Stalingrad, the blink of love and human nature

By Anita Webb,2015-11-24 02:31
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Stalingrad, the blink of love and human nature

"Stalingrad", the blink of love and human


    For the film,stalingradBattle is a nightmare, in the holes on the hotbed of petrov's"stalingradBattle of "giving birth in 1949, especially, the ze rove's"stalingradBig bloody battle "was born in 1989, 1989GermanyJoseph Wells meinl just dig a "decisive battlestalingrad"In 2001,The FrenchpeopleJean - Jacques ArnoldAlso throw in a Soviet sniper hero as the blueprint of the decisive battle in the battle.It is interesting to note that in the new version of"stalingradDirector, fedor, dagring cukor and starring the starThomas clay schumannAlso respectively is 1989 big bloody battle of stalingrad "" and" the battle of stalingrad "actor in 1993.

    The stalingrad is not directly from seventy years ago that the battle of stalingrad of become estranged, but from the familiar

    2011JapanEarthquake and tsunami relief scene cuts.Under the ruins of the earthquake, the five his deathbed trapped victims of waiting for rescue, one of the victims request rescue workers don't leave, and to keep talking with her, thenRussiaRescuers told him a story about five of his father, this is the header of the stalingrad.With a bitterThe warDisaster to comfort the people trapped in fear and pain of the earthquake disaster is a good idea, the director is obviously want to let viewers as empathy earthquake victims to appreciate another war from disaster.

    Compared to a few old-timers outsize war, fedor, banda, cukor directed the stalingrad and the battle in the decisive battle "more similar, only shearing in a corner of the battle of stalingrad in November 1942.The opening of the story is also the volga river that painful landing, the oil depot after the blast, the Soviet "fireKing kong"Pour in the German army captain, only one step ahead of the gromov team captain led the scouts, into a shape such as island and badly damaged houses, the superior asked them to stick at all costs. At the same time, the German officer received a" fortress "back instructions. However, they didn't realize that began the holes house is a Russian girl survived 19

    katja finally home, and the earthquake rescue workers said katja mother and his father five story takes place in this house.

    Compared to that tragedy the cruelty of war, he dies, I prefer to go to ponder of the blink in the filmlove.A gang of men and a young woman in a eaves, is unable to escape the coitus desires, but the stalingrad is not a film, it stubbornly tried to open the flower of love.The director has the two sides.Is a German officer occupied area, where the basement also has a young Russian girl, and grow with the German officer wife surface such as a person, so the Russian girl would become German officer's mistress;Side is the Soviet "isolated island", is in the German attack at any time interval, the five Soviet soldiers fell in love with katja at the same time, they treated her adoring, one of them with her also impact the spark of love.German officer the poor mistress was the Soviet one gun sniper, katja is five father trying to protect, and five katja mom and dad's house.

    Said it is a must, of course, love also not at all, the film did not love the plot of those very much in love, at most is light and inexpressible ambiguous figure piecemeal, the director will be more space for the powder is not breathing, and in terms of the blink love these two paragraphs, the directors are more in touch in the war of human nature.

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