The start-up against tradition, adhere to the private not listed

By Thomas Ferguson,2015-11-17 13:12
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The start-up against tradition, adhere to the private not listed

    The start-up against tradition, adhere to the private not listed

    The start-up against tradition, adhere to the private not listed

    For entrepreneurs and all enterprises in China, the "public" is always a noun with fatal attraction.Both top and bottom, is listed as the greatest glory.Indeed, after the listing, financing can become more simple, wealth will also increase rapidly, even when in contact with peers and so on, also will be more confident.But in the ocean the other shore of the United States, the start-up will change this has long been agitation, intends to private listed do not stick it out.

    But these start-ups are not generally of small businesses, including giants such as Uber, growing company.They insist on the enterprise

    private property has a variety of reasons, however, will give Chinese entrepreneurs bring more inspiration - or blind listed were not as good, insist on private property may bring the possibility of more.That is to say, the conventional wisdom does not necessarily is true.Even if such events are listed, and sometimes inverse city and to also can yet be regarded as a kind of choice.

    Adhere to the private, American start-ups against tradition

    For a long time, the United States is an indicator of global Internet - after all, where was born too much Internet phenomenon, myth.More recently, the United States is focused on the topic, the Internet is a start-up companies adhere to the private not listed this behavior from the tradition.For such behavior, even has always been open to begin to debate the us Internet giant.Such as Google, head of the vc bill maris is warned that science and technology start-ups current wait listed "too long".

    But obviously, Google senior vc for start-up was too slow to public discontent, also can not stop the latter insist on private property.A taxi to Google once famous investment application Uber, for example, its financing amount is more than $10 billion, currently valued at 62.5 billion dollars.The short rent website growing company financing more than $1.5 billion in the United States, the valuation of more than $25.5 billion.

    They insist on not listed the reason, is able to through successive rounds of financing to raise huge sums of money.As long as a day is not listed, they can ensure the independence of the business, hold the initiative in their own hands, and not affected by the capital market, more not to cater to the be fond of of investors, the stock price of high and low to do anything against the long-term development decisions.

    Financing for Chinese entrepreneurs, if also can proceed, and there is no need to hurry.Of course, those start-up financing failure, but also the hope of the unlisted.Like drops, Meituan start-up giants, can wait.For them, since has become the overlord of their respective fields, the next thing to do is to stabilize their markets, on the basis of real risk will not be shaken to consider, is the tao of security - this has to do with the listed Chinese Internet pioneers rushed to seek funds have a natural advantage.

    Be careful the financing risk, not listed are distressed

    Although the start-up companies insist on private property, look out, full of pioneering meaning, but this does not mean that insist on not listed is correct, but also according to their respective conditions for specific analysis.If some start-ups overestimated their ability, financing as a handy when things, it is possible, pound-foolish.

    In response, Google said bill maris maris, vc head, start-up companies in the future there will be some regret that no issue shares in

    the open market, but is to choose the financing through the high valuations in the private market.He said, "because of the threshold set in financing a startup is very high, which makes it hard to survive. There will be some volatile markets, some start-ups will loss a lot of money."That is to say, in start-ups grow, financing has the potential to be a stumbling block.Once appear, do not resist risk, it is possible to hit on startup.At present, Meituan increasingly difficult financing progress is good drop reflects this.

    In addition, if the startup after reach a certain height is not listed, still can cause internal turbulence.Because a lot of start-up investors and employees' pay has a part is made up of enterprise, adhere to is not listed, it means can't cash out, in the long run, will wait for investors and employees lose patience.And not listed means operation, financial and other aspects of the opaque, can't accept the supervision of the public markets, adverse to the start-up of normalized operation.

    Risk, and these have to consider for Chinese entrepreneurs, is must consider the factors.Once the deviation, it may will be the efforts of the past suddenly reversed.

    Walking on the wire, need to learn a balancing act

    How to find a balance between the private and public, is the problem that Chinese entrepreneurs must consider from now.In financing can maximum limit to promote enterprise development, it must firmly keep

    private property;After reaching a certain height, need to be listed to balance the interests of all parties, or, for the further development of the should be listed in the agenda.

    For Chinese entrepreneurs, the game between the private and public is like walking on the wire, have to learn to balancing act to protect their own safety.Now, unfortunately, the vast majority of Chinese

    entrepreneurs in order to survive in the capital of winter and struggled, consider listing or problem might seem a little too far.

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