Can read fingerprints, and gender

By Jennifer Adams,2015-11-18 04:11
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Can read fingerprints, and gender

    Can read fingerprints, and gender

    This is a very odd homicide, the perpetrator and the victim had nothing to do, look at the scene of the remaining clues are few and far between, the policemen can't even lock likely suspects.Finally, trace appraisal personnel at the scene found a secret corner of the fingerprint.This finding exciting: fingerprints are likely to be the murderer.After looked through the fingerprint database, however, the technical personnel but regret to say, we still cannot know the killer's characteristics and who he was, what you can do now is just the fingerprint evidence preserved, waiting for new clues.And this, wait, may be the last ten years, twenty years or more.

    If appear in the forensic drama, this probably it is difficult to make the audience to accept the outcome, but it is a real problem.Fingerprinting is convenient and reliable, but traditional fingerprint analysis has an important flaw: fingerprint image must be with the suspect or compare the database of the existing fingerprint, and if not found the suspect, in also can not find to match the data in the database, so it is difficult for people from a lone clues in fingerprint.

    However, in the eyes of a chemist, there are also a lot of hidden information can be excavated in the fingerprint.Now, the state university of New York at Albany chemical researchers have found a new approach for the analysis of the fingerprint clues: through the determination of the chemical composition of the residues in the fingerprint identification of gender.

    The analysis of the traditional methods tend to fingerprint as an image, as a matter of fact, hidden in a fingerprint on more information biochemical level.Like other sources of biological samples, the fingerprint of residual sweat and sebum contains many human metabolites, and the composition of the product in different age, gender, health status, there are many differences among the crowd.If these ingredients are fully analyzed, even if they don't rely on fingerprint database, we can master the fingerprint master all sorts of clues.

    This time, the researchers showed the possibility of a fingerprint of gender.The past has been found that women's bodies amino acid levels than men.On this basis, the researchers designed a biochemical reaction system composed of two kinds of enzymes, used to detect the fingerprint of amino acids.

    The concrete operation is very simple, first of all use of amino acid, hydrochloric acid solution to extract fingerprint in the reaction system with amino acids, amino acid oxidase generated hydrogen peroxide;Then, horseradish peroxidase using hydrogen peroxide oxidation a dye.The whole reaction - that is, the result of the oxidation of the dye concentration, can use an instrument readout, amino acid levels so as to infer the original sample.The method in real practice on fingerprint samples, the result is satisfactory: the accuracy of detection to distinguish the fingerprint master gender reached 99%.

    At the same time, compared with multifarious large instrument analysis, this kind of fingerprint gender testing use rise very convenient also.According to the researchers, any law enforcement personnel can master this kind of analysis method, and does not require specialised training, because this kind of method and the test and the glucose meter operating mode are very similar.

    In the past few years, chemists have made a lot of contribution to improve fingerprint detection technology.In 2011, northern Illinois university chemist is using antibodies and fluorescent dyes that are hard to distinguish the old fingerprints to become clear.In May 2015, researchers have developed a fingerprint can only detect method of cocaine and other illicit drugs.In the future, small fingerprint may also can tell us the story behind the more events.

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