Validity decide the necessity of a line of three will merge

By Leroy King,2015-11-15 08:11
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Validity decide the necessity of a line of three will merge

    Validity decide the necessity of a line of three

    will merge

    Since June,A sharesMarkets fell sharply, the buyer the seller and senior regulators were surveyed during this period.Since the implementation of this wheel crash especially highlight the industries managed and supervised respectively growing old disease.So for the current ChinafinancialIndustry is concerned, should set up a set of monetary policy and industry regulations for a super financial regulators become a focus of debate.

    For nowadays some Suggestions and the China banking regulatory commission, securities and insurance regulatory commission should meet three points of view, "how about now, and not is the key to more effective regulation. Cai Esheng, vice President of the China banking regulatory commission before said on" sanya, BBS of finance and economics ".

    In his view, the effectiveness depends on the three problems can be solved.

    "One is we want to solve the problem of integrated management, is a new financial coverage problem, the last is to solve the problem of how to protect the interests of the investors."He also puts forward the recommendations.

    Cai Esheng throws a in financial supervision is not urgent but it is very fundamental question: after 08 year financial crisis, if domestic financial institutions on the verge of cliff, whether they are too big to fail.Too big to fail is exactly how to solve?

    The phenomenon of too big to fail is so intertwined with regulatory idea.

    "Regulators it not bankruptcy protection agencies, but to protect the market more effectively, protect investors interests."Cai Esheng think that despite the impact of these ideas in China, but with the speeding up of reform, development and processes, especially after the accession to the WTO, China's financial supervision coverage, efficiency of regulation and execution level, there are missing.

    "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" forThe financial industryMade so planning: to speed up the establishment conforms to the modern financial characteristics, to coordinate, supervision, powerful effective modern financial regulatory framework.

    "Overall coordination regulation", this is the first time at the highest level tone system the reform direction of China's financial industries managed and supervised respectively.And in Cai Esheng view, thoughts and ideas change is the biggest difficulty of reform.

    Cai Esheng think about regulation and could not be isolated pursues a simple "si", the choice of the regulatory system depends on what problems need to be solved first.And each country's regulatory regime and its entire market system, and even social political system.

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