Sales staff how to develop the market

By Herman Lopez,2015-11-23 05:34
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Sales staff how to develop the market

    Sales staff how to develop the market

    Market a line of sales is the hardest jobs in the enterprise, at present most of the sales people are every day busy developing new customers, maintain old customers, home visits, down the market, a month down often disagreeable and another, not only may also can't finish the task, exhausted.So, a lot of people don't want to do sales work, or have not the right attitude, the enterprises suffer from no good sales personnel available, now sales staff also complained, very hard and earn very little.In fact the market is not like a lot of people say a line, is a living hell, on the contrary, here is the huangpu military academy, enterprise senior managers a lot of famous enterprises, senior managers and even business owners are made by market was born to the frontline sales staff.

    Marketing is a kind of practice, although containing scientific factor, but it is not scientific theory, so the marketing must learn in practice, rather than this specialized subject or graduate can do a good job in marketing work.In the market marketing professional class, not in school or in the office, only slowly accumulate experience in the market to find the market, to further to a higher position, simply on theory in school to operation market, the chance of success is almost zero.I have been think, want to have a good ability, as a senior manager or in the workplace do a great things, must first after the baptism of the closing market and

    exercise, even without the opportunity also should create the chance.I often recommend some no market actual combat experience enterprise senior managers or bosses back and came to market a line at the grass-roots level to study and find the real market sense, this really is very rare and the necessary work experience.But it is a pity that a lot of market sales staff has been to stay in this job and phase, income and ability to also have no obvious ascension, is more of a setback after fall by the wayside, this is it's a pity.Is the main reason of the failure and give up without determination and endurance, also didn't see the value of the job with good prospects.In addition, as a sales person should have a certain sales skills and basic quality, then a good salesperson should have what kind of quality?The author thought that, there are the following5Article:

    1, attachment:+ 1 ? 99 ? is the boiled water, but a lot of people

    tend to be a slip between the cup and the lip! In efforts to 80%, 90% or 90% when to give up, in fact, only one step away from success, at this moment is to see who can hold out until the last, who was the more persistent.Think about it: when you give up others also want to give up this time, and you hold on a minute, will be more than others, to be successful.This kind of thinking made numerous world champion in athletics, and so also in the field of marketing, persistence is a good one of sales personnel should have the quality first.

    2, confidence: confidence is everyone some, but also the most easy to lose everyone, for a walk in the hard sinister market confidence is more important for the sales staff.If the products sold by yourself or have no confidence, can also expect customers to believe you and your products?When are you going to convince a customer before, thoroughly first convince yourself, otherwise the result is failure.

    3, enthusiasm, a salesperson if there is no enthusiasm for work, the basic can be concluded that the results100%Will end in failure.Because the market development is not only a purely rational persuasion, need a more appealing, excellent sales staff will take their high emotional appeal to the customers, it is of great help to make a deal.On the contrary, no enthusiasm, just to do the job when a sweat, board face or the appearance of fatigue, these negative emotions can also be transmitted to the customer.

    4, keen sense of smell: to communicate with the customer only judging by reaction on the surface of the customers do, often accuracy is very low, and the likelihood of success is low.Must want to listen to voice of outside customer words, find the customer the real intentions and thoughts behind the surface, is often the key to success is here.It will exercise can insight into the details, the ability of reverse thinking. 5, keep learning: now the society does not have the physical strength can make money alone time, some sales people think that improve

    performance is to rely on two legs, actually this kind of idea is the result of the sales staff can only rely on to make money that is not fat legs, position is difficult to have the chance to improve.While a good sales staff should keep on learning, in addition to learning related knowledge, also must absorb new knowledge, new information is integrated, advancing with The Times.Actually most of the time the key to the success of a business is not only by effort and professional knowledge, sometimes tend to be a comprehensive knowledge helped you a lot. If you possess these qualities or are working hard to the above mentioned standard, and intent on to make a double success in this post, please refer to the following10Some skills.The way of thinking and skills can help sales personnel to improve the level of sales.

    1, the enemy and know yourself, fight

    Visit customers to fully prepared before, mainly including know each other all information in as much detail as possible and then careful analysis, summed up to express extract content, the other party may question, and how their answer.At the same time consider good if your head is not how to do?Telephone call transferred to voice mail, fax?The other prevarication, refused to do?For possible situation to consider more fully more can grasp the initiative of communication.The chances of success also increase accordingly.

    2In advance, to take it

    Lao zi in the daodejing, said: "with the more man has, both as to both to the person has the more" only tried to make the customer money, turned out to be the more impatient, the earn.Actually, should not be eager to sell customers, at this moment to change train of thought, from the perspective of help customers to solve the problem, the result is very different, the customer information before visit customers, find the problems existing in the customers and want or want to solve the problem, also can listen carefully when the communication, find the customer concern, care and beset, etc., as far as possible to solve it, such as to provide some of the concerned information, advice, etc.Don't need to also can not be solved all the problems, but as long as can help a little busy, and even help not only to do a sincere listener, then you will have more or less created value for customers, customer liking to you it will improve, and then talk about your business is much more easily. 3, weave as straight and curve

    German general strategic scientists Feng Kelao ? d, says: "often the

    detour, the tortuous road is a shortcut to reach the target" marketing, the most direct way, is often the most stupid, most have no effect.Direct marketing, the success rate is very low, if around a few more bend the chance of success will be significantly improved, such as to communicate with customers do not have to rush to say that they want to say, because the customer want to hear, and you never want to say, this time it is the

    most sensible approach to make the customer interested in, can say some customers are interested in the subject of or related to business and can bring benefits for the customer the topic, and then after being eliminated the unfamiliar feeling in the topic into your purpose, and the appropriate questions will stimulate customer's interest, can learn more at the same time, the customer information of some big customer focus is to strategically, weave previous contact can even not to talk about your business, only to build relationships with and for customers to solve the problem as soon as possible.We humans have a common characteristic: when a stranger with interests purpose, when in contact with another person another person instinctively rejected, if the person does not have personal purpose and its interaction, and even help each other, each other will be very happy to accept.When be friends talk about the business would be easier, the other party may even help of jacking force like helping friends.

