Windows Phone 8 Update 3 explanation, strengthen the hardware support and add some key features

By Ronnie Bennett,2015-11-18 22:24
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Windows Phone 8 Update 3 explanation, strengthen the hardware support and add some key features

    Windows Phone 8 Update 3 explanation, strengthen the hardware support and add

    some key features

    Microsoft today announced formally Windows Phone 8 Update information of 3.Before each big media is widely referred to as General Distribution Release 3, named after the update now has a more friendly, and Microsoft will increase its function characteristics and strengthen support for new hardware.As previously expected, Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (8.0.10512) is mainly for the upcoming new hardware.It will be pre-installed on the upcoming new nokia devices, is expected to be released at the end of this month, it will use qualcomm Snapdragon

    MSM8974 quad-core processors, and 5 inches and 6 inches 1080 p display screen.

    In order to better use of large size high resolution display, Microsoft will allow side-by-side Windows Phone 8 start screen three medium activity of porcelain ceramics or 6 small activities.In addition to changes in activity of porcelain, Microsoft will also support 6 inches large size equipment.Its built-in application and Hubs, including Mail (E-mail), pictures (Photos), connections (People) and Music Video (Music/Video will be available on "scale" on the 6 inch screen zooming, allowing more content on this kind of special equipment."We want to make better use of the large size display," Microsoft's Windows Phone department senior product manager Greg Sullivan explained.These built-in applications will not only have greater "activity ceramics, but also showed more content," Sullivan said.

    Custom ringtones and screen rotation lock finally get the support!

    Except for the core of the new hardware improvement, Microsoft is also in the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 joined some new

    features.Sullivan said Microsoft have been paying close attention toWindows Phone function advice web siteAnd solve the user calls for the highest feedback: custom notification sound.Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will allow users to instant messaging, E-mail, voice mail and

    remind use custom ringtones.You will also be able to set specified ringtone for some contacts of the text information.In addition, the eight Windows Phone users have been complaining about the lack of the system screen rotation lock.Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will be in the Settings menu to join a simple switch options to keep the screen is fixed in the horizontal or vertical mode.

    Update 3 also added a driving mode, through the bluetooth connection, when you are driving, it will limit notice displayed on the lock screen.You can also set the function to automatically respond to calls and text messages.Like children's garden, this feature though with less than usual, but is very useful in certain cases.Microsoft also joined in the Update 3 "Mobile the org.eclipse.swt.accessibility for Windows Phone". This is not a single option or function, but rather a series of special for the convenience of users to see, hear and 8 designed using Windows Phone applications. There is also a screen reader, can service for the blind and visually impaired people, they can listen to notice or manage Phone calls and text messages.

Improve multitasking window, can be directly close the application

    In addition to the above new features, Windows Phone 8 Update 3 most of the other changes are to improve the existing

    functionality.Microsoft will improve its multitasking window in the update, can allow the user to close the application in the Courier.This feature is also a Windows Phone user feedback is one of most functions in the website.Other improvements include improved storage

    management, better support bluetooth and WiFi access, allowing the user to recover data backup in the mobile phase through the WiFi.To use Windows 8.1 PC users, network share Internet Sharing () function is also improved.Now you can via bluetooth mobile phones with Windows 8.1 matching, do not need to enter a classic WiFi password.

    Solved though Microsoft Windows Phone has long been the missing some key features, but the Update 3 still does not include some calls for high function, such as the notification centre, in the status bar display power remaining percentage, but also can't separate media volume and ringtones.In iOS 7 recently introduced a Control Center (Control Center) function allows you to quickly access the flight mode and the other set at the same time, eight Windows Phone users still need to rely on third-party applications, it is set into activity ceramics to these it is not uncommon in the Android quick access.Obviously, Microsoft did give priority to the Windows Phone users feedback site calls for some of the most important function, but they still have a lot of is need to add the

    feature.We are looking forward to Windows Phone 8.1 can fill most of the functionality, particularly the rumors have long notification center.

    Developers can get the Update 3 in today

    Windows Phone push updates there has always been a criticism, that is "when will my operators to push it?"Although Microsoft has completed the Update 3 updates, but they can't promise when your phone will receive the Update.But Microsoft has issued a special Windows Phone for developers Preview Program, allow users to bypass the carriers get Update 3 Update in today.As for everyone else, 8 Update 3 Windows Phone will be launched in the next few weeks, operators will also be pushed back in the next few months.

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