Want to replace the PC these products what is missing

By Earl Boyd,2015-11-15 10:01
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Want to replace the PC these products what is missing

    Want to replace the PC these products what is missing?

    Bully: PC recession have to bully it

    Still remember the first two years crazy tablet sales growth, from all walks of life, once have such talk think tablets for the PC industry has brought the huge impact may eventually replace PCS.Results also prove the case, however, is filled with many variable quality of shanzhai products tablet is difficult to PC what constitutes a threat to traditional and mature.Super this downturn is the so-called may, in the PC, and deformation, tablets and even some domestic mobile phone to replace the PC, really that simple?

    Want to replace the PC these products what is missing?

    PC industry has experienced many years of development the present situation of the just had today, but there are signs of recovery since 2015.In the case of performance improvement is not enough obvious,

    more and more excellent design let people willing to pay.Dell XPS, lenovo YOGA, Microsoft Surface Book such as product design are brought new vigor to the laptop.And what the tablet, such as super this difference where they really want to replace PC?

    Why these products mentioned above can temporarily blind that will replace the PC, the reason is largely is two aspects, one is not crazy growth forecasts, the other is from think to have a PC can use all aspects can replace the role of the PC.In the two ways, both in tablets, super and domestic mobile phone more or less have this problem.

    Tablets: eventually replace PC only the road is far away

    2013 a year should be the largest rise in tablets, in 2014, despite the tablet sales growth fell but overall is still in a high level, and in 2014, Intel fostering plan of domestic tablet to a certain extent, also continue to boost the domestic sales of tablets.At that time it was believed that the tablet has the ability to replace the PC or even a mobile phone is this really the case?

    S Android tablet

    Early tablet by Android and apple basically rule, system differences also make different people can free choice.Late Android tablet has joined many support calls can even double card double stay products, many people began to use 7 inches or 6 inch tablets as mobile phone use.But want to be as a substitute for PC both Android and iOS, I'm afraid is

    difficult to achieve, lay particular stress on entertainment properties is limiting its to office type products.

    The Android tablet is the main force of entertainment

    S Windows tablet

    As Microsoft Windows 8 system will touch the introduction of magnet operating mode, we see more and more with Windows

    tablet.Originally want to lower prices to bring users like super this light work experience, but are not able to get great success, peripheral accessories experience, such as system stability problems are constantly appear in the Windows tablet,

    The experience of Windows tablet and not ideal

    S process and after-sales

    Still in the domestic market is the most south China manufacturer of tablets, a large part of the quality of the products of which the accused is uneven.In just two or three years of development and not let most of the product quality improvement, just not bring positive cycle impact sales.And the problem of product quality, the pressure will be direct to the after-sales service, but are sensible heat a large number of after-sales service are much-maligned let consumer heart cold half already.

    For change: the Pro also want to roll over

    In the tablet sales decline, leaders of the day is less than.Obviously when apple saw sales decline will take decisive measures to reverse this

    situation, the Pro is born for this purpose.But while apple home A9X processor performance is more and more close to super performance, but the positioning system and platform still seems limited its in many ways.

    S A9X ARM processor and X86 gap is difficult to overcome

    In this year's apple new product release, and we suspect as the result of the processor is carrying A9X, performance is more strong than A9.Apple isn't too much description of the processor, just sum up a word "beyond 80% portable PC".Hear this think apple is really bad at that time, flat the ARM processor has dared to challenge and PCS.

    Apple A9X approximation super this processor performance

    Conference slogan exaggerated ingredients is inevitable, but in many media after the real machine test results, the Pro A9X performance really

    rose to a good level.More testing software, including Geekbench 3 lateral comparison are shown A9X chip has a good performance.

    A9X performance contrast (image from fast science and technology)

    So the question becomes, although A9X superior performance is still based on ARM architecture, want to compete with Intel and other large X86 system, I'm afraid is a long way to go.Although under the iOS APP millions, but under the x86 architecture exe program number is more difficult to go beyond, I'm afraid.

    S peripherals experience need to be improved

    Because don't know whether I agreed on, with the first generation as the Surface Pro keyboard is not so ideal.And he still hasn't touchpad.And, of course, the layout of the buttons and type is similar with the MacBook,

    if you don't have a Mac needs certain time to adapt to.But feel it, it is can do a good job.Can be used as early Surface generation error Touch Type, the first generation of the Pro keyboard is mediocrity.

    There are still great progress space around the Pro quality

    Apple for this historic the product launched two parts, one is Apple pencil is a Smart Cover.Apple high Pencil but there are also some problems, charging and matching mode, the battery life is can be improved.Is understandable, but as the first generation of products we compared with accessories to say but I worry more about is whether there will be the second generation of the Pro...

    The closest: portable trend in prices should be reduced

    Mobile phone, tablet, super book, etc., in form and performance of super this this camp is most likely as a substitute for PC products.In this volume form, we can be enough size screen, performance enough to

    dissolve into the processor.And throughout the most conforms to the characteristics of the most coveted product must belong to the Surface, but had to admit that is the price for a lot of people off.

    Surface Pro 4

    Now we replace PC in fact is not the real meaning of the concept of replacing all levels on the PC products, notebooks, desktops, and even the workstation.In terms of performance, the current technology level obviously mobile machine than desktop, but excessive type products are most likely to replace with the similar products.Surface for portable products have a good start, then as more and more manufacturers to follow up on technology and design, price advantage in this field will be close to the most people can accept the gear.

    Actually with Surface similar products have a lot of, performance scheme close to or better than it is countless.If some time in the design of these products, I think the next year or two we can see more and better products, try to ask if you can finish on more portable compact equipment you want to do and who will go to easily push the power of the desktop?

    Write in the last:

    PC existed for decades, it ACTS as a lot of important role, entertainment equipment, productivity tools are its function or pronoun.And with the constant progress of science and technology, small and exquisite became the intelligent device development inevitable trend in the future.Tablet can meet the needs of most of the entertainment, but I'm afraid productivity tools need time polishing.Mobile phone performance is getting better and better but limited after all, just the handheld display;Super this wants the biggest, if the product design and could be the most likely to replace the PC.

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