Les miserables is a feat - les miserables critics of The Times

By Clyde Armstrong,2015-11-17 12:24
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Les miserables is a feat - les miserables critics of The Times

    Les miserables is a feat - les miserables

    critics of The Times

    In the 19th century by the French literary giant Victor Hugo after suffering the creation of literary classics les miserables its become the darling of that era, after it became French literature not only the representative of the highest achievement, but also one of the favorite adaptation of the Broadway play.

    After the birth of film, "les miserables" on the screen of the luster is more gorgeous, to participate in the work

    of the director and the actors also won the great honor.From the originator to the adapter, the sound era by les miserables tells the soul of the epic story, it is the work to accomplish a another art creators.

    But times change, also followed the change to the demand of ideology and culture, the popularity of fast food culture make the rapid decline in the influence of classical literature, many classic art began to fade out stage, will survive mostly influence work, les miserables clearly on the list.

Classic literature adaptations

    Creative slightly deficient in 2011 and 2012, in addition to the CG cool commercial hits a walloping box office in the market, adaptation of classics also become a hot topic."The three musketeers", "Anna karenina", "set", "the count of monte cristo" and so on well-known well-known works again,

    silence years of classical literature and art welcomed another spring.

    How classic literature in the commercial war, however, take the top is the creators are thinking, are also trying to issue."Anna karenina" adopted the stage form of lively, luxuriant, pretty friend on actors influence, "the three musketeers" are the three swordsman's valiant spirit expressed in humorous way...No matter what form of practice, the result can create attention, but pay attention to the results of how?

    Really calm down and appreciation of literary works, will be in the midst quibbling, not too work too frivolous superficial, is to express the spirit of that with the original to deviate from far.This way of adaptation, although in the era of the brand the existence of brilliant works, but even if confirm can't witness was a success.

    Adaptations is extremely easy to bias in the film creation form, the adaptation of classics, should respect the original already, and the content of the innovation.Director and screenwriter strength is not strong, innovative strength is not great, it is difficult to reproduce the essence of excellent works on the screen, can reproduce means a lot of kinds, for all rules is to convey the original true spirit and thoughts.

    In the movie box office as the criterion of the contemporary market, achieving high taste and high box office coexistence is a difficult thing, but not necessarily do.In

    recent years, many big director by his own strength to prove it.However, the two years of classic didn't like other works adapted to cause agitation.Is the lack of innovation and the understanding of the classics are biased is really difficult to determine.

    Don't be constrained

    2012), and les miserables, in compliance with musical based on the basis of the original work, lay the stability of the film frame, and full of flesh and blood.With live radio director's bold practice, err on the side of grasp every actor's talent, inspire their energy performance, to attach the deep-themes spirit film.

    Play and sing is the biggest charm, opera form movie is both the characteristics of the film is also the difficulty of the film creation, with a pretty face handsome ladies might be performing power to be reckoned with, but singing capability is not necessarily can let people feast for the

    eyes.In order to enhance the film form, director of the usual practice is to mouth in the recording studio with singing.Don't make any noise with his mouth open, it is easy to disperse actor, come out the effect of natural wasted effort, the radio can completely eliminate the occurrence of this kind of situation.

    Choose actor seems to be the priority of les miserables, Hugh jackman, Anne hathaway and Russell crowe, Amanda seyfried, director gave them the accurate positioning, and give their maximum free play.The so-called freedom, of course, is not optional.In the actor's performance can be seen, they deeply to the understanding of the role and is rigorous, when play is also cautious, serious, with full state to explain the role of in my heart.

    Through all aspects of the effort, the 2012 version of les miserables may say more to complete the original screen, now more valuable is the director gives the work a new Angle of

    view and The Times characteristic, is no longer just convey the content of the classics, also let its spiritual elements to keep pace with The Times, to a celebration of the national spirit evolved into individual character and contemporary spirit demand of power, be accurate in the performance form to the director's idea to every audience.

    In this year's Academy Awards, les miserables failed to won best picture and best actor is a kind of regret, every actor's performance is very outstanding, the director of field control is also visible, however on the beautiful piece as Oscar won three awards, next to the boy

    PI is wonderful adrift, HuoJiangShu has is not easy, believe it can give opera movies more inspiration and motivation, is the new century opera film a feat!

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