The best and worst job prospects in major and university

By Albert Morris,2015-11-26 09:25
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The best and worst job prospects in major and university

    The best and worst job prospects in major

    and university

    Interest, ambition and good employment prospects combined to make the best choice in the professional, is just one aspect.Which university to choose, are equally important.

    Do you want to know which university and the highest employment rate of graduates in Britain?Then you must also want to know what are the worst university employment prospects and professional.

    Has to go to my daughter's school for a parent[microblogging]Will, is to guide the parents help their children how to choose the hkcee GCSE subjects.

    As more and more students in the UK the university entrance exam[microblogging]A-level in all A * of the highest achievements, more and more universities not only see the a-level grades, also want to check "among", look at GCSE results.Children, his first choice is a matter of future cannot be taken lightly.

    Half lawyer, a doctor

    Waiting for the parents in KaiXiaoHui under a baseline before the meeting.What does your daughter want to learn?To study

    medicine.What about yours?The law.

    Parents around a meet, the children don't want to be a doctor is to want to be a lawyer.GCSE supervision confirmed, medicine and law was the most popular options for students.My daughter is a focus of England was the number of female in middle school.The children that is high, can understand.

    Steering is full of proud parents take a cold shower head.No, it's for cold shower.

    To study medicine, supervision, said the good news is that the university graduate employment is not the problem, the employment rate is almost 100%.The bad news is that hard to do.Not only is the admission threshold is high, to read at least five years after the school, than other professions are time consuming.Out of the school, practice, education, evaluation, acquire the become a qualified doctor, it will take 5 to 10 years!

    Supervisor said, you need to ask my daughter and yourself, have the tenacity, sacrifice and economic security?

    Study law, supervision, said the good news is that relatively easy, so also for all university professional choice out after nursing and psychology of the third most popular professional.

    Bad news, the supervision, said a quarter of a law student graduation after 6 months, still can not find a professional job.Study law, children's jobs and alert the matter and the social relations of parents is very relevant.Your children to have a look?Do you have any contacts?Ability to learn outside of the factors to consider, too.

    The best/worst professional employment prospects

    Of course, study law of jobs is far from the worst.One of the worst is actually enter oneself for an examination of the most popular professional, psychology.Almost half of psychology graduate 6 months after graduation is still can't find professional work (45%).

    9000 pounds a year's tuition, cold window study hard, indebtedness, graduation is equal to the job?Why bother!So, choose university major, not only by personal interest, but also to consider job prospects after graduation.

    Here are the higher education statistics agency (HESA) the latest British graduates employment prospects for the best and worst 10

    professional are for reference only.(percentage is within 6 months after graduation to find professional work ratio)

    The best/worst professional employment prospects

    The employment rate of the highest 10 profThe employment rate of the lowest 1

    essional %0 professional %

    Medical 99.3Animal science 38.9

    Dental 98.9Writing is 45.4

    Care 96.3Sociology of 48.3

    Radiation of 95.248.7 hotel management and tourism

    Veterinary 95.151.1 social policy

    Physical therapy is 92.451.5 dance drama film

    Pharmacology of 91.352.3 news communications

    82.6 land property managementSoutheast Asian studies (53.9)

    Building 82.254.9 psychology

    81.9 civil engineering55.0 anthropology

    The personal interest, ambition and good employment prospects combined to make the best choice in the professional, is just one aspect.Which university to choose, are equally important.

    Britain is provided to the university graduate employment opportunities every year is about 200000, and get a bachelor degree in 2015 British student 370000 people.In almost two graduates compete for a job opportunity, under the condition of different coming out of university graduates employment opportunities are also different.

    Here also enumerate the employment success rate of maximum and

    minimum of 10 British university.Graduates (the same is the ratio of 6

    months after graduation to find professional work) The best/worst job prospects in university

    University % of the highest employment rat% of the lowest employment rate unieversity

    St George's university of London is 93.4The university of east London (45.


    91.1 at imperial college London47.7 London metropolitan university

    89.3 at Cambridge university52.0 making art university

    At the university of Oxford, 87.1Liverpool hope university 53.9

    86.7 the university of BirminghamSouth Hampton solent university = 5


    85.7 at king's college LondonUniversity of Birmingham, Newman =


    At the university of bath, 85.2The university of Westminster = 55.


    84.4 durham universityUniversity of bath, spa = 55.1

    At the university of Sussex 84.1University of gloucestershire count

    y 55.7

    83.7 post cuny's universityGoldsmith university college London


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