American elementary school impressive admission rules

By Annette Butler,2015-11-19 21:16
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American elementary school impressive admission rules

American elementary school impressive

admission rules

    American elementary school admission rules

    Speaking so fast, my granddaughter was born in Seattle in elementary school.

    The day before yesterday, my daughter with my granddaughter in an elementary school close to home, successfully passed the entrance test before, after the summer vacation to the entrance.

    Daughter came home to take back a admission brochure, is A4 paper, there are more than 20 pages.The past thought that the elementary school is a word - "play", saw this manual just know, the rules of the elementary school in the United States also many, very impressive has the following several aspects.

    First of all, in this manual is very specific to the requirement of students in the school.For example, to call the teacher position or last name;Have to get to class on time or a little earlier;Questions need to raise your hand first.You can talk to your teacher in your seat.Absent must make up the lack of course, you can ask the teacher or a classmate;If things out of school because of an emergency, to tell the teacher in advance and ask for the work you delay data;All assignments must be your own work;Exam cheating is forbidden;If you have difficulty in class, can make an appointment with the teacher for help, the teacher

    will be glad to help you;When a teacher asks and does not specify a particular student to answer it, anyone know the answer should raise one hand.The only acceptable excuse for absence is personal illness, a death in the family, or a religious holiday, it is illegal to other reasons not come to class and so on.American elementary school emphasizes attendance, the student attendance is one of the important indicators of evaluation of outstanding schools, each school will strictly record, and report to higher authorities.Students absent without cause is a very serious matter, must have enough good reasons to get approval in advance.Allow the occasional temporary leave school, but the number of temporary leave, school education is entitled to involved in your family.It is said, once it has been involved in, things will be great, because

    parents[microblogging], even will be suspended from custody.The most interesting is one of the school rules, appear in the relevant safety, courtesy, responsibility of the general principles.The school rules is this: at school, every student must respect, listen and follow all adults on campus, including the requirements of teachers, principals and other staff.This means namely: in school, children have to listen to all the adult school!Looks like the United States not only attaching importance, and also emphasizes the pecking order.Children to listen to the teacher not only, also want to listen to other adults, it is let I didn't think.

    Second, this manual also have detailed provisions on how to do my homework.Handbook specifically, homework is helpful to cultivate their good study habits, self-discipline and self-study ability;Can let the children academic improvement;Is advantageous to the child

    development in the study personality outside the classroom;Let the children learn how to effectively manage their time actively;Also can let the children learn how to make use of family and community

    resources.At the same time, the environment and the quality of homework, also have very definite requirements on manual.For example, to give children to prepare a quiet, bright and spacious place to write my homework;Give children ready to pen a dictionary and any may need to learn;Timetable for learning, and in this period don't disturb the child as far as possible;Homework time to turn off the TV and the radio;Don't watch TV every day for more than 1 hour.Every day to check whether the child's homework is complete;Check whether the child's homework did the right thing;Check whether the job is done neat and clean and in a timely manner;Use positive language to inspire children;For some time with their children the importance of the discussion to form a good habit of homework, and so on.In my impression, like the pupil of the United States is very little homework, after school, put the bag at home, you can take part in the extracurricular activities, did not think of not only to write the homework, is still very strict.

    Finally, impress me deeply is for students to wear school uniform rules.This elementary school think that wear school uniform is good for parents and students resist could bring pressure on this issue, that is to say, can prevent the wear compare;Helps students to focus on homework, avoid to waste time on the children choose

    clothes;Contribute to creating a easy to get attention of classroom atmosphere, create a better learning environment;Help school administrators to identify who should not appear in the campus, let the children to school have more strong sense of belonging and a sense of pride.The school must wear school uniform on Monday to Wednesday, Thursday, can wear casually, can wear school t-shirts on Friday, t-shirts can buy service center at school.If you don't wear uniforms, for the first time will remind parents;Students are required to change the uniform for the second time and parents get second warning.At the same time, there are some details of the requirements in clothes.Any personalized content, such as clothing, such as text, images, or other marks, not involved in violence, blasphemy or pornography;Clothes can't cracked, hole or tear, etc;To wear a bra, forbidden to wear the outfit that show a shoulder, lower-cut top and show the coat or shirt of navel;Blouse and cardigan should have sleeves, short sleeves length to just the waist;Unless there is a medical or religious requirement, don't wear a hat or for other hair accessories;Medical and religious requirements should be approved by

    the principal;Clothing to conform to the requirements of the social mainstream, and in accordance with their age.The rules of both the unity of all students requirements, also with the individual character space for the children, says is very clear, specific follow up should be easy.In addition.There are many rules, everything is specific and clear.For example, how a lunch at school meals, how, what food can bring, what can't, at ordinary times how transfers, rain and snow day how transfers, when parents pick up how to stop, and so on.

    Also laudable, these rules are not only printed on the manual, but to strictly enforce.Special leave a page in this manual, is schools, parents, students of the three parties.Is respectively according to the requirements of the school rules proposed to make solemnly promise, equivalent to a teaching contract.At the same time also the penalties to violate the school rules.So, no matter who made a promise, must strictly abide by, otherwise will receive the corresponding punishment.

    Tao is "seeing is believing".Saw this admissions handbook that I primary school had the further understanding of the United States, clarified the past a lot of false rumors.Seems to want to know the truth, still have to master the first-hand, this truth is right.

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