yong so nakedly revealed the truth, lu xun said iron man in the house, is actually afraid of such a bitter, but someone has to wake up the people in that room.Show the tiger finally taste the bitter fruit of this is planted under his hand, even had a son, reliable and finally arrived but the result of karma.Back

    to look at life, it is become, is lost?Is, is lost?Crazy show tiger murmuring, who am I, when he finally realized that the small, it's too late.

    Heaven looked at man's killing, also only pity for mood, choose or to make human beings.

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