Winter life small coup, don't say you don't want to know!

By William Evans,2015-11-17 06:37
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Winter life small coup, don't say you don't want to know!

    Winter life small coup, don't say you don't want to know!

    The chilly winter comes, small make up specially prepared winter life small coup, solve the winter trouble for you.

    Body care article

    1. A cold nose was red and swollen.At this time, as long as lip balm besmear is on the nose, the nose back up the next day

    2. Winter chapped lips?As long as before besmear honey, get up in the morning is water embellish, than the lipstick that.

    3. In the winter because of dry feel itchy, must not caught with the hand, otherwise easy to catch broken skin caused by secondary infection, can drink water more, eat more fruit to prevent and control.

    4. Low temperature season every day rub ears, rub hands, then the part with blower warm for a minute, can effective prevention and treatment of frostbite.

    5. The winter dry skin sensitive, can be in French PG cream in the morning and evening, hydrating and repair skin effectively, improve circulation, remove spots and pigmentation, damage to help fight the outside world.

    6. Autumn winter season, daily cooking green radish, carrot, soup and food in the morning and take a small bowl.Insist for a long time, which can effectively treat chronic bronchitis.

    Clothing care article

    1. Often eat hot pot in winter, 100 ml water + 2 + 2 drops of lemon drops of eucalyptus is sprayed in the clothing surface can eliminate the smell of the clothes.

    2. Cotton clothes mildew spot, with several mung bean tooth knead the places in the mould, and then rinse clean with clear water, mildew spot can be removed.

    3. Qiao brush suede leather shoes.Suede shoes besmirch can be blunted gently with the nail file.

    4. The water damage on the boots, snow water, saline can brush gently with a soft brush dipped in vinegar.

    5. Qiao wash woolen sweater: wash in warm water when adding suitable amount of laundry detergent and ammonia, rinse in add a few drops of vinegar, can help to restore the luster of the wool fabric original and softness.

    6. Wash down jacket, as long as the first soaking with warm water, using a soft hair brush to wash, add some vinegar, this not only washed clean, but also can remove the peculiar smell of the duck down, there will be no white stains.

    Other articles

    Dissolve the electrostatic pinprick in winter

    Before you open the door or take the metal, use hand to touch, you can also use the key to replace hand to touch the metal objects, can make the current spread out.At the same time, wear cotton clothing, or bare feet in the house, with humidifier improve indoor humidity can also prevent the generation of static electricity.

    Healthy dish method in winter

    Burn pot of water, add a little starch (powder), water is a little white, use cold water and temperature is not advisable to put on the gloves wash again, rinse with cold water again for oil, to clean oil to save time and energy saving is not hurting hands.

    Winter health little common sense:

    1, drink boiled water

    Wash a face to brush one's teeth after drinking a cup of warm boiled water, on the one hand, can warm washing stomach;On the other hand can dilute the blood, prevention of cerebral thrombosis, myocardial ischemia, can maintain cell penetration at the same time, promote the cell metabolism.

    2, dress warm

    Dress to speak "clothing climate", refers to the temperature of the layer between the skin and clothes should always keep in 32, 33 degrees Celsius, the ideal of "clothes" climate, can buffer the outside cold climate on the human body.Next, should pay attention to your feet to keep warm.Due to the foot furthest away from the heart, blood supply and weeks, so feet skin temperature is the lowest.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the feet cold, it is bound to affect the internal organs, can cause diarrhea, menoxenia, impotence, lumbocrural pain symptoms.

    3, the sun

    Traditional Chinese medical theory attaches great importance to the sunlight to the human body health, think the sun be the spirit of the sun can help the human body, especially winter preserve one's health, "Yin flourishes while Yang declines" due to the nature, and people with nature, is no exception, so often in the sunshine in winter, can have the effect of strong sun be the spirit, WenTong meridians.

    4, hot bubble foot

    Before going to bed with 55-70 degrees Celsius heat blisters feet, fatigue, and help to sleep.The foot of the human body acupuncture point, under the hot water soak, relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood circulation accelerate blood circulation, have the effect of disease cure, especially for the foot chilblain, patients with varicose veins.Available Chinese medicine to soak the foot when convenient, here is a prescription, can put a few slices of angelica, safflower, sichuan in the water off and honeysuckle etc., can invigorate the kidney, can also prevent the winter dry, chapped skin.

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