The children chasing stars rating model essay reviews

By Martin Reed,2015-11-22 01:38
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The children chasing stars rating model essay reviews

    The children chasing stars rating

    model essay reviews

    New haicheng film, although not all I have ever seen but can be seen from the second speed of 5 cm of apparently he is good at using pure images of exquisite feelings between people.Now many comments about the film world view has run annual appendage, I would say, because these are not the most important.

    I said more critical and sorry, this time the new haicheng no how to play out his special skill.For such a good setting some regret.In the movie actually question very much:

    1. The opening atmosphere rendering is good, the audience has accepted such a wonderful country peaceful life popped up after a neither like a bear and not like tiger monster, let a person feel unprepared, very strange.To be honest, if, in accordance with the modern realism play bottom go to, so speak with parents, friends, the affection between transient with her boyfriend, it's a good film is his, but new haicheng ambition is too big.

    2. I'm not a breath after seeing the film.Also does not have seen the trailer.Jas gotay series of nouns is beginning to make me confused, in see tomorrow ready to into the underground when I pause, and then the second time I find the last play to see when the position of the progress bar shocked, I this incredibly still in front of the movie!The real hell trip is yet to come!New haicheng this time really play big!Are you sure you in the realistic style of play so mature and background of this story so good when you go to the fantasy?

    3. Have a series of ancient creatures and village, Mr Yamazaki teacher for tomorrow's attitude is not the enemy, in this fantasy world suddenly out so real let a person feel not harmonious relationship.Really not harmonious!

    4. In the process of film passing through a village, slightly revealed some new haicheng anti-war, the desire of the hope for peace, but not deep, not render this a lot.Let a person feel is basically a passing thing, and war is not always like to new haicheng love tube, the technique of expression Is willing to bring when the theme studio ghibli.

    5. Let me have been very troubled, and feel very important is that the heroine to into the underground world after going to do myself, the motivation has been always not clear.I have never seen a cartoon, in the most critical part of the pig feet still paralyzed after don't know what to do!Even H, pig feet is also very clear and this woman sex at the moment, you want the truth!This place is definitely a defect, is the film's biggest mistake, because the heroine is crucial, for she was going to new haicheng to convey the theme of the

    meaning of his audience.So no motivation, or motivations do not tell the audience, it is a film of suicide.

    6. Maybe a lot of people say, is I didn't watch carefully, tomorrow before entering the water, has decided to also want to go to instant resurrection, so I have to say.Going through a series of hard journey finally walked to the edge of the cliff, she why be afraid of again dare not go down?This clearly indicates that she for resurrection, is not absolute.This is going to tell her the audience not to force?I believe a lot of people in the heart is already open to scold her for N times.And from the new haicheng began to destroy the image of the heroine.Then she plans to return to village, halfway to recall the past, sigh 1 "because I was too lonely!"Too lonely!!!!!!I see here in the heart a ray!Main

    protagonist!You in this kind of fantasy is as strong and brave to hold up under the theme of the film's key figures, how can you show you like a man afraid of loneliness!Ratting out don't you say was a across the desert by a group of monsters nearly died grasped the throat, the critical moment not hit a revolver, but also broke out rings and small universe!What a pity the leading lady!From scratch just lay the laundry cooking cleaning sweeps the floor on her head inside and

    outside the power of a strong and brave young woman so destroyed in such a "because I was too lonely!"The whole image into a waste wood is female, critical moment off the chain off!!!!

    7. I think movie more pay attention to the subject should be in the end, the teacher wants to resurrect his wife this section, there is a knot, the teacher's wife died, psychological imbalance, so that the final empty-handed with god ready to sacrifice even tomorrow we are going back to the wife to the resurrection of his wife, this completely demonize the teacher, in front of a little a little affection on the teacher is a ruin, immediately after the saw his wife after the two men and a touching love and the audience heart rises a genuine sympathy and understanding to the teacher, but soon, the heart again because tomorrow is missing outbreak ready to destroy the is what songs microfilament, this...This is the audience also destroy the right impression?!The three men can unite as one do something!!All go to the movies the most critical place!!Should the running-in is running in good ah!Should be together for director evocation theme to cooperate!

    8. The heart at the time of cut song microfilament to 1 "the living are more important!"I think it should be the center of the interpretation of the film's most basically thought, then Daniel died, and the teacher's eyes also destroyed.They are ready to blast furnace.Then how about the light by the way, so the teacher finally peace?A decade of knot so open?My heart is so a doubt.You see the end, seems only through well back to the earth tomorrow, but the teacher

    follow the heart go back to the village.It really would be the teacher also want to go back one day raised his wife!I'll put it this way, ten years, he ventured into to resurrect his wife going to an unknown world, so even offer the lives of others to fulfill itself, this kind of obsession, heart so a cure?Absolutely impossible!New haicheng this sentence to convince the teacher, more to convince the audience!# # p# page title e#

    9. Then talk about the title for the last, the theme should echo the title, "child" chasing stars, exactly is who?This movie few important figures, tying, teacher, heart, and transient, first of all, now that was a child, can eliminate the teacher;Chasing stars, underground world is not the stars, and she did not show signs of like stars;Heart is not willing to stay for a moment in the earth;And vitality to the ground at the consumption of soy sauce on transient obviously is fit with the characters of the title.But new haicheng gives instant mission is very short, he seems only to lead the tying into the existence of underground, even the last she doesn't even have to think before god a secondary his resurrection, but very calm and said goodbye.And his brother ran away!It doesn't conform to a secondary yuan pure young girl one-woman kinda image!!New haicheng to which field you are!!

    Movie finally gave me the feeling is, tying to make a kiss and go into the underground, suffered so much dangerous situation, not worth it.Really is not worth for her.Instead of implementation, to stick to the dream, finally gave up on it, although it is helpless, but does not move.

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