Over euro40m reviews most beautiful sunset

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Over euro40m reviews most beautiful sunset

    "Over euro40m reviews: most beautiful


    over old people's home, listen to the title, you will know this is a film about investigate the problem, before the movie I've been thinking about the director will from what Angle to discuss such a social widespread heavy topic, film will be in an overly emotional, depression sad atmosphere.

    However, in the movie, theater always with happy laughter, despite several scenes of the film hit some audience's tears, but it is still difficult to mask film overall relaxed and lively, warm and moving tone.The average age in the old actor, the 70 years of age or older in the film started the girder, staged a Chinese for the audience the elderly collective revelry, like an older version of the "teenpic" crazy.

    For those in the film after 70, 80 and 90 after old actors, most of them are active in the 50 s in China among the older generation of artists, thought that after more than half a century, and gives out the second spring, acting with vigor on the screen which are incompatible with their physiological age extremely, energetic, showed the old desire for life and positive attitude of life.When the screen of the famous old artist liu jiang refers to erect thumb, mouth praise: "high! Is really high!"When, can not help but recall a person of infinite memories and regrets fast-forward.

    And Yang director before "bath", "sunflower", "yesterday", "falling leaves" films, such as the fly elderly also adhering to make public before the consistent pursuit of realism creation path, pay attention to the old people's physical problems, explore the parent-child relationships in modern society.Flew, however, the elderly, in investigate the problem or the parent-child relationships, not deliberately incendiary sermons, but from the perspective of the elderly, in a relaxed and humorous style to show the elderly have the courage to pursue freedom and dream life attitude and tension of parent-child relationships.Film always haunts a relaxed and lively atmosphere, of a few old actor, it seemed that a group of children grow up, written about them was the "teenpic".

    On the space narrative structure, before and after the film can be divided into two parts.The first half of the narrative is mainly focused on the old man hospital, space is relatively narrow closed, as the enclosed.Old man at the old man into the courtyard old man because of various reasons, but they showed a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.A film opening is Lao zhou for the old man at the old man perform

    magic tricks, and after that, the joy of the old people in mahjong together rehearsal program scene but also show the old people always maintain a childlike innocence, not the spirit of the old.However, old people appearance under the strong, optimistic with a lonely old heart always hidden.Lao zhou seemingly looks strong, optimistic actually is to cover up the cancer pain by physically and mentally by female suffering.The old ge can only with a pot of orchids and a photograph of his wife for spiritual comfort.Old man at the old people to go to tianjin in the competition to prove himself, in the form of life value.And he old people pursuit of freedom, the desire of the dream was President of elderly and the children, so, the old people only carry the dean in the old yard sneak rehearsal program.To a certain extent, the closed nursing home is like a huge iron cage to suppress the old people's freedom and desire.And in the second half of the film, the film's narrative by the elderly into the closed environment vast space environment, presents an open narrative.The second half of the film is like a road movie, the vast grassland, cattle and sheep in droves, clear of its rivers, is invigorating.When the old man is driving a battered coach in the open prairie in Inner Mongolia, the mercedes-benz horse as old people want and desire for freedom, finally broke loose to realize their wishes.And the old people on buses and Liao Fan as young people on the road racing scene but also show the old energetic, indomitable attitude towards life.As before in the elderly closed environment to form bright contrast, so large open space for the old people's madness provides enough stage.

    Have the audience questions the father-son relationship is why performance of Yang work so tense distortion, Yang's answer it all: "because my relationship with my father is such".On the performance the parent-child relationships, is the main old ge the narrative clue on the director.Emotional conflict between three generations of people become to promote the movie's power relationships, as the grandson of grandpa slowly understanding, the contradiction between the two people gradually resolved.Grandson will become an important bond for communication grandpa relationship with his father.Here, the director did not in-depth discussions on the father-son relationship, but in a light film language to dissolve the years of emotional conflict between father and son.That an awkward silence for a long time the phone contradiction between father and son for years will turn into a silent words, perhaps, at this point any language would seem so pale, are unable to express complex feelings between father and son.The deal, but is very implicative inside collect, let a person feel emotional true nature between father and son, don't appear any abrupt.

    The film easily reminiscent of the 1975 Hollywood "one flew over the cuckoo's nest", both in the title and in the story structure of the film, there are many similarities.However, compared with strong political metaphor in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest", "flying over elderly" to behave warmth but many.Bingyan yan's elderly, dean is the ruler of the nursing home is the most direct, the supporter of the order and authority at first attitude towards the old people take part in the game is the opposition, however, see old people firm

    ideas, attitudes have also changed, from opposition to support.And finally after the death of Lao zhou, dean by support and transformed into a part of an old people, oneself also to attend to the old people's program.At this point, the director shows over elderly the consistent pursuit of happy ending in the movie, in a happy way presents a kind of tender feeling.

    , however, the film presents the warmth ending is Lao zhou's death as a price, the price seems a little too high, and in death to render the warmth a little stick.Film began soon confessed Lao zhou with cancer, has been sentenced to death.If Lao zhou cancer just set in the old people collective travel a layer of contradiction, that was above

    reproach.However, if the old people of the collective escape "prison break", just blame Lao zhou deathbed wishes, only in order to be able to see as far away as Japan's daughter, so that to some extent, weakens the depth of film art.

    Old people is the most beautiful sunset, however, the film with li-an, your costraint positive attitude to life for the elderly of the audience into a dynamic version of the "teenpic".Our parents in the old day after day after day, one day, we, too, will grow old.When we are old, we also can optimistic, the pictures of the old man do that crazy?

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