U.S. stocks continue to rise in energy stocks

By Glen Wagner,2015-11-22 20:37
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U.S. stocks continue to rise in energy stocks

    U.S. stocks continue to rise in energy stocks

     U.S. stocks on Tuesday afternoon to continue to rise.Stabilizing oil prices, energy and financials leading the rally.The fed from today began to hold the attention of a two-day monetary policy meeting.

    Eastern time on December 15, now on December 16 00:55 (Beijing time),The dow Jones(17524.91, 156.41, 0.90%) of the industrial average rose 173.51 points, to 17542.01, up 1.00%;The standard & poor's 500 index rose 20.15 points, to 2042 15 points, or 1.00%;The nasdaq(4995.36, 43.13, 0.87%) composite index rose 41.99 points, to 4994 points, or 0.85%.

    From the federal reserve began a two-day monetary policy meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM on Wednesday released the statement.

    Market is generally expect the fed to its benchmark federal funds rate to rise 0.25% on Wednesday, stressed that the future will be slow to raise interest rates.If the fed to raise interest rates is the first time since June 2006.

    When it comes to U.S. stocks rose on Tuesday, FBN Securities chief market strategist at Jeremy Klein (Jeremy Klein) said: "I think many people now hope to take positions before the fed's decision."He also thinks that the crude oil futures prices rebound and the morning of the CPI report also gave us stocks.Klein said that oil prices may have bottomed out in 2015.

    On Monday, the s&p 500 index and the dow Jones industrial average closed higher after experiencing twists and turns, oil prices fell after the rebound driven by a rising stock market.But so far this year oil prices are still down about 31%.Early Tuesday, U.S. crude oil futures prices rose about 2%, close to $37 a barrel.

    Daiwa capital markets economic research director Chris was nabbed luna (Chris Scicluna) said: "in the United States, although fuel price decline is expected to make the name of the CPI fell to zero, but the years than the increases of 0.5% will still."

    Robert W.B aird company strategist, said they expect market volatility will be bigger, but also believe that there will be a so-called Christmas rally.

    The company market strategist at Bruce than toth (Bruce Bittles) with William del vecchio (William Delwiche) in the research report, said: "from now on, we expect volatility will remain at high levels. But as Christmas draws near, investor panic boom-bust, related to tax sales decrease, seasonal power on the horizon, rally will appear at the end of the year."

    November economic data, the consumer price index (CPI), excluding energy and food prices excluding the core CPI growth of 0.2%.New York December manufacturing index from 10.7 to 4.6 in November.

    New York regional index of manufacturing condition show contraction slowed in December, showed that the factory but didn't continue to worsen conditions are still weak.New York federal reserve on Tuesday, the report said business conditions in

    December, New York, index from 10.7 to 4.6 in November, to its highest level since July.

    The index is higher than zero indicates the situation improves.4.6 reading is above investigation for MarketWatch analysts on average expected - 7.5.But the index has been negative for five months.

    Stocks news, the dow3M(148.13, 9.50, 6.03%) (MMM) share price.Given that the global economy continues to slow down the company earnings in 2015.3 m said, now expects full-year earnings growth will be 1%, had expected a 1.5% to 2%.

    qualcomm(48.02, 1.19, 2.54%) (end) stock prices, the company has rejected a suggestion to split.

    Has been Liquidators Holdings (LL) shares rose, because of the famous big short the stock to retreat.

    At the same time, the F5 Networks (FFIV) attention, after the close on Monday, the company announced its CEO resigned for "personal reasons".

    FactSet Research Systems (FDS) announced fourth-quarter earnings rise, revenue surged.

    VeriFone Systems (PAY) announced on Monday after the close quarter than market expectations.

    Other markets, European stocks rose on Tuesday.Asian markets ended mixed.The dollar index were little changed.

    Comex gold futures prices fell $3 to $1060 an ounce.Crude oil futures prices rose 86 cents, at $37.17 a barrel.

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