Want to replace the PC these products what is missing

By Earl Boyd,2015-11-15 10:01
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Want to replace the PC these products what is missing

    Want to replace the PC these products what is missing?

    Bully: PC recession have to bully it

    Still remember the first two years crazy tablet sales growth, from all walks of life, once have such talk think tablets for the PC industry has brought the huge impact may eventually replace PCS.Results also prove the case, however, is filled with many variable quality of shanzhai products tablet is difficult to PC what constitutes a threat to traditional and mature.Super this downturn is the so-called may, in the PC, and deformation, tablets and even some domestic mobile phone to replace the PC, really that simple?

    Want to replace the PC these products what is missing?

    PC industry has experienced many years of development the present situation of the just had today, but there are signs of recovery since 2015.In the case of performance improvement is not enough obvious,

    more and more excellent design let people willing to pay.Dell XPS, lenovo YOGA, Microsoft Surface Book such as product design are brought new vigor to the laptop.And what the tablet, such as super this difference where they really want to replace PC?

    Why these products mentioned above can temporarily blind that will replace the PC, the reason is largely is two aspects, one is not crazy growth forecasts, the other is from think to have a PC can use all aspects can replace the role of the PC.In the two ways, both in tablets, super and domestic mobile phone more or less have this problem.

    Tablets: eventually replace PC only the road is far away

    2013 a year should be the largest rise in tablets, in 2014, despite the tablet sales growth fell but overall is still in a high level, and in 2014, Intel fostering plan of domestic tablet to a certain extent, also continue to boost the domestic sales of tablets.At that time it was believed that the tablet has the ability to replace the PC or even a mobile phone is this really the case?

    S Android tablet

    Early tablet by Android and apple basically rule, system differences also make different people can free choice.Late Android tablet has joined many support calls can even double card double stay products, many people began to use 7 inches or 6 inch tablets as mobile phone use.But want to be as a substitute for PC both Android and iOS, I'm afraid is

    difficult to achieve, lay particular stress on entertainment properties is limiting its to office type products.