The end of the film collapse the city, the family overcome the disaster

By Vanessa Brooks,2015-11-19 19:01
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The end of the film collapse the city, the family overcome the disaster

    The end of the film "collapse" : the city, the family overcome the disaster

    Summer warm-up before the two out of Hollywood blockbusters, nature is released last week of the end of the collapse and Jurassic world

    released this week, as well as science fiction, thrillingv and disaster elements, spectacle type design, formula of modern civilization and fight against nature, the consciousness of the end of the world, many seem to be natural and man-made, extremely has the market.

    "The end of the collapse in computer special effects of generic earthquake effect, at the same time show the sky were to fall, San Francisco's destruction, extremely dazzling and shock.It is one of the traditional disaster movies, leading to the thunder, dawn, Johnson act the role ofing) is given priority to, three in scattered, wrecked, search and rescue formula in advance, though they experience a great deal of natural disaster, but by scientists Florence (Paul Giamatti) warning, ray's brave and love to her daughter, and evaded a bullet, this is a disaster film, is also the family.

    Play in the biggest selling point, nature is the spectacle of the California earthquake, by destroying the hoover dam as a precursor, then destruction in San Francisco, the last is the tsunami destroyed the golden gate bridge, the process nature adventure, looking at the dam burst collapsed in the computer special effects, the skyscraper "low" on my hands and knees, flooded the city, the whole faculties stimulation of disaster movies, without doubt, a miserable death, after everything sails but can still have a wish, is very traditional.

    A guy dawn Johnson will undoubtedly work, so he play in the divorce, and his former wife Emma Blake (Carla gugino) and daughter (alex Sandra dady shortly) forced separation, there are a lot of heart and love to play, on the other hand, he is a helicopter rescue team of professional, first play, play by helicopters in save has heralded the most take his breathtaking action, as a result, the true god into numerous, from a helicopter, small airplanes and boat, everything all he can, to save his former wife, after the water YongJiu daughter, save the family became personal hero Peugeot.

    The family reunion, on the whole out of "the end of the collapse, the disaster film to bring warmth and smell, also let the breathtaking implantation had focus.A ray, faced with a divorce agreement, mother and daughter to a rich man Danny cohabitation, it also has a hidden line, spoke of the great female monastery for canoe ray of the accidental

    encounter drowned, echoing the thunder finally in saving in drowned when Blake's self-salvation.Ray was faced with a wife from the female, and regain the relationship because of the earthquake disaster, but the rich man Danny due to drop low Blake as a villain in the play, the end is a typical karma).

    Class meets pair of brothers daughter Blake alone in distress, and ollie, forming the young triangle, classes and Blake also wipe out of the fire, is also a lot of fun, for example, Blake by the father, who rescue knowledge, form a strong female weak men, foil her personality is bright, to run high to wait for her father to save choice, both take a lot of risk, and reflects the daughter of his father's teachings, finally built the ray also water YongJiu daughter plot, so far, the family and the family became final salvation, family cracks, due to the SAN andreas fault suture, design with great ponder.

    With a pair of blue eyes, alex sexy actress Sandra dady, Sally, who performed two episodes of the posey Jackson Athena, daughter of Blake's image design is relevant to her front of the tent of meeting, the first is to canal congregation, finally meet drowned in the water, more fully take care of a lot by her impressive figure attract otaku fan, with functions of earthquake and tsunami, with work piece.The only drawback is that she was Blake was indeed overage, ray seems too young with his father, father and daughter play obviously reluctantly.

    "The end of the collapse based on SAN andres fault, the fault 1300 kilometers, is between the north American and Pacific plates, was found in 1895, California, also contributed to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, encounter meter in 150 there will be another the same earthquake.

     The scientific principle according to general, many are designed for effect: for example: play with scientists in Florence can successfully predict the time and place of the earthquake, according to know, temporarily also check without the accurate earthquake

    prediction;Tsunami design in the play, also obviously has the shadow of the 311 tsunami disaster in Japan, ray was driving the boat on the wave crest and vessel in the plot, is strange;Play in the earthquake to skyscrapers collapsed into the screen, certainly also is to obtain the 3 d visual effect.

    The British newspaper the guardian published "How scientifically accurate is the San Andreas? Rock solid or a bit faulty?", visited the university of London, earthquake research scholar Tiziana Rossetto, she rejected in science like now, for example: the SAN andreas fault, due to the is land plate movement caused by earthquake, tsunami, almost unable to cause the play and is 15 storeys high waves;Is the most wonderful, she thought the dead flat floor a scene in the play, guide the audience identity fate and helplessness, modern skyscraper design has a

shockproof, despite the collapse is still enough time to let go of user

security, and is very interesting.

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