The film and television commentary TT3D touch the limit

By Diana Reynolds,2015-11-26 07:24
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The film and television commentary TT3D touch the limit

    The film and television commentary TT3D: touch the


    Bro is a moto fan.When I saw this year SIFF on a piece of table with this for a little while, I immediately inform my bro, old younger brother said: "thank you, but I have seen the film several times. Do you want to go to see the film? You may feel stuffy. Man on the island of TT in our open moto people seem to is a god, but you can't ride a moto, do not know the driver again, even if again beautiful speed faster, even 3 d, may still not bring you what feeling."

    Bro are right.Technology, impact and bring the so-called 3 d immersive feeling to people will ridicule - in addition to the driver after the opening of the subjective low Angle lens, infinite close to the highway, no music, only the engine sound - dry after intense feeling straight at the head, the film for a long time, mainly around the Guy Martin this unruly drivers and his small team narrative - the most, and hard to understand to Fang Yingyin, someone playing the nap, beside me three 20 s boys and even played the phone, behind me the couple of girls 1 vigorously to her boyfriend said: "this doesn't stimulate not good-looking, let's go!"

    Until TT officially kick off until the Guy Martin's "missing" and the raging fire, until the isle of local drivers rolling down from the hillside accident, in the audience, the

    sleepy atmosphere was instantly became exclaimed, "scary oh ~ miserably frontal ~" and the pursuit of technology bring sensory stimulation of the audience still feel not enough stimulation, aerial, moto car, helmet and so on shooting Angle, or fail to bring immersive feel.Others poking fun at the slow motion, while the driver is said that the game will think "moto speed slow and judgment becomes very soon" illusion, but slow motion really can't appear this kind of strange feeling because - too slow!

    See two-thirds of the time, I also have a good waste of "3 d", have a running story, did not make good use of the technology, the feeling of wasted such a good story and slots.

    Directors are, indeed, to control the rhythm, the technical level should do better, but I don't like the director intentionally enlarged or stretch a point in time.No, it shouldn't rely on emotional to let people know about.Even death also won't all the time - game and life continues, as usual.

    See Guy Martin easily in a hospital bed talking and laughing, I followed his light breath and then laughed, and after I can't feel his pain and he is going to carry and continue the TT (in 2011, he was back on the TT, got 3 second, third and 1 stand but still failed to win).See 2010 TT five wars slam Ian Hutchinson, with his usual gentle calm voice said he was going to the amputation of his left leg, I can't feel the he is how to keep and rehabilitation of the tibia and fibula were severely broken left leg - in 2011, he returned to the stadium, and back to the isle of man TT had 16 times in surgery and after transplantation.And after a hamstring strain once again, in 2012, he went on to attend the isle of man TT.

    Watching the final TT, I have been thinking of SIFF cancelled this year "Senna".Great Senna had open his fear, he had a bad feeling, but he has also said firmly, "but I can 't quit."

    I think I can ever since then no longer see the car miss him - but I couldn't understand why he can 't quit, I couldn't touch his fear and he's back on the road in the mood.Like kid buy moto, I 1 vigorously to reassure his thought: "cycling so dangerous, why spend money on sin by?!"

    Bro, I want to say, I don't think the film boring, especially seen in the end, I can totally understand what you said to me about the words of the movie, I can't ride a moto, even if the technology into perfection, achieve unprecedented, after the peak of the exciting experience, break through the speed of which is not to think, closer and closer, I still can't with them closer to the edge, because I'm not the man in the car.No choose this kind of life, the talented person, can't feel the pure speed and life.

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