Survivors the classic American heroism

By Lewis Palmer,2015-11-14 08:29
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Survivors the classic American heroism

    "Survivors" : the classic American heroism

    As early as a few months ago, and North AmericaThe BritishHas released the film"The survivors", but in the delayed four months later, the film has been introduced domestic and isn't too late, but the film is not as manyThe United StateslargeAs in the domestic market to make a powerful propaganda effect, more like a rain, quietly into everyone's life, low-key and costly, when people pay attention to the film, he realized it was a little surprise.

    In "resident evil" impressive mila played in the film is an ordinary American visa officer in the British, unexpectedly with the ordinary professionterroristAttacks on the equal sign, and when her job when he found a British visa is wrong, has already been killed on the object, but that is not the worst, the worst is that find teammates around, not the enemy's camp, is silly enemies to kill them, in short to be a lone ranger, tolerance for solitude.

    In the movie, the United States and other countries of the struggle has always been being relish, like old beautylargeMission impossible 5, "irony of the British government and agents, and in theaceAgents, "the British people also against a handful, innuendo americans or dirty way of life, anyway, the two sides are looked down upon each other, this"The

    survivors"Is American and British in the war, among them how fun and innuendo, is also part of the film is very interesting.

    This is actually a cat and mouse game, only terrorist organization is the cat, and on behalf of justice mira is mouse, both sides with one, she is always in the case of silk blood near escape, finally complete the kill, at the moment she seemed to be the incarnation of Tom cruise and matt Damon, although there is no suffering combat ability, has a more leading role of halo, luck, American personal heroism complex to the limit, but it is the existence of this kind of character, we will have more better spy movie isn't it.

    The movie name is fully reflect the theme of the film, "Survivor" (The survivors), thought the movie at the beginning of the captured American soldier is a survivor, I didn't think visa officer mira is really the survivors, the countless times survived the battle, seemed to herald the life, you never know which a first came to surprise and happiness, even when you has met unexpected difficulties, you will never wantThe letter, with your intelligence, it is possible the fight to these 2 b, of course, an emergency or to tell the police, after all is performance in the movie.

    Actually throughout the film, is not large, popcorn film tension, but similar to the agents and the bottom after the layers of mining, is a qualified commercial, in the movie the terrorist group has always been

    synonymous with rough, a person struggle against terrorist groups, both to promote the peaceful faith, also completed film, and to see her in the movie playing zombie fans, see her so mess be counterattacked, there will be an entirely new feeling.

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