In the Middle East situation mutations!Global onlookers putin's revenge

By Mario Payne,2015-11-24 02:01
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In the Middle East situation mutations!Global onlookers putin's revenge

    In the Middle East situation mutations!Global

    onlookers "putin's revenge"

    On November 24, the Middle East a sixpence.Turkish planes in their airspace 4 kilometers of Syria, shot down a Russian Sue 24 bombers, killing both pilots or already on board.

    Mr Putin was tough talk: Russia's Sue - 24 bombers would not threaten the Turkey, but on the Syria IS extreme terrorist strike mission.Sue - 24 shot event is beyond the scope of normal fighting terrorism, it is a terrorist's accomplices in Russia. Putin accused says Turkey with terrorist organizations control area between oil trading, Russia will not tolerate another similar to Sue - 24 was shot down the occurrence of the event, the event will have severe influence on the relations between Russia and Turkey.

    Turkish side attitude IS also very strong, the idea IS that since Mr Putin fighting troops IS organization, the Russian air force repeatedly infringed Turkish airspace, despite earthwork of protest again and again.In fact, as early as October 5, Turkey, said if the Russian air force to pounce, will resolutely shot down.At that time, the American secretary of state and the NATO secretary general to have them.

    So, the Turkey shoot down Russian fighter, absolutely not

    emergency, but the result of the game for more than a month.Putin finally felt the NATO, Turkey's hard line, had a deficit.But Mr Putin's bottom line?We haven't see clear. Affected by the incident, Turkey, Russia, the two countries stock market fell at the same time, many European stock markets also dragged down, gold and oil prices are up in arms.

    Here, let's take a look at Russia, Turkey, the European Union in the subtext of this conflict, or can't get things table: 1, Russia

    Obviously, IS the rise of to Russia to erase.Since early last year, Mr Putin's tough annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, internal strife and intervene in Ukraine, tough economic sanctions by the United States and Europe.Russia's oil, gas, minerals and other supplies to the survival of the export is restricted, and these products at the right moment hit $cycle, so price has plummeted.Russia's fiscal revenues, the economy is in trouble.

    The essence of a battle over the Ukraine is NATO's eastward expansion, the Russian "iron cage" shrinking of survival.Putin's meddling in the affairs of Ukraine, is actually "betrayal" in retaliation for the Ukraine, as well as a response to NATO's eastward expansion.

    IS in Syria and Iraq border of the crisis, to the world, especially Europe bring great trouble, terrorist attack, refugees are very tricky.And the United States are busy to return to the asia-pacific, on IS absent.This to Mr Putin, so in Syria, hard to oppose to Europe.

    Inside Syria, now divided into three pies.Mr Putin's support government sent, western support for the opposition, and IS the enemy of all.Focus on IS now, but in fact everyone for IS in the Middle East after the layout in advance.Putin hope he can in support of bashar al-assad government IS after the chaos of effort, it IS in the Middle East wedging her nails, broke the besieged "cage" NATO to Russia.

    In other words, Mr Putin's strike IS the main purpose of isolated diplomatic situation IS to change the clearance;2 it is to raise the international oil prices, raising income;Three ally for the regime to undermine NATO's eastward expansion for years, realize the strategic counter-offensive.

    As for aircraft harassment in Turkey, not only has the intention of the boost prices, meaning there is also a test of NATO's bottom line.

    2, Turkey

    Turkey is a NATO member, in Syria's internal affairs, and of

    course to support the opposition.Watched the opposition to topple the government, Syria will become the eastern part of Turkey.At this moment IS the rise, Russia to return to Syria.If bashar al-assad government sit tight, Syria will become bridgehead of Russia in the Middle East, so Turkey became a "front line".Turkey certainly don't want to see this, what's more, a Turkish Russia suffered many times in history, it also actively provocation, is endure which cannot endure!

    Turkey, however, dare to take the initiative to deal with Russia's provocations, also showed in people's minds, Russia in recent years the fall of the military and political status. 3, NATO and the European Union, the United States

    Turkey is a NATO member, but not a member of the European Union.It has been seeking to join the European Union, but opposed by major eu countries such as Germany.

    In the Syrian civil strife, Turkey is the eu had high hopes, hope that it will stop refugees, avoid intrusions in Europe.So, on the friction with Russia, the European Union must tend to Turkey.Most eu countries is a member of NATO, on the military alliance, of course, need to support Turkey, the United States also have a commitment and responsibility in this

    respect.Because of this, Turkey is not afraid of Russia.On October 5, from the round commented on the "us" military aircraft, NATO and the United States both support Turkey to fire.Turkish airspace, NATO airspace.

    Russia and NATO have interest to pound IS organized in friction, shows they are not put IS organization, at least, they argue, blow IS the main battlefield soon not in Syria and Iraq border.The war will be transferred to the world, become the classic long game of cat and mouse.So, they had no qualms about, in advance of the IS organization in the Middle East after the scatter layout.

    Turkey is a NATO, which is different from the nature of the Ukraine, so to Mr Putin won't be rushed.Revenge will be, but it must be right, good habits.So, it is hard to discern a stir in the Middle East.But around IS later, by whom the Syrian control, the battle has just begun.

    For China, this is a wonderful New Year movie, we just when the crowd!

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