The love for review love, not gender

By Mario Shaw,2015-11-25 22:02
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The love for review love, not gender

    The love for review: love, not gender

    If this love story happened in Los Angeles, USA in the 1970 s, although today the number of states have legalized gay marriage, but the s, is a straight when the mark, as a benchmark of society.(straight, of course, will not admit) all of the legal policy, and LGBT all pull not top, in law, they are not admitted to a group of people.And if love at this time, is to show that to give gay andstraight the same amount of love.And, one of the children, nor parents who care about gender, but a provide his concern, care, joy, let him leaving home.

    The film follows a child mark, always has been ignored, mother Tang Baobao, he always nestled in the corner, never ask for help.However, namely apartment dwellers, Rudy, he noticed that.In the mother's arrest that night, he took mark.At the same time, he was more Paul fall in love

    with prosecutors.To give mark of true love, three men decided to live together, a total of a family group.But, don't think it is a family, the society is gossip, gossip discrimination, comrade that will bring bad influence children.And they, in order to mark, spell!Stubborn resistance, the court of appeal!

    Rudy, singing is a drag queen, but for the career he keep conscience clear, then hold your head high.He is always brave enough to face everything, can in the court, to take his rifle Interpol, day the earth not afraid, even if life again how lost, still do yourself, don't want to be moral shackles.And he dreamed of singing, just no time, money, no singing to pursue the dream.

    Paul, once divorce, then migrate to fame, to become a

    prosecutor.But in order to ensure that his job, he always keep sexuality, in the work field, don't want to come out.When Rudy sought help with mark, Paul, choose to pretend not know want to know the money sent, or even to persuade he should abandon mark to the bureau of society.But these words, provoked Rudy denounced "you should be ashamed of!" finally, he decided that Rudy is heart prince charming (M tendency?)And decided to brave go for love!

    Mark, it's a big boy with down syndrome.Perhaps long-term bear mother abuse, for demand, he is not good at expression.Hungry will only sitting on the table, waiting for others to take care of, again slowly to say

    "I want to eat donuts.Favourite toy is a doll, always hold it together.When he knew that the mother will not come back, they take the initiative to tell Rudy "that I can follow you?"Don't want to endure loneliness, longing for love.

    But the film's most moving point, that is, when mark came to the fathers when decorating the room, saw the house full of toys, a personal room, he spoke, "this is my home?"These words, my tears nearly drowned the whole theater of alive.Cowering a neglected for a long time, always not to be found, now, he finally found his own existence, to enjoy happiness, not abandoned!In addition to happiness, I can't find the words to describe such a state.

    Down syndrome children rearing it is hard to live, because they cannot live independently, independent work, must be always cared for.And Rudy without fear, even say "not because it is not easy to abandon him? I don't understand why he made no mistake, but will be punished!" has no parents, foster families are willing to provide to mark the good education, and Paul Rudy would like to, but, the court, are deprived of the happiness should belong to the mark.

    The whole movie, so empathy, we projected role, lamented the world, it is so unfair, if the love is such a touching movie.

    In addition, the touching, the love for a repeat of the 70 s clothing and songs, let us thoroughly good feelings of precipitation in the

    past.And Alan cumming withered in the film acting completely full, he reminds me of the medicine life club won the best male with Galveston DE leto, eyes, have said not over of bitterness, significantly effeminate gestures, but with a strong, admire it.Not to mention that he had a Tony award singing performance, with notes, elaborated the emotion.The whole play light to see him, this ticket is worth!

    But to be honest, although the plot is moving, Alan cumming acting vivid, but in fact I still have a movie whole abusive, emotional link some faults, such as in SaGouXie no head no tail.Adoption is comrade type films for children in ten thousand issue, and that the court drama of the vulnerable group is constantly in the theater repeated every year, if the audience have no interest in this issue, will only feel melodramatic film, show emotion.

    Moreover, from such movie more can see gender movement is very often appear blind spot.Is absolute rights for all around the marriage and family, but other issues, and less attention to the number to the cup.Like an old comrade of long-term care, gay and lesbian sex outside of the diversity of ethnic groups, recreational drugs, sex, etc., related to discuss movie few and far between.

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