    4Second, the quality first, the quantity

    Sales skills is one of the most critical elements in quantity, success is a kind of risk, the more chance of success will be improved.In the market to have such a words: "sales is always a Numbers game", this sentence true, but you can also add this statement: "the pursuit of quality will make the game more exciting".When doing business in expanding the number of as far as possible, improve the quality at the same time,

    should control the quality, it refers to the quality including more valuable customers, emphasis and negotiation skills, etc.Because pure number is likely to put a lot of energy consumption in the low quality is difficult to produce benefit customers,80/20The law applies here.Only in the guarantee quality at the same time improve quantity, is fundamental to performance improvement.

    5And don't belittle each business related people

    We usually ignore some people looks not customers, but sometimes these people are likely to be the big customer or influence the purchase decision.For example, a car sales company has come a couple of choose and buy cars, communication with the sales staff is one of the men, but the sales staff acutely aware of buying decisions together to $2 woman's hands, when a female sales staff come and chat with the lady, the woman's husband is about to work abroad2Years, for the sake of his wife to work convenient and safe, going to buy a car for his wife, but the woman have a lot of worries and doubts, so the sales personnel representing this lady, dismissed the various concerns and provides some Suggestions, finally successfully reach a deal.The case of man for buyers, the woman is buying decision makers and users.If the single from the surface, to focus on the men, is likely to lose the deal.Don't belittle each associated with trading, even seemingly unrelated people and good at accurately identify who is the buyer, who is buying influencers, who is

the user.

    6And become an expert in what you sell products

    We are easy to accept one expert proposal, the experts were also more likely to believe that.So, be a expert of products sold by you to promote business is very helpful, especially the more sales information asymmetry, the greater the role of expert image, and we are familiar with and understand the goods, the role of experts is relatively smaller, such as food, clothing, etc.And if you are not familiar with or specialized products, the asymmetric information of goods, such as drugs, such as high-tech instrument, an expert advisor is helpful to promote sales.Even the general merchandise sales staff to their own sales of goods, also can increase customer trust, on the other hand, don't even know your own products, customers can rest assured to buy about it.

    7, handle the relationship between value and price

    Often in the face of customers bargain, bargaining this is very normal thing, but what coping attitude determines the initiative on who hands and trading results.Is usually a sales staff in order to conclude the transaction and constantly satisfy the demands of customers bargain, until to the oneself can withstand the bottom line.Even in the bottom line is not surely can conclude the transaction, because while you cut compromise also shaken the customer confidence in your product, drop, the more clients more nervous in the heart, in the heart of your product

    value is lower, with the loss of the sense of worth, its are willing to pay the price also will decrease.

    Is the right thing, and try not to cut down the price, but to add value to commodity, let the customer feel that to pay the money to buy your goods are things of value, such as emphasis on the advantages of the product and can be for the benefits of customers, with some other goods or value-added services, etc., so no loss of profits and ensure that the value of the goods.But for have obvious price cut space of goods, the price also not let will make customers very unwilling, can be a little bit lower price at this moment, let the customer get psychological balance.But reduce the price to make customers feel a great deal of effort, and cut to small, also because of the characteristics of human nature is often not easy to get, the more I think more precious, after get will cherish, and vice versa.

    8People around, attaches great importance to the decision-makers Assistant, secretary and other close around some policymakers although there is no decision-making power, but it has a strong decision-making influence, even the key to business success or failure is decided by these people, these people are policy makers cronies, policymakers will refer to these people's opinions, to offend, contempt, or because they feel have established contact with decision makers by ignoring these people, then the result may be these people to become you the main cause of

business failure.

    9, specific maintenance and communication

    Every year or every major activities when sales people will send some invitation or greeting E-mail to the customer, because the customer is numerous, usually take E-mail group in order to save time, but the mail effect is very poor, because most of the mainstream email will get a mass email as spam and abandoned.Does not distinguish between individual difference factors such as age, gender, identity using E-mail group also appears insufficient attention to the customer.

    Holidays so also send short messages to customers, most is to find a greeting message group to all customers, customers receive a text message in the mind also know that like this don't value nature.Now a lot of new mobile phone also has the function of mass SMS firewall, the text automatically rejected as spam messages.Is the right thing for different customer "tailored" email or SMS, if is a relatively new client or contact for the first time customers not only to do so, set up an attractive theme is also very useful.These practices seem to spend some time, but it can bring unexpected harvest.

    10, the best way to visit customers

    "The stranger" is very popular now, usually think, people afraid of meeting, afraid of scalping, tree met than visit call success rate is high, but the fact is strange, head of the visit is very difficult to find each other,

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