Why technology giants to tesla so interested

By Crystal Adams,2015-11-24 04:31
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Why technology giants to tesla so interested

    Why technology giants to tesla so


    Why technology giants to tesla so interested?

    Under that let's comb famous electric car manufacturer Tesla (Tesla).Tesla motors co., LTD. Is a production and sales of electric vehicles and parts of the company, founded in 2003.Tesla set unique modelling, efficient speed, good control performance and advanced technology for a suit, thus making it a highway the fastest and most save fuel cars.

    The company has met with tesla CEO head of mergers and acquisitions

    According to the San Francisco chronicle reported that apple (543.99, 0.44, 0.08%) of the company's head of mergers and acquisitions Adrian

    perry card (Adrian Perica) last year, met with tesla (198.23, 1.40, 0.70%) cars CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk).This suggests that apple may deliberately investment tesla.

    Report quoted sources as saying that perry card last spring met with musk at apple headquarters, and apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) may also attended the meeting.Report said: "the valley between two large companies including mergers and acquisitions, head of the high-level meeting showed that apple may be very interested in buying tesla."

    This is not the first time the news that the company is interested in buying the tesla.German investment bank its analysts, south ahmed (Adnaan Ahmad) last year to cook and apple chairman Arthur Levinson (Arthur Levinson) said in an open letter, tesla acquisition will make the company get long-term revenue growth, and this is the smartphone and tablet business can bring.

    Ahmed said at the time: "I know this idea is radical, and is likely to mean that the transition, but this will obviously change the growth condition of apple. About elon musk, you can cooperate, and get a new iconic partners, so as to promote the innovation of apple."

    Apple has begun to focus on car market.Worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in 2013, the company announced a plan to better

integrate iOS system to automobile instrument panel

    screen.Cooperation, the company also with ferrari based on Siri's Eyes Free speech control system development of infotainment system for ferrari luxury cars.

    Tesla refused to comment on the report, apple has yet to comment.

    Tesla up call in China Ordered two millet lei jun of relief

    As new energy vehicles, different fate, should.If, on the fate of the up a little bit sad, a fellow new energy vehicles of the tesla (198.23, 1.40, 0.70%) is still quite effectively.

    Tesla valuation not only great progress, but also defeated in the field of luxury cars in the market a few big giants, including mercedes-benz, BMW and audi.In the north American market, in the first quarter of this year, about 4750 buyers chose the tesla Model S car, at the same time 3077 people choose the Mercedes s-class cars customers, choose the BMW 7 series of customer is 2338 people, and choose the audi A8 customers only 1462 people.

    Beijing time on February 12, news, announced the tesla Model S the price of Hong Kong, entry-level configuration for hk $579000 (RMB 452000).Before the Spring Festival, tesla announced price - $734000 in

    mainland China.This price is far lower than expected, there are media exclaimed "tesla will sell out of stock in China?"

    Millet CEO lei jun booked two tesla, one for yourself, one for his involvement in investment CEO ucweb CEO of UC.

    Lei jun is what tesla to buy?Because he thought the tesla CEO elon musk is a new generation of silicon valley giant, do everything is cool.Lei jun in July 2013 and October twice to silicon valley are met with musk, conveniently test drive the tesla.", in his opinion, the appearance of this car don't have much to pick, but if you haven't seen, never open the tesla car, you don't know how much the whole intelligent car cool."

    "I with great curiosity to visit musk, helping to hand drive the tesla, this is an electric car. Electric cars have not fresh, many car companies are developing electric cars. But in my opinion, tesla is the most important is, it applied the intelligent system, vehicle intelligent is very high. Inside it are all intelligent devices, using the equivalent of two large touch screen to control the size of the car, including blank, air conditioning, multimedia system, navigation ah of what, driving all the path to the data real-time feedback to the cloud, the server can help you ops your car, hint, real-time monitoring, intelligent control. Especially in the big screen heap there, open the navigation technology unique feeling. Now we

    each high-end car may have so-called intelligent systems, but the degree is mostly sound, such as control, big set to use."

    With curiosity for musk all sorts of magical experience, lei jun when I went to see him and asked the three problems.The first question is: "everyone worry crashed your car?"

    Musk said: "yes, the modern intelligent system will not fail, just chance to size. Crashed it doesn't matter, it is good to restart."

    Musk added, tesla's direction of the electric control system, control system still adopts the traditional are reliable.Intelligent control system is more whole vehicle information system, such as maps, navigation, multimedia, door control.There is no to the computer control driving control itself.

    For users, this acquisition also let us full of boundless imagination: will run on a full iOS intelligent intercom control electric car, this is a how tall.And tech giants are designed or not this, is that the new energy automotive industry market development layout and intelligent systems control car market, and there is a certain position in the new energy vehicles of tesla, can technology giant hand in hand together to build innovative automotive technology is a very good choice.

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