Alpine reviews

By Lillian Lane,2015-11-18 16:07
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Alpine reviews

    "Alpine" reviews

    Want to play drama, it is need a high level of

    difficult;Want to deliberately play not good, it is need to let the level of a higher level more difficult things.Greek film Alps, starting with a crappy gymnastics and a smooth end of gymnastics, completed a set of circular motion, as for as the gymnastics movement judges the audience how many points, still have to try to film the extreme stories set and the acceptance of the multi-level performance space.

    Rope exercise athletes with the surge of the brent poetry from the beginning, absent-minded, clumsy flying about chaos, thread, rhythm, end up embarrassing and ugly, to love and to be afraid of the coach, said: "I have to pop music as accompaniment.To the film's end, the coach meets the requirements of a girl's music, comfortable and confident overflowing, rope, perfect and accurate after the end, the girl runs into coach arms, "you are the best coach in the world."

    And that helped persuade the coach to use popular music of female nurses, continued to sad stay in his own wishful thinking in the floor exercise performances, irritability, but no people, even to its relations ambiguous see the ambulance attendants strike loud blood in SAP.

    Ambulances, female nurses, and gymnastics coach actor of flight, together constitute the Alps, an informal business of underground operations firm, the boss is a nickname "mont blanc" the ambulance cabin, all for the newly bereaved family play the role of the dead, in order to reduce the anguish of the living.The company, and the Chinese audience familiar in the "hooligan" 3 t company as well as from the party a to party b, laugh a day at the "dream" in different ways.Way, the Alps without registration, and then charging operation, of course, for the first time by Cosplay is free, welcome coupon;Second, these strange service practitioners, the dead are part-time status, and has a strong performance desire, never forget to understand the save preferences and details of the dead, especially like best actor.Obviously, alpine company desk preparation work to do, is much more complicated.

    Four employees, work out the most single most hard-working, when female hospital nurses.In a week, in addition to his nine-to-five comes at a time, in different days, travelling to the deceased in the family.Either an affair with lover died after three, to be widowed wife play was caught him in bed scene;ShangGang dead wife or lamps and lanterns, to timely call in sex "don't stop, don't stop, it felt like in Paradise", "is not a Paradise heaven", the customer to correct;There is

    also a into play the role of the deepest, the loss of old couples tennis player.

    Because mom and dad's exchange, the age of the carrying bag tennis and wearing wristbands, said their favorite actor Jude law. Again and again, and even meet the old couple memory for daughter last time, the dead real boyfriend back to sleep.The professional performance in the movie, and play within the play amateur performance, the gap is so big, abnormal for such a weird movie theme, need to assume some deliberately bad performance level, is this not stretched out his hand over the best actress and monarchs alone 'path?

    Greece director ogrin,?Lance moss really prefer this extreme scenario Settings, its "teeth" eccentric "alpine" than in the private groups, appear more closed and strange.A factory owner a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, parents cheat said three children, the outside world have terrible disaster you brother is death in the outside, you only have lost a tooth, are eligible to go out, and your feet can't leave the car on the ground, parents will cut off the children from the outside world may all information channels, to wait until a complete destruction of utopian family role.And closed space, limited role, also ensures that convey the dystopian political theme of simplicity, let the audience in the clear bosom frowsty afflictive."Alpine" of the company is still a paternalistic independent clique, "excellent staff" female nurses, although the endless and uncertain relationship with the outside world, but its full into the company's "scope of business" - performance.

    The Show Must Go on, even after The early adopters of customers have been at pains to suspend The and marching orders, even serious lack of sense of female nurses was aborted a dog tooth, director still let her sad enlarge The unreasonable performing personality, I could not find suitable gymnastics for The music.

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